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Modern Rustic House Design

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: August 2019

The term “modern rustic” is actually an oxymoron. When we think of modern, we visualize clean, orthogonal spaces where geometric forms and straight lines are predominant in the design. Rustic designs, however, are almost the opposite of modern. They feature natural materials such as wood or brick and have a noticeable lack of the synthetic fabrics, plastic, and metal finishes that are often found in modern spaces. Where modern accessories are sleek and minimalist, rustic furniture is usually solid and bulky and has a rough, unrefined quality to it.

So how do these two very different styles merge in a design? This Saudi Arabian modern rustic house design demonstrates how rustic elements can be incorporated subtly or more predominantly into modern designs. An open floor plan, modern accessories, and exposed natural surfaces add warmth and comfort to the interior of this home, defining comfortable, modern living at its best.

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This living-cum-dining area is mostly modern in its vibe. An open floor plan offers clear, organized circulation between the dining nook and living area.

The modern influences within the living space are unmistakable. Monochromatic walls, floors, and ceilings create a sense of simplicity and harmony, emphasizing a minimalist vibe in which the furniture and accessories take precedence.

Geometric furniture shapes are combined with comfortable, curved seating. Modern lighting emphasizes the geometry and enhances the contemporary look and feel of the space. A sleek, mirrored wall reflects light and makes the living area seem visually larger and more spacious.

The furniture accents have a low, clean profile with clear symmetry. Furniture in the seating area is low to the ground, giving it a more relaxing vibe.

Yet, there is a subtle hint of the rustic touch, especially in the choice of upholstery. A rough, down-to-earth gray fabric covers the linear sofa, while earthy, dark green upholstery is preferred for the dining table chairs and sofa cushions. The two round ottomans in the seating area are upholstered with a patterned black-and-white fabric that is bold and striking against the subdued hues of the space. It is easy to picture these ottomans in a home somewhere in the countryside.

The neutral, modern color scheme is softened with earthy furniture accents, fabrics, and accessories.

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The upper level has a distinct rustic vibe that is very different from the lower-level living room. Here, natural materials are proudly displayed in all their rustic glory, coexisting with modern elements. Wooden siding, which clads the walls, carries through to frame the contemporary coffered skylight in the ceiling. The skylight is framed by exposed wooden beams, which terminate in corner braces that frame this cozy space.

The furniture is solid and bulky, with comfortable, oversized sofas that are piled with soft cushions. Wooden bases used for the central coffee table and rectangular table are paired with sleek glass tops, whose strictly geometric forms echo the sleek profile of the fire table and the wall-mounted television unit.

Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the room in natural light, opening up views to the outside. The generous use of wood adds warmth and coziness to this space, making it feel luxurious and welcoming.

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The master bedroom is modern and sleek in its layout and choice of furniture. The dressing table is finished in white lacquer and matches the white walls and ceiling for a harmonious look. Light-colored wood flooring adds a subtle hint of warmth and color to offset the whites in the room.

Sleek, metal-finish bedside tables flank a generous bed with a large, tufted headboard. Once again, as in the lower-level living space, fabrics and textiles are used to soften the stark lines of geometry. Soft, plush upholstery in earthy tones of green combine with the warm wooden flooring to introduce a rustic element into a predominantly modern space.

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The bathroom is bright and spacious, using lightly veined white marble for the floors and walls. Niches for storage keep the bathroom free of clutter. The fixtures are colored in a light hue to match the white color scheme. Full-length mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of added space, while metal-framed glass partitions separate the toilet and shower from the rest of the bathroom.

This modern rustic house design is a collaboration between the different disciplines, with the client spearheading the design brief. Modern silhouettes are juxtaposed with rustic finishes in a natural, unforced design aesthetic, resulting in a house that is warm and welcoming and offers all the comforts that modern amenities provide.

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