Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road1

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Logo Design and Interior Design
Date: September 2019

Organic shapes make for a bold, dramatic interior in this modern luxury café. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Bonga Café embraces flow and movement through the use of curves. While the space itself is orthogonal, the interior elements are anything but linear.

Rounded edges, soft, rich fabrics, and bold colors ooze style and luxury in this unique modern design. Curved profiles are used throughout the café and are also reflected in the branding and logo of the establishment.

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road2
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road3

Arched forms interact gracefully with curved profiles to create a stunning display area. Deep blue-gray and light blue hues combine with glass and mirrored surfaces for a modern look. The offset semi-circular display draws attention to itself through the bold use of shape and color.

Complementary circular light fixtures add a fine touch of detail to the visually striking display area.

The dark marble-veined flooring adds a sense of mystery and drama to the café interior.

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road4
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road5
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road1

Designed to provide customers with the ultimate luxurious experience, cheerful, curved blue seats link together to offer guests an inviting and comfortable place to sit while waiting for their seats.

Set on a stepped marble plinth, oblong, arched marble panels form a complementary backdrop to the uniquely shaped seating. The marble panels are set into arched niches that march down the wall to create a strong sense of perspective. These niches are backlit with concealed LED lights that emphasize their shape and form.

Gold accents work well with the blue hues and add a sense of opulence to the space.

The arched forms draw the eye to the café counter that is located at the far end of the space.

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road6
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road7

Tall and cylindrical, the café counter extends from the floor to the ceiling. Decorated with blue and gold to match the rest of the interior, the counter forms a focal point.

The curved white marble counter sits atop vertical striated blue panels that curve to follow the counter’s shape. The curved panel is set atop a gold base. Above, curved gold shelving topped with glossy blue panels gives the counter a booth-like appearance.

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road8

Seating booths are screened with soft, plush fabric to provide additional privacy. Set on low, marble-clad platforms, the booths give patrons a feeling of exclusivity. Gold-plated arched frames emphasize the luxuriousness of the space. Blue seat upholstery matches the soft blue-gray hues of the walls.

The dropped ceiling above the booths creates a feeling of intimacy, encouraging conversation in a stylish, elegant environment.

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road9

The mezzanine level is reserved for families and larger parties, continuing the same vibe of luxurious indulgence.

A large, circular piece of glass framed with metal is etched with the café’s logo. The logo embraces curves and is the inspiration for the modern luxury café design.

A sleek, marble-veined bar table overlooks the floor below. Tall, slender-legged bar stools are upholstered in a blue-gray fabric for a sophisticated look.

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road10
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road11

A grand center table is fashioned from marble with gold edging and sits atop a support that is clad with glossy blue panels. Lengthy and oblong in shape, the table forms a striking focal point.

The table’s grandeur is matched by the décor of the mezzanine space, which boasts large, curved arches that add grace and glamour to the space.

The oblong shape of the table is emphasized by a polished marble floor pattern and recessed ceiling of the same shape.

A long, upholstered seat is set against a backdrop of arched niches. These niches house circular plates clad with the same marble as the flooring. These are backlit to provide a soft, warm glow. Long slender floor fixtures provide additional light for the seating area.

The lighting fixtures are custom-designed and perfectly complement the décor. Edged in the same gold metal, the glass fixtures are oblong in shape and hold a long, sleek LED light fixture to illuminate the surface of the table.

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Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road15

The men’s bathroom is finished in dark accents for a suave, masculine look. Featuring dark, marble-veined wall panels to match the flooring, the bathroom features an elegant integration of curved and straight lines for a sleek, modern look.

Tall, oblong mirrors are hinged on a dark metal frame, allowing them to pivot. They form a backdrop for the white countertop-mounted wash basins and sleek, glossy metal fixtures. Metal accessories complement the white bathroom fittings, in stark contrast to the dark flooring and accent wall panels.

Light wooden panels cover the remaining walls from the floor to the ceiling; the light color makes the compact bathroom space look bright and airy.

Even the signage to the bathrooms takes its cue from the curved shapes that are prevalent throughout the modern luxury café.

Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road16
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road17
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road18
Modern Luxury Café on Ath Thumamah Road19

For a lighter, more feminine look, the dark flooring and walls used in the men’s bathroom are replaced with white marble flooring and accent wall panels. The women’s bathroom is accessed via a small passage that is tastefully fitted with an oblong floor-to-ceiling mirror set in a dark metal frame.

Like the men’s bathroom, the white bathroom fittings are accessorized with sleek metal accessories for an ultra-modern look.

This modern luxury café makes a strong statement with its repetitive curved, arched forms and bold colors. Designed to stand out from other café designs, these forms are repeated everywhere in the interiors to create a cohesive design that is fluid and dramatic.

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