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Modern Islamic Villa Interior Design

Location: Medina, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: March 2020

Some of the most unique interiors have come into being by experimenting with two or more seemingly different design ideologies. The combination of elements can result in a stunning interior space that captures the best of both worlds.

In this modern Islamic villa interior design in Medina, Saudi Arabia, a modern design aesthetic is infused with elements of Islamic architecture to create spaces that are majestic and visually captivating.

Islamic architecture itself can have nuances of Mediterranean, Moroccan, Mughal, Persian, and Roman architecture. Whatever the influences, the core purpose of Islamic design is to emphasize the grandeur of space through the use of color, geometry, and spatial organization.

When we add the culture of Saudi Arabia into this mix, the result is a splendid design that acknowledges its location, culture, and traditions against the backdrop of contemporary modernism.

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Bright, airy, and simply organized, the dining area lies to one side of the impressive entrance hall and is accessed via sliding doors. This comfortably furnished room is an eclectic mix of modern, Islamic, and classical interiors.

The color palette is neutral with white and light-taupe colors that are accentuated with a sprinkling of blue highlights.

Geometric motifs play an important role in establishing the influence of Islamic décor in this space. While the organization of space is modern with orthogonal lines, the use of the pointed arch points to Islamic inspiration. The geometric pattern surrounding the arch is reflected in the black-and-white area rug and the print for the cushions. Gold-framed wall art reinforces this geometry and reflects the contrasting colors of the area rug.

Classic molding on the walls and intricate crown molding draw the eye around the room, picking up subtle modern detailing such as the narrow metal inlay in the wall panels flanking the arch.

The furniture in this Modern Islamic Villa Interior Design is modern and functional—comfortable lounge seating is accessorized with wooden tables and lighting. The grand chandelier in the recessed ceiling is a geometric array of delicate crystals supported on gilded rods. It adds a touch of opulent luxury to this dining room.

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The men’s majlis, located across the entrance hall from the dining room, follows the color theme and design philosophy of the dining space.

Low seating placed on the ground gives this majlis a more relaxed, informal vibe. The geometric wall art picks up on the printed pattern on the cushions.

A pair of elaborate chandeliers draw attention to the intricate crown molding.

Open shelving with mirrored backing displays ornaments that are brought into focus by concealed lighting.

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The luxurious modern vibe continues through to the bathroom, which is finished in marble, stone, and wood.

Geometric motifs on the wall are reflected in two sleek rectangular mirrors above a matte-black vanity. In keeping with the modern look, all storage is recessed without any protrusions that would interrupt the smooth flow of surfaces.

Gray marble flooring is carried up one wall to create a homeogenous look, which complements the adjacent black wall paneling.

Warm wooden tiles on the rear wall form the backdrop for the toilet. A niche in the wall offers a clean, neat space for storage.

The vanity counters and fixtures are wall mounted and kept off the floor.

With its dark surfaces, the bathroom has a definite masculine vibe to it.

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The living room is the heart of the ground floor and enjoys an open, spacious layout.

Very modern in look and feel, this space has a feeling of indulgent luxury with its ample gold accents. Wall treatments are a combination of marble, fluted wood paneling, and intricate open screens in a rich gold finish. The wall treatments are a work of art in themselves, eliminating the need for any further embellishment. The wooden panels are detailed with tall narrow slits that are lit with LED lighting.

Tall floor-to-ceiling gold screens with geometric patterns pick up on the gold flecks in the marble veining. A splendid, gilded, circular chandelier adds dramatic flair to the living room.

The lounge sofas are low to the ground with soft velvet upholstery supported on polished metal frames. The straight profiles of the sofas are mirrored in the strict geometry of the marble-topped tables. Gold and gray cushions add color to the white sofa upholstery.

Tucked into a neat corner adjacent to the stairs is a kitchenette. White-and-gray marble clads the breakfast counter and countertop and is complemented with a white-and-gold marble backsplash. Beige cabinets with gold insets span from floor to ceiling. A sleek light fixture comprising of suspended metal rods illuminates the kitchen counter.

Gold upholstery for the breakfast stools adds a pop of color to this cheerful open kitchen.

The staircase is ultra modern in design with marble treads and risers edged with gold. The steps are splayed toward the bottom for an elegant look. A simple pane of sheet glass follows the profile of the stairs to form an almost invisible hand rail.

The focal point of the stairway is the accent wall with built-in LED light strips, which add a sense of glamour and drama, elevating a simple stairway to a striking focal point.

A small garden planted with leafy green plants occupies the leftover space under the stairway.

The designers have paid meticulous attention to the detailing of this modern Islamic villa interior design. This is nowhere more apparent than in this stairwell. The underside of the stairs is finished with a smooth white panel edged in gold. This picks up on the gold accents that are generously used throughout the living room design and also accentuates the adjacent marble wall with the inlaid gold strips.

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At the far end of the seating arrangement in the living room in this Modern Islamic Villa Interior Design are the women’s majlis and family dining area.

Large-format marble tiles tie the entire open living room design together. Gold accents carry through into this space to keep the design theme the same.

