Modern Classic Landscape Design 1 - A simple arched wooden pergola with climbing vines reflects the lines of the villa's windows and subtly creates a traditional feel to the modern classic landscape design, establishing a coherent form of architecture and its surrounding landscape, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

Modern Classic Landscape Design

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Scope of services: Landscape Design
Date: September 2018
Client: Samer Almisehal, Shared Services Director at Almisehal Group

Classic landscape design has its roots in ancient history where large estates and palatial gardens focused on geometry and symmetry to create balance. Modern gardens can utilize the principles of classic design as well, as is demonstrated by this modern classic landscape design. Crisp lines and clear geometry are defined by modern materials, while evergreen plants are used to provide year-round structure for the garden. The shapes in the landscape echo those used in the façade elevation, such as this curved pergola which picks up on the arched window. This forges a stronger connection between the architecture of the home and its surrounding landscape.

Modern Classic Landscape Design 2 - A succession of steps bordered with a minimal water feature and raised planter, lead to the shaded outdoor seating area, defined with the wooden box-like pergola and the latticed grass pattern on the final step, achieving the desired modern classic landscape design, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

In this seating corner, repeated geometry creates a pleasing pattern. The box like shape of the pergola is echoed in the raised planter adjacent to it and again in the water feature, creating cohesion in the design. The latticed grass pattern, as you step down from the wooden deck, picks up on the grid pattern of the pergola, reinforcing the use of similar shapes to emphasize geometry.

Modern Classic Landscape Design 3 - Climbing vines on a wooden trellis provides the focal point of the patio's entrance, centered with a classical cascading marble fountain that accentuates along with other contemporary elements, the modern classic landscape design, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

The formal layout of the square pavers with gravel joints emphasizes the linear axis of this patio as you descend the steps. Centered on the steps, a trickling fountain forms the focal point, surrounded by a lattice of green espaliers. The square paved pathway terminates in a small circular seating area framed by evergreen trees. A variety of plant textures create visual interest; leafy Vitus trees create a backdrop for the large, sculptural leaves of the Musa plant, which is further offset by the small leaves of the vine framing the fountain.

Modern Classic Landscape Design 4 - Evergreen trees and climbing vines encircle the villa's perimeter, providing a lush backdrop to the diverse seating areas in the modern classic landscape design, one of them is highlighted with circular raised lawn planters with classically ornamented edges achieving the subtle combination of styles, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

This cozy seating corner, with its geometric symmetry is simple, yet effective in its design. Surrounded by raised lawn planters with circular edges, the light wood furniture echoes the edging of the planters as well as reflecting the brown tones in the stone paving. Green Vitus trees, one in each quarter, counterbalance the beige tones perfectly offering a rich, vibrant green backdrop. White upholstery for the seating completes the picture, maintaining the relaxing vibe of this carefully designed seating nook in this modern classic landscape design.

Modern Classic Landscape Design 6 - Raised lawn and shrub planters with decorative edges, border the villa's courtyard and define the circulation flow, the placement of the traditional water fountain in the center is reminiscent of historical city squares, achieving a modern classical landscape design, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

As one turns the corner, the space expands to reveal a large courtyard with a central tiered fountain. The paving pattern is continued through into this space, unifying the design. Three tall palms arranged neatly in a row, define the edge of the courtyard and provide a tall, linear element in the landscape. This creates a balance between the tall elevational façade wall and the low plantings by providing a middle layer. Monochromatic green planting is offset by a pop of color provided by mass plantings of orange calendula and lavender, which give the landscape a Mediterranean flavor. The mass plantings of perennials create a strong visual impact, complementing the evergreen plants well.

Modern Classic Landscape Design 5 - White stucco finishing extends to the seats and planters, combined with wood to bring warmth and comfort to the outdoor area in addition to the interweaving vines and lush plants that add to the texture and visual appeal of the modern classical landscape, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

While color and planting have been effectively used in the rest of the landscape, this seating corner uses repeated materials to enforce harmony. Wood used for the fence is mirrored in the seating and picks up the tones of brown in the paving. The wooden seats rest on textured white stucco walls, creating a harmonious blend between flat and raised surfaces. A diamond shaped lattice of green vines provides visual and textural interest on the fence. This is echoed by tall vertical vines in sharp contrast to the white stucco walls.
This modern classic landscape design artfully combines the principles of classic design, using color, materials, and planting to reinforce geometry and create balance in the landscape.

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