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Naveena Modern Indian Restaurant Design

Location: Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Branding and Interior Design
Date: December 2019

When we think of Indian culture and tradition, often the first thing that comes to mind is a vibrant splash of colors. From the festival of colors, which is a huge celebration in many Indian cities, to the colorful chalk designs that grace the thresholds of many homes, color brings with it a spiritual energy that is refreshing and invigorating. It is this vibrant energy that is captured in the Naveena modern Indian restaurant design in Saudi Arabia.

The restaurant is ideally located in an avenue-style mall to allow access from both the front and rear. The back comprises a bar and waiting area with stairs leading to the mezzanine level.

Modern and trendy, the staircase design is light and open. Tall, slender rods in a burnished gold finish extend from floor to ceiling, forming the open railing design. Golden risers are complemented by white marble treads to complete the look.

The bar front is clad with bright orange fluted panels. Slender yellow bar stools and a pink upholstered bench create a visual feast of colors, increasing energy levels and setting the tone for the remainder of the space. Potted plants provide an instant connection with nature, adding freshness to the space.

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The front dine-in area is designed with a casual vibe. White terrazzo flooring ties the front and back areas together and provides a neutral canvas for the colorful pink and yellow chairs. The colored flecks in the terrazzo reflect the myriad of colored accents in the restaurant.

A variety of seating options are available. The tables can be joined together to serve larger groups of guests. Visitors can also opt for the sofa seating, which stands out with its orange upholstery and colorful cushions.

Motifs and shapes reminiscent of the Mughal period are evident in subtle details throughout the restaurant. A large floral mandala motif on the wall behind the sofa seating picks up on other patterns from the Mughal designs in the arched shapes on the windows and walls.

These mandalas are finished in a burnished gold that adds a touch of class to this fun modern Indian restaurant design. Gold accents are used throughout the restaurant. Ceiling-mounted pendant lamps in a gold finish look sophisticated and pick up on the gold trim used for the tables and chairs.

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On the mezzanine level, the bright colors and reference to the Mughal area carry through in the colorful furniture and wall motif patterns. The dark green ceiling adds a level of intimacy to this space, as do the arched and smoked wall mirrors.

The ceiling pendant lights, custom designed in a gold finish, resemble flowers, another common pattern used in Mughal designs. The Indian theme is very evident here, with elephant motifs on the walls and the use of intricate laser-cut designs on the cushions.

A custom, light-tan decorative plaster color for the walls provides a subtle canvas for the wall designs and also counterbalances the brightly colored furniture accents. The neutral wall color also complements the gold accents that are generously used throughout the modern Indian restaurant design.

Bright, fresh, and airy, the mezzanine design is young, trendy, and buzzing with youthful energy.

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Mirrors and reflective surfaces add a modern contemporary feel to the space. The mirrors are edged with gold piping that picks up on other gold accents in the space. The smoky brown and green mirrors emphasize the colorful chairs and draw attention to the fresh green plants and the dark green ceiling. They also help to dress up a plain wall and give it character.

The terrazzo flooring continues up into the mezzanine space, bringing continuity to the design.

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The dark green walls of this bathroom make a beautiful contrast with the white terrazzo floors and help to offset the white bathroom fixtures. The light-colored floor and fixtures also prevent the space from looking too dark or drab.

The dark walls also give this bathroom a masculine feel. Paired with terracotta accents, the space has a vibrant, earthy feel that is fun and energizing.

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The female bathroom is bold and inspiring, combining vibrant magenta walls with mustard yellow ones to create a playful, striking space. Yellow motifs pop against the magenta walls, continuing the reference to Mughal-inspired design.

The white terracotta floors and bathroom fixtures balance these vibrant colors, creating a pleasant contrast and preventing the bold colors from overwhelming the space.

The Naveena modern Indian restaurant design is fun with a contemporary vibe, designed to create an enjoyable, relaxing environment for its patrons. Bright colors and ornate motifs take inspiration from Indian Mughal design to create a bright, playful space that enhances the experience of dining with friends and family.

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