Modern Commercial Building Design 1 - Five floor modern commercial building design with a bold minimal façade, the interplay of the vertically stacked blocks create terraces with different layouts and views to the surrounding cityscape, ending with a roof top with a vine-covered wooden pergola that provides a space for social gatherings and outdoor activities, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

Modern Commercial Building Design

Location: Basra, Iraq
Scope of services: Architectural Design, Exterior Design, Structural Engineering and MEP Engineering
Date: June 2018
Client: Mustafa Mohammed Jawad

Mixed use commercial buildings are increasingly occupying prime property in urban neighborhoods. Retail and service establishments provide multiple opportunities for interaction and bringing together people of various backgrounds. Centrally located, often close to a primary form of transport, mixed-used establishments reduce carbon footprint by minimizing the need to travel long distances to work.

This five-level modern commercial building design located in Basra, Iraq, offers residents many such opportunities to socialize.  Comprising five equal height blocks, stacked vertically on top of each other, it makes a bold statement with its distinct elevation. The stacked boxes feature alternating footprints that allow for a rhythmic sequence of cantilevered viewing terraces on all sides of the building, providing the structure with a unique and contemporary profile.

Modern Commercial Building Design 2 - Modern commercial building design offers a variety of indoor spaces, with a transparent tube elevator located on the rear façade that connects the five floors and gives the mixed-use building along with the exposed yellow fire escape, a contemporary and unique look, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

The rear elevation houses an exposed fire escape, clearly marked by yellow arrows. A transparent tube elevator, built into an exterior niche, connects the different levels. The basement level houses the service areas for the ground level restaurant. The VIP restaurant on the ground floor is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling glass. The first and second levels house the men’s and women’s gymnasiums respectively, while the upper levels are designed as residential apartments. The upper most level is meant to provide accommodation for the employees working at the ground level restaurant.

Modern Commercial Building Design 3 - Five equal height blocks vertically stacked with alternating floor layouts, create the basic form of the modern commercial building design, featuring opaque panels for the façade that add to its mystic appeal, the mixed-use building offer various uses of spaces, from a restaurant on the ground floor to gymnasiums and residences on the rest, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

The ground level establishments are fronted by large glass display windows facing the street corner on both sides. The crisp glass wrapped corner gives this modern commercial building design a feeling of floating lightness. The main entrance to the building is demarcated by a protruding entrance structure.   The secondary entrance is more discreetly located on the side.

Three-meter-high windows maximize views and are calibrated to provide a corporate feel to the building’s innovative form while maintaining construction efficiency through repeatable formwork.

Modern Commercial Building Design 4 - Five-floor modern commercial building design with a bold minimal façade that is clad with opaque panels, offer a variety of spaces and uses for the neighbourhood residences, from a restaurant on the ground floor to gymnasiums, apartments and a roof terrace, minimizing the need for distant travels which contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

At the top-most level, the roof structure is stopped short.  A vine-covered pergola provides a shaded area that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. The upper-level terrace offers magnificent views across the city. The building façade with its translucent panels hazily reflects its surroundings, exuding a sense of mystery at what lives behind its walls.

The building is a work of art, with its constantly changing reflections, standing tall like a beacon in its neighborhood.

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