Small-Apartment Renovation 1

Small-Apartment Renovation

Location: Flemish Region, Belgium
Scope of services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: January 2019

Modern and contemporary, this small-apartment renovation uses a predominantly white color palette to create a neutral backdrop for curated art and furniture. Featuring light wooden flooring, high ceilings and an open plan, the 88 square meter apartment appears to be much larger and more spacious than its actual square footage. The use of light-colored walls also contributes to the feeling of openness.

The newly renovated apartment reflects the modern aesthetic of the owners, who wanted to bring their personal sense of style to the existing interior design. The owners wanted a clean, simple and elegant interior that would showcase their art collection.

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In keeping with the modern interior vibe, the furniture is sleek, with clean edges and pure forms. A long, low, rectangular table placed below a wall-mounted flat-screen television serves a dual function: when entertaining, the table doubles as additional seating for guests.

A designer coffee table sports a unique design with a hemispherical shape. The dark matte finish of the table contrasts with the sleek metallic legs. Suspended from the ceiling, a classic Svend Middleboe Verona pendant lamp supplements the natural light filtering in through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors leading to the terrace.

Complementing the modern contemporary décor, accent pieces in metallic finishes are displayed throughout the house. Here, a tall, sleek jug draws the eye in the sparsely accessorized living room.

The designers have utilized the walls creatively to exhibit the owners’ preferences and to enhance the contemporary vibe of the apartment. In the living room, a wall-to-wall péle-mêle forms a focal point, acting as a quirky backdrop for the dark sofa. White applied molding on the remaining walls gives the living room a formal, decorative look, without competing with the artwork.

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The chic, modern vibe is carried through into the adjacent white dining area for a homogenous look. White is the color of choice. Two prominent paintings in the dining area provide visual relief from the white walls.

As in the living area, the furniture pieces in the dining alcove have pure, clean profiles. A white dining table and white chairs reflect light from the adjacent window, giving the illusion of space. White Statuario marble with large veins is used for the table top. A linear, white, rectangular counter provides a surface to display artistic flower arrangements. It also provides additional hidden storage space to keep the room free of clutter.

A white Svend Middleboe Verona pendant lamp, identical to the one used in the living room, provides illumination above the dining table.

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The kitchen is an all-white affair and was designed with meticulous attention to detail. Spacious, bright and airy, the kitchen houses a breakfast counter with under-counter storage on the kitchen side. In order to plan sufficient storage to hide away clutter that tends to collect in kitchen areas, the designer has provided ample hidden storage to maintain the modern look of the small-apartment renovation.

The under-counter cabinets are frameless, giving the kitchen a seamless, minimalist look. Handles are carved into the moldings to maintain this vibe. The countertops are white Statuario marble similar to that used for the dining table.

A clear wine storage is built into the side of the counter, making it visible from the living room. The molding profile used on the walls is duplicated on the kitchen cabinets, tying the entire design together.

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The dining room leads onto an intimate terrace that follows the design vibe of the rest of the apartment. Screened by a neatly clipped boxwood hedge in a raised planter, the terrace forms a private haven for outdoor enjoyment. Matte black raised planters have a clean edge profile that matches the neatness and restraint of the outdoor furniture. The furniture is simple and elegant. A barbeque counter with a highly reflective, polished finish is tucked into one side of the terrace.

Wooden flooring flows from the inside to the outside, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior space. This further adds to the illusion of space.

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The design for the hall alcove is kept minimal and simple. A neat drawer provides a hidden catchall for everyday items such as keys. A seamless rectangular mirror mounted above and below the floating drawer creates reflections that enhance the illusion of space. A polished, brass-finished stool provides temporary seating.

Additional built-in seating is tucked into the wall opposite the entrance door. Hidden storage is cleverly concealed behind panels with the same molding panels as the walls. These look like any other wall in the apartment. The look is so seamless that a visitor would have to look very carefully to realize that there is storage space behind the wall panels that frame the built-in seat.

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A tall bed is the main piece of furniture in the master bedroom. The height of the bed not only adds a touch of luxury to the master bedroom but also conceals storage underneath. This is hidden by the draping bed skirt.

A soft headboard padded with fabric extends all the way to the ceiling. The headboard is removable and replaceable for easy maintenance.

A simple flat-screen television is the only piece of furniture mounted on the front wall opposite the bed. The front wall discreetly hides ample storage behind the television. Handles are concealed into the moldings. The panels are vertically designed to act as doors to the concealed storage behind. The designer has cleverly used two molding panels to make it look like any other wall in the room. In actuality, both panels are mounted onto a single vertical door.

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The master bathroom is linear in design. White marble walls form a classy backdrop to white bathroom fittings. Duck-egg blue accents pick up on the gray veining in the marble. The toilet is placed between the bathtub and the wash basin. A low partition wall screens the toilet from the wash basin. Frameless duck-egg blue panels conceal storage cabinets.

A mirror above the wash basin increases the perception of space. A floating ceiling hides strip lighting, which is supplemented with flush-mounted ceiling spotlights. A sleek, rectangular light fixture mounted above the wash basin provides focused lighting.

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The child’s bedroom is feminine, accessorized with duck-egg blue accents. A single bed with an adjacent work table are the only visible pieces of furniture in the room, which is kept simple in its organization.

Storage cupboards are concealed behind wall panels with moldings, designed to look like decorative walls. A bright painting above the bed adds a splash of color to this calming room. Sheer curtains allow maximum light to enter the room from the window above the work table.

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The girl’s bathroom utilizes the same materials as the master bath. The materials and layout are kept simple to make the compact bathroom appear more spacious. The glass-partitioned shower cubicle also seems to disappear, making the bathroom seem larger than it actually is.

Matching blue accents tie the design in with the bedroom and also unify the color palette used in the master bathroom.

This apartment expresses the owners’ preference for modern design through the use of light colors, minimalist detailing and clear organization of space. The design makes the most of a compact space through innovative storage solutions that provide much-needed storage space but maintain the chic, clean vibe of this small-apartment renovation.

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