Plush deep-blue lounge sofas add vivid color to enhance the brown, white, and gold color scheme. A striking gold-framed painting in earthy brown, white, and black tones forms a splendid backdrop to this compact seating area. Pale-pink cushions and upholstery on the armchairs pick up on similarly colored veining in the marble flooring.

In the adjacent dining space, a masterfully handcrafted dining table takes centerstage. Its careful detailing energizes the dining nook with its modern mix of materials. The marble mosaic table top is supported by two angular steel base plates and framed with a satin steel band. This modern showstopper is surrounded by gently curved dining chairs in the same pale-pink accent color that is used in the women’s majlis area.

A mirrored wall reflects the beautiful slender light fixture that adds sparkle to this creatively designed dining nook. Tall slender floor vases with beautiful white flowers add class to this area.

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The closed kitchen boasts a modern design outfitted all in beige. Seamless cabinets line the walls. Appliances are built into the walls, flush with the surrounding surfaces. The kitchen island is light-colored with a patterned top. The geometric pattern on the island countertop is reflected in the geometric patterned backsplash.

Gray marble floor tiles in this Modern Islamic Villa Interior Design provide a gentle contrast with the uniform beige of the kitchen.

A set of five gold globes make up the light fixture, which adds a dash of glitz to the functional kitchen space.

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The adjacent bathroom here is adorned with light marble tiles that cover the floor, walls, and vanity for a seamless modern look.

A simple rectangular mirror is framed in metal to match the finish of the faucets and other fixtures.

White fittings continue the light trend of this bathroom design, which is bright and airy.

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The common family majlis enjoys its own private entrance and is a warm, inviting space with wall-to-wall carpeting. The earthy beige-and-taupe color theme is brightened by the use of gray-blue carpeting and accent cushions.

Geometric forms dominate the design and can be seen on the carpet, as motifs on the walls, and on the ceiling as well. The distinct Moorish influence can be seen in the use of the Moorish arch profile for the windows, the display niches in the walls, and the profile for the fireplace.

The furniture is low to the ground, adding to the feeling of luxurious relaxation.

Adjacent to the family majlis, a modern wooden and glass stairway leads to the upper level. Wooden treads and risers are highlighted with strip LED lights. A simple glass railing with a wooden top rail completes the look. White painted walls are a blank canvas for the warm, rich wood finish of the stairway.

White wall panels with vertical golden stripes frame the entrance to the adjacent bathrooms, which are finished in gray marble and wood-tiled walls.

Concealed LED strip lighting adds a warm glow to the space, highlighting the beautiful finishes.

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On the upper level, the gym is a bright, energetic, and spacious room with its own private staircase designed with steel cables and topped with a rich wooden top rail. The gym looks out on to a wraparound terrace, which leads to the rest of the house.

Wood flooring adds warmth and vigor to this entertainment room, which is equipped with a ping-pong table, exercise equipment, foosball tables, and a cozy rest area.

The far wall is clad in mirrored panels that make the room seem even bigger. Gray, metal-framed doors lead out onto the terrace.

The equipment is all metal-based in a gray matte finish. Light-colored walls keep this room looking bright and fresh.

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Next to the gym, the library is a haven of books, with walls lined from floor to ceiling with modular bookshelves.

Wood flooring matches the brown tones of the bookshelves.

A simple wooden table surrounded with deep-gray upholstered chairs is an ideal work surface and can be used to host larger meetings. Two smaller desks near the window provide individual workspaces.

Modern pendant globe lights supplement the natural light that filters in through the windows.

A soft gray carpet grounds the seating arrangement in the library.

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The main staircase from the ground floor leads up to an open family seating area that is pleasantly decorated in shades of blue and gray that offset the light-colored walls and flooring.

The vibe here is much more casual, displaying low lounge sofas, poufs, and round side tables. A gorgeous rug with geometric shapes adds a pop of color to the sedate décor of the family area and grounds the seating arrangement.

Concealed strip LED lights add a bright glow to this cheerful and relaxed family seating area.

Across from the family seating area, a closed kitchen is decorated with white polished lacquer cabinets for a clean crisp look.

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Adjacent to the kitchen, the prayer room is humbly decorated with wall-to-wall carpeting in soothing tones of beige.

Arched niches in the wall symbolize the Qibla, indicating the direction of prayer. These are painted with a fresh blue color that adds a subdued energy to the room.

A central concentric light fixture in gold completes the look.

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The bedrooms in this Modern Islamic Villa Interior Design sport a crisp, clean look with wooden flooring and an accent wall in muted blue-gray tones. White walls simply decorated with a collage of framed artwork bring the accent walls into focus. Patterned area rugs add warmth to the spaces.

A textured wallpaper in tones of blue, gray, and beige bring the accent wall into sharp focus in the first bedroom. The layout is clean and simple, with a reading corner and a wooden work desk with a built-in storage unit. The décor is simple but bright and cheerful, owing to the generous use of blue accents in the room.

