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SABIC Assembly Point Shade

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Electrical Design, and Drainage.
Date: January 2020

Established in 1976, SABIC is a world-renowned petrochemical company headquartered in Saudi Arabia with operations in over 50 countries. With over 33000 dedicated professionals, SABIC’s phenomenal rise to international fame can be attributed to their innovative approach to developing solutions for key end markets that service their core business units.

CAS was entrusted with designing the complete structural package for the SABIC assembly point shade structure. The design engineers’ flexible approach to the design resulted in a structure consisting of locally available materials that is visually striking, safe for the public, and code compliant.

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The 440 square meter shade structure has a core steel frame supported on reinforced concrete footings using steel baseplates below ground level. The structure is clad in aluminum panels that have been painted white. Like a public work of art, the SABIC assembly point shade is dynamic, fluid, and visually eye-catching, adding to the urban fabric of the streetscape.

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Various sizes of steel sections were subjected to performance analysis and testing using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to simulate actual dead loads and wind speeds. Even though the originally designed sections stood up to the test loads, CAS changed the section sizes and adapted their structural design to accommodate locally available section sizes. These were assembled together in the final design using bolted connections to form the steel frame core.

The foundation was designed using soil parameters issued by the geotechnical engineering service provider. The design presumed that the top of the footings would be the top of the finished floor level; however, the on-site conditions revealed several existing pipelines below the pavement level. To account for this, CAS lowered the top of the concrete footings and introduced concrete pedestals to accommodate the existing service pipelines.

This flexible, innovative approach to the encountered site problems is in keeping with the company’s technology and innovation-centered approach to finding solutions for their clients. CAS’s design of the SABIC assembly point shade is a perfect representation of the company’s ethos and values, demonstrating flexibility, forward thinking, and innovation in the face of unexpected site conditions.

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