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Luxury New Classic Home Interior Design

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Outdoor Design
Date: April 2020

The saying “home is where the heart is” has taken on a new significance given the world’s current COVID-19 pandemic. Having a home that is luxurious, warm, inviting, and one where you can indulge in your favorite pastime, has become all-important.

In this luxury new classic home interior design, our aim was to create paradise at home so the client would not readily notice the absence of the outdoors. Keeping in mind the home’s location in An Narjis province (north of Riyadh), the outdoor spaces are an integral part of this home’s design. Sheltered from the hot sun, the boundaries are blurred between indoor and outdoor space, making you feel like you are in nature, but with every luxury and amenity at your fingertips.

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Large, spacious, and airy, the interior spaces enjoy a minimal modern layout infused with warmth through the use of rich, earthy colors, bespoke furniture and carefully curated accessories.

The entrance foyer, graced with tall, double-height window panels, opens up to the dining area and the ground-floor majlis. Simply furnished with a sleek console and an oversized gilded mirror, the feeling of luxury and grandeur is magnified by the marble flooring and marble-clad wall panels.

Gilded open screens lead through to the majlis area. Warm beige, brown, and wood tones enhance the light-colored surfaces in this elegantly designed space. Intricately designed furniture, gilded accessories, and sleek materials such as marble give the ground-floor majlis in this luxury new classic home interior design a European flavor.

Geometric motifs on the screens are mirrored in some of the furniture pieces, hinting at a subtle Islamic influence. A modern marble center table is juxtaposed with classic wall molding and a classically designed chandelier that adds instant glamor to the majlis.

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The majlis washroom is somber but refined, with crisp finishes that give it an ultra-modern vibe. Earthy marble wall tiles complement the dark, rich wooden door and vanity. The marble-topped vanity is orthogonal in shape, and its crisp lines are enhanced by the gilded rectangular mirror and tall vertical wall panels.

A set of Moroccan-inspired lamps add a touch of classic beauty to the otherwise modern bathroom.

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The dining nook on the ground floor is simply designed as a part of the open-plan layout. A tall, narrow, floor-to-ceiling window with large glass panels allows in natural light. A pair of rich, polished wooden doors with a pattern formed of gilded lines leads from the foyer to the dining area.

A glossy marble-top dining table is framed by elegant, upholstered dining chairs set in a black metal frame, forming the center piece of the dining space.

A slim, gilded, ceiling pendant lamp adds a classical touch to the modern interior.

The stairway beyond is a modern design with white marble treads that are clearly profiled through the minimal glass railing.

Glossy marble wall tiles flow smoothly into the adjacent wooden wall with LED strips, forming a contrasting backdrop to the crisp white staircase.

The space under the staircase is creatively designed as a cozy seating area engulfed with green plants. A pair of classically designed armchairs with gilded metal frames support the plush upholstery to make for an inviting seating nook.

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At the far end of the main ground-floor space, a family seating area is tucked into a corner opposite the kitchen.

An easy balance between modern and classic elements makes for a warm and comfortable family area that is designed for relaxation. Set on solid wooden bases, the straight, boxy lines of the sofa are softened by the gentle curve of the armchairs.

A floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled wall forms a rich backdrop for the television, which is set on a linear wooden unit. Classic wall treatments blend seamlessly with the modern lines of the furniture. An intricate white paneled wall is brought into focus by its geometric patterns. It sits next to classic wall moldings, which form a traditional backdrop to the boxy sofas.

These, in turn, lay adjacent to a wooden wall finished with tall vertical slats interspersed with gold inlays.

A plush carpet grounds the seating arrangement. A glistening ceiling pendant picks up on the decorative gold touches on the walls as well as the metallic base for the furniture items.

The vibe is one of luxurious warmth that is ideal for enjoying family time.

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Sleek marble surfaces are predominant in the modern kitchen design. Even the cabinets are fronted with marble doors for a seamless look. The minimal design is enhanced by the modern hexagonal light fixtures and gilded bar stools. Clutter-free surfaces add to the neat, orderly appearance of the kitchen space.

