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Modern Neoclassical Villa Interior Design

Location: Al Kharaj, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: February 2020

Closing the gap between classical and contemporary style, the modern Neoclassical style boasts timeless elegance with subtle sophistication. Pairing classical elements with modern lines, ornamentation, and accessories gives a space a luxurious feel without being ostentatious.

In this modern Neoclassical villa interior design in Al Kharaj, Saudi Arabia, the level of detailing and choice of accessories embrace luxury while remaining tastefully subdued. The villa is a canvas for experimenting with bold color choices that are enhanced by carefully curated furniture pieces.

The color palette is neutral, punctuated with shades of white, black, and gray. Curated furniture and classical accents add a Neoclassical touch to a modern interpretation of the style.

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Located just off the men’s entrance, mild colors define the men’s majlis; shades of taupe, white, baby blue, and gold are soothing and add a softness to room. The luxurious marble flooring matches the round marble coffee tables.

A large wall-mounted marble panel framed in wood eliminates the need for any artwork on the far wall and also makes for a smooth transition from the moldings on the wall panels to the rich drapery on the opposite wall.

The majlis is capable of comfortably seating up to 15 people at any given time.

The vibe is one of comfortable luxury against a backdrop of calming colors.

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In contrast to the men’s majlis and other spaces in the house, the men’s bathroom is the epitome of modern minimalism.

Bold black-marble flooring contrasts with white fixtures and pale blue walls in the entrance to the bathroom. The layout and fixtures are orthogonal with neat, straight profiles. The solid marble vanity contrasts with the classical molding on the walls—a subdued hint of classic design amidst a sea of modern elements. White base molding gives the bathroom a finished look.

Polished chrome accents are modern and functional. Marble-clad walls add a touch of luxury to the shower area, maintaining the clean contemporary look shared by the rest of the bathroom.

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On the ground floor, the dining room is walled off and accessible from both the men’s entrance as well as the women’s entrance area, in keeping with Islamic traditions.

Warm brown and cream tones give the dining room an earthy appeal. The neutral palette is emboldened with a generous sprinkling of gold furniture accents and accessories that take the design to another level. The strict, modern geometric forms of the furniture and accessories are emphasized by the intricate lines of the rectangular molding that adorns the wall panels. Backlit mirrored slits amidst the molding in the far wall panels give the paneled walls a modern touch.

Luxurious materials enhance the richness of the dining space. Polished marble flooring contrasts with the matte, wooden finish of the storage cabinets. Gold-framed concentric tables pick up on the matte, gold base of the dining table.

A delicate ornamental organic-form chandelier contrasts with the geometric table lamps that adorn each cabinet.

Tall, elegant wooden doors lead through to the adjacent kitchen and family area.

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The charming family area and women’s majlis are separated by a floor-to-ceiling wooden partition that houses a swivel flat-screen television.

A royal blue sofa and pouf add a controlled pop of color to the predominantly neutral color scheme of the family area. This tastefully decorated, double-height space combines the charm of Neoclassical design elements with a modern layout and approach to space design.

This concept is carried through to the adjoining women’s majlis, which enjoys a more sedate, earthy palette dominated by beige and brown tones. The contemporary rugs in both rooms add warmth to the rich marble flooring.

Here, we see opulent materials glamourized with metallic accents and traditional features such as crown and wall moldings—all paired with memorable contemporary accents.

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There is nothing traditional about the kitchen in this modern Neoclassical villa interior design. Sharp luxury defines this ultra-modern kitchen. The white marble-veined counter makes a strong statement with its cantilevered black breakfast counter. The marble cladding carries through to the ceiling, drawing attention to the ceiling treatment.

White cabinetry with a simple inset panel provides unobtrusive storage space to keep the kitchen looking neat and flawless.

Taupe-colored upholstery on the breakfast chairs match well with the painted wall, which separates the dining area from the open kitchen design.

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As is customary in Islamic culture, women have an entrance to the house that is completely segregated from the men’s entrance.

The women’s entrance hall is grand with its tall ceilings and rich modern finishes. The tall elevator doors are set into a marble-clad wall with brass inlays. The diagonal tile pattern creates a dynamic contrast with the axial flooring pattern.

Two modern, geometric planters flank either side of the elevator doors; the metallic brass finish on them picks up on the brass inlay on the walls, signifying the careful thought given to cohesive detailing.

The adjacent women’s toilet is a compact rectangular space that is furnished with marble-clad tiles from floor to ceiling. The large-format tiles give the bathroom a modern look and feel, which is enhanced by the solid marble vanity.

A tall, painted wall with simple rectangular molding lends a delicate, classical touch to an otherwise modern bathroom look.

