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Saudi Awqaf HQ Office

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Concept Design
Date: Jan 2020

Elegance, sophistication, and understated luxury define the fourth floor of the Saudi Awqaf HQ office, designed to host dignitaries and VIPs. The floor accommodates the governor’s office, VIP lounge area, and a conference room.

CAS was charged with uplifting and breathing life into a space that lacked character and identity. We infused each room with functional but chic furniture, diffused lighting, and an efficient layout that maximized use of the space.

Impeccable finishes add an undisputable feeling of eminence to the fourth-floor rooms.

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The governor’s office is stylish and exudes a sense of affluence in the careful choice of finishes and accessories.

The stately wooden desk is set against an impressive, tiled wall with a backlit panel featuring the logo of the company. A rich, dark-gray carpet adds a masculine touch to the suave décor. Wooden shelves built into the corner wall complement the desk and add warmth to the muted color palette.

A pair of commodious chairs with deep seats and brass frames provide a comfortable seating corner for guests. Brass accents are selectively used in the office to convey a sense of prestige.

Bold, matte-finished round columns match the brass frames of the wooden doors. The combination of earthy wood and sleek brass gives the office an urbane, modern ambiance.

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At the far end of the office across from the large desk, sectional sofas offer a more casual seating arrangement for visiting dignitaries. The sofas are deep and roomy, upholstered with soft rich fabric and accessorized with cushions stamped with the Awqaf logo of the company.

A more formal meeting table with six chairs sits adjacent to the lounge sofas, offering a more formal meeting space. Set against a dark wall, a concealed screen can be pulled down for presentations.

The lighting in the governor’s office is concealed cove lighting, which creates a diffused glow to add warmth to the room. This is complemented by two brass-framed bubble chandeliers that are perfect accessories to the modern flavor of the office.

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The VIP lounge room is bright and well-lit, characterized by a warm beige and cream, desert-inspired color palette. Petroleum-green accents, taken from the colors of the company’s logo, energize the lounge and are further enhanced by graceful palms set in huge brass-finished pots.

The symmetrical layout is calm and soothing and centers around providing comfortable seating for VIP visitors.

A patterned carpet covers the flooring, reducing the noise and grounding the seating arrangement, which is arranged around the periphery of the room.

Geometrically patterned shades can be pulled down to minimize glare but still allow in the natural light that emphasizes the grandeur and spaciousness of the room.

A large, elegantly detailed, polished table sits in the center of the room, emphasizing the magnificent pair of round chandeliers that hang gracefully above.

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A semi-open screen divides the lounge from the pre-meeting room, which is furnished in the same style to maintain visual continuity.

Rectangular columns, enhanced by dark cladding with brass inlays sit adjacent to round, patterned columns.

The seating arrangements are positioned against elaborately decorated backdrops, bringing the elegant profiles of the furniture into sharp focus.

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The conference room of the Saudi Awqaf HQ office is designed to impress. A sleek meeting table with a thin profile and delicate brass legs runs the length of the room, dominating the space.

High-end wheeled chairs glide noiselessly on the soft carpeted floor. A long, wave-shaped chandelier emphasizes the linear table and also creates an interesting visual effect against the travertine-clad walls. The warm brown of the chandelier picks up on the upholstery of the meeting chairs.

Full-height Roman blinds provide relief against the glare from outside and can be pulled down in the event of a presentation. Cove lighting creates a soft glow on the stone-clad walls, enhancing the sophistication and professionalism in the design of this formal meeting room.

Careful choice of furniture, accessories and finishes elevate the design of the Saudi Awqaf HQ office, infusing it with stylish sophistication and subtle luxury.

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