The second room contains three beds and crisp white work desks that are separated by white storage units. Quirky, arched light fixtures add charm and personality to this interesting space. The wall behind the beds is adorned with a painted mural that is calm and soothing, featuring tones of gray, green, and blue. A single blue lamp shade suspended from the ceiling in the center of the room gives the space a finished look.

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The L-shaped bathroom (attached to the bedroom with three beds) is accessed through the walk-in closet, which is finished with white glossy lacquered cabinets that span from floor to ceiling for a clean, finished look.

The bathroom is quaint, with a mix of finishes that add character to this compact space. Veined marble flooring tiles are complemented by smooth gray walls that terminate in a shower area at the far end of the bathroom.

A medley of white-and-gray hexagonal mosaic tiles surround a framed tiled panel that houses the shower fitting and controls. The blue-gray tones of the shower area add a pop of fresh color to the muted décor of the bathroom space.

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The second floor accommodates additional bedrooms along with the master bedroom, which is spacious and vibrant looking.

A long corridor lined with artwork on the walls leads to the bedrooms. At one end is the master bedroom, which consists of two beds, a spacious seating lounge with a kitchenette, a large walk-in closet, and a spacious bathroom that is accessed through the closet area.

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The master bedroom is the epitome of modern design with its neutral walls, large-format flooring tiles, and smooth, clean wall surfaces.

The warmth comes from the little details that make this super deluxe space both luxurious and comfortable to hang out in.

The sleeping area is separated from the lounging area by a generous square arch with rounded corners. The layout is simple but very effective in combining multiple uses systematically within a single space.

The master beds are modern metal frames set against a backdrop of vertical wood-paneled walls. A lush silvery-blue rug covers the floor from wall to wall, adding a softness and luxury to the sleeping zone.

Two sleek wooden desks supported on metal frames serve as workspaces on either side of the room.

Large, framed wall art that matches the tones of the color palette adorn the walls.

Through the square arch, the seating area is comfortably furnished with a plush lounge sofa accessorized with bright blue cushions. Gently curved, blue, upholstered armchairs are comfortable and inviting, creating the perfect lounging space for watching television or relaxing.

A compact kitchenette with a breakfast counter lines one wall of the seating area, providing easy access to light meals and refreshments without having to go down to the kitchen on the lower floors.

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The walk-in closet is a highly organized space with a combination of open shelves, glass-paneled cubbies, and closed drawers to organize all items of clothing.

A beautifully detailed modern leather-upholstered table and stool add classic style to the space.

The shelves are composed of matte-finished metal frames backed with wood for a clean modern look.

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The master bathroom is a modern, functional space bathed in natural light. Clean, crisp surfaces are clad with marble for a luxurious feel.

Sleek geometric profiles define the lines of this bathroom. A raised marble-clad bathtub is accessed via broad marble steps. It is located next to a window with a view to the outside. Contrasting colors create drama in this lively bathroom, with white marble walls juxtaposing with gray marble tiled walls. The tiles are large-format tiles with minimal joints for a clean, sophisticated look.

The shower is tucked into a niche past the vanity and is designed as a raised platform clad in marble. Niches in the wall provide storage space for sundries.

The fixtures have neat profiles and are all wall mounted, keeping off the floor for a more seamles look. The vanity is a white counter with two wash basins and a closed cabinet for storage. Gray vintage faucets pick up on the gray veining in the marble as well as the gray-framed mirrors mounted behind the vanity.

A tall, narrow, floor-to-ceiling white cupboard serves the dual purpose of partitioning the toilet as well as providing extra storage for linen and miscellaneous bathroom items.

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The second-floor bedroom is more feminine in its design aesthetic with light touches of pink that adds hints of color to the mellow color palette.

The wall behind the beds is clad with a light, textured wallpaper in a mild beige hue.
Purposeful wall art reflects the colors of the room and adds flair and style to dress up the walls.

The furniture is sleek, with streamlined profiles in white to complement the light color palette of the room. A set of modular cubbies provides open storage for books and other items.

The bright, airy room is designed with a soothing, delicate touch and has a quiet charm about it.

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The terrace between the two bedrooms is accessed via the corridor and enjoys a modern aesthetic just like the interior décor.

Shrouded in green plants, both real and artificial, the terrace is a green haven that provides the ideal outdoor lounging area for the whole family.

Wooden flooring adds warmth and a connection to nature, which is reinforced by the plants. A simple white pergola is covered with artificial plants to provide a shaded sanctuary. These plants are also used to create vertical green walls that give the feeling of being in lush greenery.

The furniture is simple and easy to maintain, comprising a couple of metal-framed seats with a marble-top center table.

Potted plants in dull-gold-finished pots are the perfect accessory for this charming outdoor terrace garden.

A unified modern theme ties this modern Islamic villa interior design together. Each space is designed differently but shares the common design ideologies of spacious planning, clean layouts, and use of colors and geometry to reinforce the modern theme with underlying influences of Islamic design. These elements make the spaces feel grand and luxurious, yet the décor, accessories, and rich fabrics also make the home feel warm, welcoming, and inviting.

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