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Modern Arabic Majlis Design

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: October 2019

Traditional arts and crafts have been kept alive by integrating them into modern design in innovative ways.

The same is true of Islamic architecture, which was traditionally influenced by many civilizations. Arches, decorative columns, and intricately decorated privacy screens featured prominently in traditional Islamic interiors.

To balance the demands of the modern world while maintaining respect for traditions, modern Islamic architecture juxtaposes traditional features with a commitment to geometry, clean space design, and large open spaces.

In this modern Arabic majlis design located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the emphasis on modern design is evident in the use of grand spaces that are infused with geometric shapes and patterns.

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The majlis has a distinct modern flavor that is emphasized by the neat organization of space, the use of geometry inherent in the room treatments and accessories, and the openness of the space.

White, veined-marble flooring is complemented by a combination of white wall panels and wooden panels for a clean look. Plush fabric upholstery on the furniture is encased in shiny metal frames for a contemporary feel. Geometric forms are evident in the profile of the furniture accessories, which boast sleek metal profiles.

The wall treatments are also inspired by geometric forms. A large, circular niche in the wall is decorated with a metal-framed circular painting. This circular form is repeated in the geometric pattern on the ceiling. A central modern chandelier with globe lamps supplements other diffused light sources.

Hints of Islamic influence can be seen in the use of blue accent chairs and cushions that add a vibrant pop of color to the modern Arabic majlis design. Islamic arched forms profile the windows. A series of Arabic-style lanterns are displayed against neat wooden panels on the far end of the wall.

Metal and wood are often juxtaposed to show the balance between modern and traditional materials.

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Strict vertical panels give the majlis the impression of a higher ceiling, making it feel open and airy.

Two decorative geometric panels grace the walls. The geometry of these panels is reflected in the tall floor-to-ceiling panels adjacent to the arched window. Slim stone panels add diversity to the wall treatments and further enhance the perception of added height.

The element of contrast by way of darker accents and furniture also contributes to the clean, contemporary vibe of the modern Arabic majlis design.

Modern Arabic Majlis Design-8

The design of the dining room matches that of the majlis, with similar wall treatments. The flooring continues through to the dining area, tying both spaces together.

Arched wall panels hint at the Islamic influence, as do the geometric patterns on the wall panels.

A glamorous, metal-framed glass table takes center stage. Plush, velvet-upholstered dining chairs in a soft-gray hue complement the sleek profile of the dining table.

Metal-framed paintings are carefully selected to reflect the earthy color tones of the room. Soft, diffused lighting adds a warm glow to this tastefully decorated space.

The central ceiling chandelier matches the design of that in the majlis.

Luxurious, tasteful, and functional, this modern Arabic majlis design combines the best of both worlds for a fresh, sophisticated look. The design is largely modern in its layout, organization, and use of contemporary materials and accents. However, subtle Islamic influences, such as the intricate geometry and gentle curves, balance out the strict modern geometry of the interiors, giving the design a warm and welcoming ambience.

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