Modern Executive Office Design 1 - Decluttered and warm modern executive office interior design, with dark custom wood paneled wall that sets the background for the CEO's minimal white desk, contrasted with the adjacent glass wall, light wood floor and gray carpet along with the tufted black leather sofa, achieving a luxurious office interior, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

Modern Executive Office Design

Location: Bolton, UK
Scope of services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: April 2018
Client: Inayat Omarji, Director of Operations at HR Healthcare Group – Online Digital Pharmacy and Doctor Service

Office spaces need careful consideration when designing their interiors since there are multiple functions that need to be catered for. Add to this mix the status of its occupant and it becomes imperative to add an element of style and luxury appropriate for a senior position within the company.

Modern Executive Office Design 2 - Spacious and generously illuminated modern executive office design where it hosts multiple functions without the use of partitions, from a lounge area and a built-in pantry, to a conference area and the CEO's minimal desk, increasing the comfort and the airy feel of the office interior, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

This modern executive office design is for the CEO of a company that offers online medical care to patients. The design is subtle yet unmistakably stylish in its use of customized furniture and lighting solutions. The office space caters for three main functions: a workspace for the CEO, an informal sofa lounge and a more formal conference area. The entrance to the office is via a glass door, integrated into a transparent glass wall. This helps to maintain visual contact with the rest of the space. An elegant pantry, unobtrusively tucked into the corner, with neat white cabinets, is used for a coffee break or for guests. These functions are seamlessly integrated into the space without any visible partitions, which can affect the spaciousness and flexibility of the space.
The executive desk is a monolithic L-shaped work surface, which stands out against a dark, custom wood-paneled wall. It makes a bold statement and sets the tone for the rest of the office. The vibe for the office is plush and masculine, enhanced by the use of warm wood paired with leather and soft carpets. A dark leather couch creates the perfect spot for a relaxing read; the space under the window behind is efficiently utilized for displaying reading material.
The design makes clever use of the ceiling and the flooring to distinguish the more casual lounge seating from the formal meeting area. Custom pendants provide lighting above the lounge seating, while more functional triple, adjustable recessed downlights light up the conference space.
The flooring echoes this concept, with more functional oak flooring for the conference area and rich, soft carpeting for the executive desk and informal seating lounge.

Modern Executive Office Design 3 - Clean and minimal restroom interior with a combination of contrasting colours and materials, matching with the aesthetics of the modern office interior design, unifying the general ambiance of the interiors, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

A cleverly designed wood-paneled sliding door separates the bathroom from the rest of the office. The sliding door is seamlessly integrated into the wall elevation, making it look like an elevational treatment rather than an access door. The bathroom follows the aesthetic of the office using a combination of wood finish and dark grey flooring and paneling. The fixtures are minimalist, clean and elegant, giving the feel of an expensive and tastefully designed space.

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