Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 1

Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design

Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: September 2019

Inspired by a novel of the same name by the famous author Frances Burnett, the Secret Garden boasts an outdoor theme restaurant design that aims to rejuvenate the senses in a relaxed, nature-inspired atmosphere.

Providing an oasis in the heart of the busy city of Khobar in Saudi Arabia, the Secret Garden restaurant targets middle-class families and single professionals. The name evokes a sense of mystery, inviting patrons to explore what lies beyond the restaurant façade.

Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 2

The restaurant is split into different levels, each with an intimate dining patio/terrace. The second level is reserved for private functions.
The ground floor patio is the first visual that guests see as they approach the restaurant. Graciously dotted with potted plants and hanging baskets, the lush patio sets the tone for the rest of the restaurant.
Colorful patio chairs and shade umbrellas give the patio a happy, cheerful vibe. It is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea or a light dinner in the company of good friends and family.
Covered by a semi-open roof structure, additional umbrellas provide shade for tables. Simple lamps are suspended from the roof structure to provide soft lighting at night.
The glass façade offers a peek into the intriguing interior space and also allows natural light to filter through to the inside of the restaurant.

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Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 5
Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 4
Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 6

The ground floor of the interior space uses an abundance of textured surfaces to give the garden theme restaurant design the feel of an outdoor space. When seated indoors, lush live walls, hanging plants suspended from the ceiling and potted plants make the walls recede.
Real and artificial plants are artfully combined to make you feel like you are sitting in an outdoor space without walls.
Textured wall surfaces add to this feeling. The rock-textured cave wall serves as a backdrop for sofa seating and tables. Low partition walls are covered with a tropical leaf motif that is repeated on the cushion covers.
Wooden tables with exposed knots and grains give the appearance of real wood found in nature.
The floor and the ceiling are designed to disappear. Perforated dark metal panels for the ceiling are functional for suspending plants and light fixtures, without drawing much attention to the ceiling itself.
Light, colored flooring tiles brighten the interiors. The flooring is simple so as not to compete with the heavy textures and patterns on the walls and furniture.

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Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 8

To make this a ‘photo’ worthy space, we used colors that you would find in nature. Deep greens are combined with wood and soft ‘flamingo’ pink for an earthy, outdoor vibe. Rust colored sofa chairs are juxtaposed with jungle green upholstery for seating. These colors not only fit in with the garden theme, but also form a picturesque backdrop for photography in the interiors.
The suspended light fixtures resemble hanging plant baskets and fit in perfectly with the outdoor theme of the restaurant design.
The vibe during the day times is cheerful and bright; soft lighting gives the restaurant a warm, intimate vibe at night.

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Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 10

We have created nooks and corners throughout the restaurant where guests can pause to take photographs.
A small wooden stage in the corner is offset by a beautiful flamingo wall mural in soft pink tones. The stage is perfect for small live performances to liven up the atmosphere in the evenings.
Doors to the restrooms are painted a deep forest green to match the rest of the décor. A floor-to-ceiling terrarium-like structure conceals the restrooms from the rest of the restaurant.

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Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 12

Service spaces in an interior are often overlooked when it comes to design. However, in this outdoor theme restaurant design, they are given as much importance as the rest of the space.
A large grouping of realistic-looking tropical plants are enclosed in a floor-to-ceiling glass terrarium that forms an artful partition between the service areas and the restaurant.
Guests walk around the terrarium to the stairs that lead to the upper level. The wall adjacent to the stairs is decorated with bright bamboo-patterned wall paper. Tall bamboo posts with lights embedded at intervals, form an interesting lit sculpture that reinforces the themed interior décor.
Even the display area is designed with metal panels planted with plants to fit the overall look.
Every corner of the restaurant is carefully detailed; no space is overlooked, even if it is just used to move from one part of the space to another.

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Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 14

The themed interiors continue to the upper levels. The stairs culminate in a long brightly-lit corridor furnished with tables and chairs set against a textured rock wall.
Metal screens with a low railing provide safety while integrating into the overall design look. Artificial pink cherry blossom plants pick up on the soft pink colors of the walls on the ground level. Boxed wooden planters are suspended from the ceiling and fitted with long trailing plants.

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Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 18

The corridor opens out into a spacious room decorated similarly to the ground level.
A large rock-patterned wall forms a focal point at one end of the room. Wood is used for a raised floor that houses a long sofa seat fitted with jungle green upholstery. A cool wooden swing is located against a wall planted with large-leafed tropical plants and trailing plants.
Soft pink walls provide a gentle pop of color. They mimic the pink used for the flamingo figurines that dot the interiors.
Downward spot lights complement industrial style pendant lamps in a bronzed finish. These match the wood used for the furniture and flooring.
The center of the room is left empty for circulation and leads out onto the cozy furnished terrace.

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Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 20

The outdoor terrace on the first level is a brightly lit dining terrace shrouded in greenery.
Wooden tables are flanked with two-seater sofas accessorized with jungle-print. Light-colored flooring is complemented by white organic shaped louvres, fixed to an overhead pergola, that lets in dappled sunlight.
The vibe is relaxed and welcoming; an oasis of greenery amidst a concrete jungle.

Secret Garden Theme Restaurant Design 21

Metal railings with a wooden top rail flank the stairs leading to the upper private rooms, which are delightfully decorated with flamingo pink accents. Metal arches, with geometric patterns, form the entrance to the semi-open room. Furnished with a fireplace set against a colorful mural of flamingos, the room oozes warmth and luxury. Bright windows let in natural light. At night, a vintage candelabra chandelier provides intimate lighting for the cozy nook.
Set against the backdrop of high-rise buildings in a bustling city, the theme restaurant design design offers a vibrant, but relaxing atmosphere in which to escape the pressures of city life. Soothing colors and lush planting transport you to a different world where you can enjoy a pleasant meal in good company.
The outdoor theme is meticulously implemented throughout the restaurant. Repeated motifs and accessories create a homogenous design that is warm, welcoming and relaxing.

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