French Chocolate Store Design 1

La Ferriere French Chocolate Store Design

Location: Sakaka, Saudi Arabia
Scope of services: Exterior Design, Interior Design, and Decoration
Date: May 2019

The French design style is characterized by sophisticated elegance without over-the-top frills and decoration. It symbolizes discreet luxury minus the stuffiness that sometimes accompanies other ornate design styles.
The La Ferriere French chocolate store design exhibits French design at its best. Bright and fresh pastel colors are accentuated with light gilded ornamentation that beckons to prospective customers. Large glass panels give passersby a peek into the delectable world of chocolate, inviting them to step inside and explore the goods on offer.

French Chocolate Store Design 2
French Chocolate Store Design 3

A pleasing pastel green is used to create an attractive storefront to enhance curb appeal for passing customers. A striped green awning defines the entrance and adds a varied textural element to the front facade. Light decoration (in the form of simple moldings and gilded awning brackets) adds to the store’s charm.
Cream-colored walls and columns adjacent to the storefront keep the color palette light and neutral.

French Chocolate Store Design 4

The interior of the French chocolate store design is as elegant and charming as the façade. Decorated in a pretty shade of pink, the store is warm and welcoming, encouraging customers to stay and explore for a while. Neat, cream-colored cubicles form an organized display grid for a variety of merchandise. The cubicles are open, allowing customers to explore items up close. The open design also ensures that everything is clearly visible and easily accessible.
A light, sky-patterned wallpaper on the ceiling draws the eyes upwards, emphasizing the high ceilings and adding a touch of whimsy to the décor. Natural light filters through the paneled windows, bathing the interior in a soft glow.
A pair of antique-looking gilded crystal chandeliers are a romantic addition to the elegant interior décor.

French Chocolate Store Design 5
French Chocolate Store Design 6

Warm wooden flooring complements the pastel pink walls, which are embellished with simple moldings that are painted to match the color of the walls. Delicate, off-white countertops provide a pleasing creamy palette to balance the feminine pink wall shade and show off the variety of chocolates and pastries on offer.

Detailed base and crown moldings that are painted white add a finishing touch to the interior space. The crown moldings also allow for hidden cove lighting that throws light up onto the ceiling, making the space feel light and airy.

French Chocolate Store Design 7
French Chocolate Store Design 8

There is ample seating provided at the front of the store for customers to enjoy the decadent chocolates and pastries. A simple white counter by the front window accommodates four bar stools with pale blue cushions. Small pockets of seating are provided elsewhere throughout the store to allow customers to taste the chocolates at their leisure. Simple round white tables with acrylic chairs provide cozy seating nooks.
Soft candelabra-style lighting adds a quaint, vintage vibe to the boutique chocolate store. Wall embellishments are kept to a minimum; an occasional floral painting graces an accent wall, adding a pop of bright color to the pale pink shade.
The French chocolate store design exudes a romantic old-world charm, transporting customers into the fascinating world of chocolate. Old and new are subtly paired to create a style that is both contemporary and vintage.

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