Paneled walls in rich hues of wood add warmth to the pristine kitchen, countering the cold feel of marble. Concealed lighting is instrumental in creating a bright, airy kitchen by enhancing the warmth of the wooden surfaces.

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The outdoor area adjacent to the dining room is probably the most-used space in the house. Enclosed by walls but partly open to the sky, this outdoor room is kept cool by the presence of water as well as the shade offered by the surrounding walls.

The largely white color palette is offset by the cool blue water and soothing green plants that envelop this lovely patio space. Sliding white stone pavers in long rectangular strips give this patio a clean-cut, contemporary vibe.

The central seating area is an island of stone surrounded by cooling water. The furniture is functional, with deep-seated white cushions and a clean rectangular profile. Stacked slabs of marble form the central coffee table.

An intricately designed exterior wall with geometric motifs is gently shrouded in soft, hanging vines that drape down from the top of the wall. The wall is similar in design to the one in the family room; carrying these elements through from the interior to the outdoor spaces further enhances the concept of an outdoor “room.”

The vibe of this delightful patio is relaxed, cheerful, and airy, encouraging the family to spend more time in this protected outdoor environment.

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On the first floor, the gracious master bedroom is modern with clean lines, a spacious layout, and open views to the outdoors.

Geometric shapes combined with sleek, modern materials are used to reinforce the contemporary vibe throughout the room. An oblong mirror above a rectangular marble block serves as a dressing table.

The furniture is orthogonal with linear lines and clean profiles. The spacious bed is low-lying with a simple fabric headboard. A comfortable two-seater sofa across from the bed is flanked by two metal-framed side tables to create a comfortable seating nook.

A variety of wall treatments add warmth and visual interest to the bedroom. Large-format white marble slabs clad the wall behind the bed. Next to this wall, a textured concrete wall flanked by a wooden slat wall forms the backdrop for the dressing table. Across from the bed, a detailed, geometric-shaped screen highlights the cozy seating nook across from the bed.

A large, pointed, arched window lets in plenty of natural light to highlight the luxurious surfaces and textures in the room. The pointed arch shape also hints at the subtle Islamic influence that is present throughout the home. The arch is set into a wall decorated with geometric motifs that reinforce the Islamic inspiration within the room.

A delicate, contemporary light fixture hangs over the bed. Diffused lighting from a variety of sources creates a soft, warm glow in the room.

The bathroom follows the same modern vibe as the bedroom. Marble and wood finishes combine to complement each other. Accessories emphasize the modern design concept, and a large rectangular mirror above the vanity reflects the modern globular light fixture, giving this bathroom a sophisticated flair.

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The master bedroom on the second level mirrors the contemporary feel of that on the first level. Sleek, modern materials are softened with warm wood, plush fabrics, and rich textures. Concrete, wood, and metal in earthy tones of brown and gray add an urbane luxury to this inviting bedroom space.

An ornate bronze-colored metal screen divides the bed from the seating area. Glossy glass and mirrored surfaces balance the matte-finished concrete and wood finishes. Gold accents add a touch of glamor to this vibrant bedroom design.

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The master bathroom is visible from the bedroom, separated by clear glass doors. An oval bathtub takes center stage. The white flooring and fittings contrast with the dark marbled wall behind the vanity and the gray floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiled wall that acts as a divider for the toilet area.

The glossy mirror behind the vanity is framed in gold and picks up on the gold and glass globular pendant lamp that illuminates the bathroom.

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A lovely second-floor terrace offers the opportunity to enjoy quality time outdoors. Like its ground-floor component, this terrace is minimally furnished with an elegant L-shaped, built-in seating area arranged around two interlocking slabs of marble.

These serve as a center table cum fireplace, adding a glowing warmth to the outdoor terrace.

Corten steel planter walls follow the profile of the seating to form a long L-shaped planter filled with a variety of leafy green plants.

Concealed LED strip lights give the seating and the center arrangement a feeling of floating while brightening up the outdoor terrace.

Modern meets classical design in this luxury new classic home interior design, where sleek modern finishes are juxtaposed with classical accessories and detailing. The resulting home is luxurious, modern, and inviting, with a deliberate balance between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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