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The ground floor design accommodates a guest bedroom adjacent to the kitchen. Soothing green walls and accessories match well with the brown accents in this room, which is a tasteful combination of modern and classical.

An upholstered headboard sits below a classic wall with rectangular panel molding. Two narrow, mirrored panels in the wall give it a modern edge.

The furniture is simple and functional with neat silhouettes. A tasteful bench at the foot of the bed delights with its soft curves and wooden legs.

The base molding adds a finished look to the walls, while a simple wood-textured rug softens the flooring and adds warmth to the room.

A single, modern chandelier is a bold focal point above the bed.

The adjoining bathroom is finished with a bold, dynamic look, created by the use of a heavily veined gold and black marble cladding for the far wall. This wall creates an immediate focal point and complements the dark flooring.

White marble-tiled walls brighten up the small bathroom and match the modern cuboid-shaped vanity—a prominent contemporary feature in the neatly organized bathroom space. The strong, clear lines of geometry paired with modern finishes give the bathroom a definite modern edge.

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Moving up to the first floor, the family area just off the entrance lobby uses a pleasing green-and-brown color palette to create a beautifully crafted space perfect for relaxing in.

A pair of tastefully crafted armchairs with a gentle, curved profile greet those who exit the elevator. These are set on either side of a circular table set.

The unusual combination of modern and traditional materials is nowhere more apparent than here. Notice the contrast between the plush upholstered sofa and the high-gloss circular coffee table. The entire seating arrangement is grounded by a textured rug, with shades of brown that pick up on the wooden accents in the room.

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The corridor off the family area leads to the master bedroom, which delights with its seamless mix of modern and traditional design.

Set against a classical backdrop of white wall panels with fine rectangular molding, the modern bed and furniture look like they belong to a time in the future.

Geometrical panels in a dark finish make up the headboard. This geometry carries through to the rectangular bed in a matching dark taupe shade.

The fluid lines of a reclining chair pick up on the elegant curves of an armchair upholstered in the same dark taupe shade. The black-and-gold tipped legs of the armchair give it an urbane sophistication that perfectly matches the vibe of the master bedroom.

The white rectangular lampshades sit atop ornate bases that give the fixtures a timeless look. A modern globular ceiling pendant fixture completes the look of this well-balanced master bedroom.

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Located behind the staircase, the home office enjoys a clean modern layout with a bright, airy feel. A wood and metal-framed desk is placed close to full-height windows, which open up to outside views.

The wall behind the desk houses an open modular bookshelf fashioned in wood that is surrounded by storage space available behind a wall of seamless, matte-white-lacquer finished cabinets. These are mirrored on the wall opposite the desk, giving the office a professional modern look.

Wooden accents complemented by warm brown fabric break the monotony of white walls and flooring. A large patterned rug binds the individual furniture pieces together and also mirrors the dull gold drapery held back with traditional ties.

A modern box armchair offers a more comfortable seating option.

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As with other bathrooms in this modern Neoclassical villa interior design, the master bathroom is ultra-modern in its vibe and appearance. White, large-format marble tiles clad the wall behind the trapezoidal tub from floor to ceiling, adding to the modern appeal.

The double-sink vanity is clad with the same tiles and set against a backdrop of beige ceramic tiles that give the appearance of marble. These are mirrored on the opposite wall in the shower area, which is separated by floor-to-ceiling, black-framed, sliding glass panels.

Black marble-like floor tiles bind the entire design together, carrying through seamlessly from wet to dry areas of the bathroom.

A pair of frameless round mirrors above the vanity are backlit with LED lights, reinforcing the geometric orientation of this luxurious master bathroom.

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Accessed from the elevator lobby, the boys’ bedroom is tastefully decorated with calming pale green and warm brown accents. Following the same unifying design theme as the rest of this modern Neoclassical villa interior design, the sterile modern look is tempered with gentle curves and luxurious materials to create that seemingly effortless balance between modern and classical.

A pair of single beds are set against floor-to-ceiling wall panels that are upholstered with a very pale shade of green in a diagonal pattern.

A pair of plush upholstered chairs forms a cozy reading nook, while a study table set against a wood-paneled backdrop is ideal for more focused work.

Storage is concealed behind a combination of white and wooden panels to keep the room looking neat and clean.

A tall wooden door leads to the contemporary bathroom with its marble tiles, modern fixtures, and dark flooring. The open layout, which uses glass partitions to separate wet and dry areas, ensures that the compact bathroom looks spacious and airy.

This modern Neoclassical villa interior design achieves a comfortable harmony between modern design and Neoclassical touches that add warmth, charm, and personality to this tastefully decorated home. Details in finishing, luxuriant materials, and unexpected patterns are repeated throughout the different rooms, with variations, to create a unifying design theme that ties the design together.

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