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Spaces Co-Working Office Interior Design

Location: Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: April 2020

As work-at-home trends rapidly gain popularity, more and more people are looking at the option of renting serviced, pre-furnished workspaces. These save on long-term office costs, provide flexible rental duration options, and are fully-equipped, so you can start doing business almost right away.

Spaces Co-Working Office is one such business located in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, that aims to rent out private office spaces, dedicated desks, and hot desks to small business owners or individuals. Designed as a formal yet welcoming space, the co-working office interior design uses a vibrant color palette of gray, teal blue (inspired by the logo), and wood to impart a professional vibe.

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The reception area sets the tone for the rest of the office design and bifurcates the floor. The design is crisp and business-like with an acid-stained concrete floor that matches the gray finish of the reception desk. Wood flooring creates a warm and welcoming environment with its natural character and modern style that works well with the design vibe of the office interiors. Seat niches are built into the walls, which are brought to life by teal-colored panels in a semi-gloss finish.

The use of dark colors makes the space feel cozy and compact. Natural light from the stairwell is complemented by flush-mounted ceiling spotlights and suspended LED lights to brighten the interior space.

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To the right of the reception area, a neat pantry is separated from the cafeteria by a low wooden planter, which is planted with green indoor plants. This serves as a partition between the two areas and also brings a freshness to the interior space by connecting to nature.

The pantry is designed as a simple white counter with teal-blue cabinets. On the other side of the wooden planter partition, wooden barstools are neatly lined up against a gray counter offering a cozy nook to grab a quick bite. The cafeteria is furnished with wooden flooring to add warmth to the space. Two simple tables with four chairs each offer a quiet place to enjoy a meal with colleagues.

A white wall panel peppered with random gray squares provides relief from the blue wall and ceiling panels, brightening the interiors. The vibe in the cafeteria is relaxing and cozy—a perfect spot to grab a quick break from work.

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Next to the pantry, dedicated work desks are designed in long rows facing each other, with ergonomic office chairs, computer screens, and narrow, planted partitions. Wood and metal combine to create a formal modern look, with the wooden touches adding a softness to the design.

Exposed ducts and pipes in the dark-painted ceiling above give the space an industrial look. The ceiling is creatively designed to create depth and variation using a combination of dropped wooden ceiling panels, light panels, and darkly painted exposed ceiling systems.

Suspended ceiling LED lights in a linear array reinforce the horizontality of the workstations.

The entire arrangement is grounded by a large blue rug that matches the teal-blue wall panels.

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A series of rectangular columns finished in concrete to match the flooring provide support for the ceiling slab.

Located next to the cafeteria, a comfortable lounge area comprised of two-seater sofas and a couple of lounge chairs offers a place for an informal chat. Gray and blue resin upholstery tie in to the overall color scheme of the co-working office interior design.

Metal, concrete, and fabric provide textural variation, while industrial box lights on a suspended ceiling track provide additional lighting for this relaxing lounge area.

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Located next to the men’s washrooms and behind the lounge area is a pair of meeting rooms enclosed behind large plate-glass wall panels for added privacy. Completely finished in wood from floor to ceiling, the rooms are designed for flexibility with modular furniture that can be combined for larger meetings.

The wooden floors, wall panels, and ceilings give the offices a sleek look. Combined with glass and gray metal trim, the spaces are conducive to working meetings while remaining warm and inviting.

Natural light from the windows brightens up the interiors; the use of glass walls allows it to filter through into the interior of the office space, making it appear bright and airy.

A pair of modern LED ceiling lights illuminates each of the work surfaces.

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On the other side of the reception area, dedicated work desks are arranged in three bays for a total of 28 work spaces. The design follows that of the work bays on the other side of the reception desk to maintian continuity in design.

The concrete flooring runs throughout the office and ties the entire design together.

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Behind the work bays, two lounge areas offer a quiet, relaxing spot to take a break from work. Simply furnished with a pair of gray upholstered sofas, the lounge areas are centrally located within the office space so as to be easily accessible for all.

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Behind the lounge areas, a wood-paneled conference room is fully furnished in wood with gray metal trim to create a cozy, acoustically sound room for meetings and conferences.

The furniture is functional with a long white table atop a gray metal base. Comfortable office chairs on wheels surround the conference table.

Blinds can be pulled over the windows to minimize glare. Glass windows allow a view across the entire office space, providing privacy while still allowing the conference space to feel like a part of the overall floor plan.

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Behind the elevator in the reception hall, a pair of private, circular booths provide private cubicles for rent. The organic shapes utilized for the design of these private cubicles makes them feel cozy and secluded. Gray, upholstered panels wrap around each cubicle, offering privacy from the adjacent one.

Round wooden stools with blue upholstered cushions provide seating for the desks, which wrap around the curved walls. The walls are finished in teal blue up to partition height, with dark gray panels reaching up to the false white ceiling.

A pair of curved LED ceiling lights follow the organic shapes of the other elements in these cozy private cubicles.

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On the other side of the pantry divider, a pair of group cubicles offer privacy for small groups of people who wish to work together. Enclosed in wood, the cubicles are designed with soft furnishings for added comfort. The walls and seats are upholstered with gray fabric, as is the ceiling.

Dark gray semi-glossy wall panels line the wall at the back, providing a subtle contrast in hues. The wooden-top tables are supported on gray, powder-coated metal bases. A single LED light suspended from the ceiling illuminates the work surfaces. The enclosed cubicles look like cozy work pods, ensuring the right amount of privacy in a comfortable work environment.

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For those who desire a dedicated office space, the far wall opposite the stairwell is lined with compact, enclosed cubicles. Light colors are used for the walls and ceilings to increase the illusion of space.

A glass partition with a central lacquered white panel provides visual privacy between two adjacent cubicles. Light white wall panels with random gray squares mimic the wall in the cafeteria area.

Each enclosed office space has a window bathing it in natural light. The furnishings are simple: a rectangular desk with an office chair and an upholstered chair for a visitor. Gray carpeting lines the floor for a soft touch.

Each cubicle is accessed via a wooden door with a glass side light. The side light is etched with a pattern that mimics the gray and white office walls, showing the level of careful detailing in this co-working office interior design.

The light colors and use of glass help to make the compact office spaces seem roomier.

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Next to the printing area, a niche is converted into a cozy library. Floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves line the back wall and are filled with books. Each shelf is lit with concealed strip lighting to brighten up the niche and provide adequate light for reading. Concrete walls complement the wooden shelving on one side and a translucent panel divides the library from the adjacent women’s washroom entrance.

A single chair with blue upholstery provides the opportunity to read in peace and solitude.

Comfortable and warm—yet sophisticated—the Spaces co-working office interior design uses a vibrant palette with wooden accents and soft furnishings to create a work environment that encourages creativity and makes users want to come in to work every morning. Equipped with all the desired modern amenities, the interior space is crisp and professional but also welcoming and inviting.

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