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LIV Supermarket Design

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: April 2020
Client: LIV | Organic & Natural Food Market

LIV Supermarket is an independent organic food and products retailer based in Liverpool in the U.K. A responsibility to the environment and commitment to community is at the core of their ethos and is reflected in the choice of interior design materials and the products they sell.

Eager to open their first branch in the Middle East, the client approached CAS to design a store using local, natural materials to convey their core values and customize the design to recognize its location in the North East part of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Located at the corner of the prominent King Abdulla Road, in an affluent neighborhood, the store enjoys frontage on two sides and aims to provide customers with a one-stop shop for all their organic needs.

The vibe is simple, natural and rustic, making customers immediately feel at ease and encouraging them to browse and shop at leisure. Apart from selling high-quality premium organic products, the Liv supermarket design also houses a café and eatery, where clients can enjoy wholesome, organic foods prepared from fresh, natural ingredients.

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Clients enter through an elevator lobby and information center located in a spacious hall that could be used for promotional events and small gatherings.

The material palette comprises natural materials such as brick and cane, which set the tone for the rest of the supermarket. Earthy, organic and homely, visitors are immediately made to feel at home.

The use of curves in the entrance hall is a feature we see throughout the LIV supermarket design. The curved information counter and rounded arches make the décor look and feel smooth and cozy, taking the edge off sharp corners to create a calming effect. Visitors are drawn into the space and led seamlessly from one area to another through the subtle use of curved columns, counters and arched profiles.

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The cash counters are located next to the information counter and lead through to the rest of the super market. The color palette is earthy, comprising of warm reds, browns, beige and grey hues. The warm colors are inviting and soothing, making visitors feel welcome into the space.

The cash counters are organized on either side of round columns, creating an easy, uninterrupted flow for checkout. The white counters with dark grey countertops are neat and professional looking.

Warm, wood-patterned porcelain tiles complement the reclaimed, red brick columns and beige plaster walls.
The checkout counters lead to the bakery and coffee shop beyond.

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The bakery and coffee shop are designed with a relaxed vibe. Customers can choose to sit at the counter in the front for a quick bite to eat, or can opt for round tables and chairs for a more leisurely meal. The furniture is functional and comfortable – simple round metal tables are surrounded by chairs made from reclaimed wood and cane.

Attractive terrazzo flooring segregates the seating area from the circulation aisles. The terrazzo pattern picks up on the rust color of the bricks and complements the earthy décor of the café.

A plastered oven gives the bakery a rustic charm, which is reinforced by the combination of plaster, brick and webbed cane. The webbed cane panels above the curved counter give the space a finished look. Warm, textured grey plaster for the walls complements the concrete countertop, which sits atop a brick-clad counter.

Simple, pendant lamps in a bronzed metallic finish, are suspended at regular intervals to provide additional lighting for the table tops. They add an industrial touch to the supermarket design, with their functional, unadorned look.

The play between different materials and the contrasting colors of the materials used add visual appeal and warmth to this space.

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The drinks corner is located adjacent to a curtained arch that leads to the washing area. Funky and charming, like the rest of the LIV supermarket design, the wash area is designed with a pale blue, modern rectangular washbasin that reflects the subtle blue hints of tile in the terrazzo flooring. Grey textured plaster walls carry through from the bakery area, adding character to the washroom and providing continuity in design.

A curved mirror adds a retro touch to this charming washing area.

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The kid’s section lies in between the two main circulation aisles, displaying their range of organic products on simple wood and metal shelves. These are easily visible and accessible to shoppers, making it more convenient to shop.

The store is brightly lit, relying on a combination of natural light, augmented by bright, diffused lighting. The lighting fixtures are minimalist and modern, utilizing a combination of track lighting for focused lights and LED lighting for ambient light. Neon signs call out the different zones in the supermarket, aiding ease of movement around the store.

Rectangular frames with LED lights are suspended from the ceiling, creating a modern array of pendant lamps.
Porcelain tiles, in a natural wood finish, are used as flooring in the aisles, while terrazzo flooring distinguishes the display areas.

The ceiling tiled pattern was retained for cost effectiveness; however, the tiles were changed to a neutral beige color to enhance the natural décor.

In keeping with the organic vibe of the LIV supermarket design, a plethora of plants adorn the tops of shelves and displays, bringing nature into the store.

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As you walk along the kid’s aisles, the cosmetics and health section is segregated into a self-contained section with displays as well as counters for testing products and make-up.

The displays are contained along the periphery, with counters at the forefront of the display shelves. Webbed cane panels atop the shelves serve as accent vertical panels and are a part of the innovative organic décor. Counters are creatively designed to include round, plastered columns that hold plants or support neat, oblong shaped mirrors in arched frames.

The display of products is neat and tidy, arranged in a rectilinear array along the shelves. Ample space is provided between the displays and the counters to encourage buyers to try before buying.

Retro pendant lamps are suspended from the ceiling to provide additional light for the counters.

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A neat rectangular array of wooden shelving is used to display fresh fruit and vegetables in the organic produce section located across the aisle from the cosmetics section.

A large, overhead frame with curved corners, constructed from webbed cane panels, holds the neon display sign and creates an attractive awning element above the fruit and vegetable displays. Rounded display corners are clad in red brick that naturally transition to wood along the length of the displays. The combination of reclaimed natural wood and brick adds to the rustic charm of the LIV supermarket design and also reinforces the eco-friendly values of the brand.

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Located against the wall, behind the refregerated foods, the milk and cheese section houses the organic dairy products in neat shelving displays with metal arched frames. The introduction of the arched frames softens the orthogonal lines of the displays and also frames the neon sign that directs customers to this zone.

Tall, clearstorey windows allow in natural light, while leaving the wall space below for shelving displays.

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Low circular, brick-clad counters serve as planters as well as free-standing displays for products in the foods and goods section behind the fruit and vegetable displays. These free-standing displays draw attention to the variety of products for sale and also complement the tall floor-to-ceiling brick-clad columns that are an integral part of the LIV supermarket design.

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Occupying the rear width of the supermarket, the meat and deli section is located behind the food and goods area and is accessed through a series of arched portals. The lowered ceiling in this area creates a more intimate shopping environment.

Caned webbing covers the arched part of the portals above the lowered ceiling – the caned webbing houses the neon display signs for the section.

Neat shelves, between the arches, provide ample display for the products. These are visible from the front of the supermarket, down the length of the aisles.

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Adjacent to the bakery and coffee shop, behind the dining tables, a simple plastered staircase leads to the mezzanine level. The textured beige plaster on the staircase wall matches that of the main wall behind, so that the profile of the treads and risers are visible against the wall. The staircase, however, does not stand out and blends into the wall behind.

The LIV supermarket brand is recognized for its commitment to the environment and its mission to make wholesome, healthy and natural products available to member s of the community. The LIV supermarket design acknowledges these values in the use of local and natural materials in its interiors that give the space a warm, earthy and welcoming vibe for customers.

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