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Kim Café – Industrial Coffee House Design

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: October 2018

Cheerful, comfortable, and welcoming, coffee houses are designed to invite customers to sample their artisan coffees while enjoying good conversation. They focus on serving specialty teas and coffees, which are complemented by assorted pastries and a crafted food selection.
Kim’s Coffee House in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is one such industrial design cafe with a warm, relaxing ambience.
Comfortable seating, well-lit interiors, and bright colors are used to encourage customers to stay and enjoy their coffee. The modern industrial vibe is trendy and appeals to the younger generation. It gives the industrial coffee house design a distinct contemporary edge.

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The large, spacious interior is a result of combining two spaces by eliminating the center wall. Separate seating is provided for men and women, as is customary in Islamic cultures. The central service counter serves as a cash counter to both sections of the coffee house.
The earthy color palette is punctuated with pops of bright yellow accents that give the interior a refreshingly energetic vibe. Wood and metal elements combine to give the coffee house a modern industrial flavor.
The warm wood and dark metal tones work well against the graphite gray backdrop. Polished grey calcarean tiles are used for the floors, the grain in the tiles giving the appearance of natural stone. Gray concrete is used for the walls.

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This industrial coffee house design centers around customer conversation and interaction. A large floor-to-ceiling window wall at the front of the space filters light through to the interior. Perforated metal screens also help light to travel through to the rear of the space. The high ceilings magnify the feeling of spaciousness.
Comfortable chairs, sofa seats, and bar stools give customers a variety of seating options.
Exposed air conditioning and electrical ducts enhance the industrial feel. Pendant light fixtures, suspended by chains from the ceiling, further emphasize the mood. The lighting and colors combine to create a dynamic and vibrant industrial coffee house design .
Playful wall art and chalk drawings on the chalkboard create an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

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Hidden storage solutions help keep the coffee house clutter-free. Wood cladding is used to create a boxed enclosure for storing sundry items above the entrance to the washrooms. This fits in seamlessly with the rest of the décor.
The furniture, colors, and lighting fixtures align with the brand graphics of the coffee house design.
The simplicity of the design, use of repeated elements, and creative combination of colors effortlessly combine to draw attention to the retail products: light meals that are a perfect accompaniment to the delicious coffee served.

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The bright and cheery vibe continues through to the restrooms, which are finished in bright yellow tiles. The flooring ties the design together as it continues to the washrooms.
Modern design merged with industrial elements helps to elevate the design of this warm and welcoming coffee house. Repeated elements and materials make the design eye-catching while keeping it functional. The emphasis is on the heart-warming coffee that repeatedly draws customers back to this cozy coffee house.

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