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Iris Boutique Hotel Design – Riyadh

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: April 2019
Client: Jamel Ben Amor, President & Managing Director at IRIS Hotels & Resorts

Hotels rarely feel like home; most world-class hotels offer luxury in the form of convenience and the latest amenities, but that can make them feel intimidating. The warmth that we associate with the comfort of home is hard to incorporate without compromising the feeling of grandeur. This boutique hotel design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, does both: it juxtaposes luxury living with a home-away-from-home vibe by using a neutral color palette and natural materials.

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The reception is splendid. Designed to “wow,” it is furnished with rich materials like marble. A neutral beige color palette is layered with accents of warm gold and gray-blue that are both sensuous and calming. Dark wood furniture complements the gold accents. Beige and gray-blue sofas are comfortable and welcoming for guests. Plants and floral arrangements add a soothing element to the vibrant hotel reception.
Due to budget restraints, the existing ceiling has been maintained but refurbished with flush-mounted spotlights and custom-designed ceiling fixtures.
Area carpets add a softness to the waiting area. It was a challenge for the designers to work with the existing flooring, which has been restored and incorporated into the hotel design.

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The café of this boutique hotel design in Riyadh is as glamorous as the rest of the hotel. A gilded, open partition separates the café from the waiting area. Furnished with wooden tables and plush upholstered chairs, the space is luxurious and inviting. A gray-blue sofa runs the length of the wall, which is decorated with ornate paintings framed by applied moldings. The moldings add elegance to the room.
A blue and beige area rug complements the color palette. The furniture is made out of wood. The designer has deliberately avoided metal and brass finishes, as these can sometimes look ultra-modern and clash with the warmth of the interior spaces.
Reflective surfaces are used to make the space look large and open. A high-gloss, gilded pendant lamp is suspended from the ceiling above the café’s service counter.

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The lobby entrance is bright and airy. The spacious lobby is minimally furnished with an elegant center table, which is adorned with a contemporary flower arrangement. The length of the lobby is emphasized by the rectangular flooring pattern, which is mirrored on the ceiling above.

The ceiling of the lobby is resplendent with a long, gracefully curving chandelier that almost extends the length of the room. The sensuous curves of the chandelier pick up on the curves of the columns and the round table, balancing the axial geometry of the flooring pattern.

Two low benches with gray-blue upholstery add to the magnificence of this space.

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The long corridor leading to the rooms is adorned with paintings featuring gold artwork. The paintings are placed between each set of bedroom doors, creating a pattern that draws the eye along the length of the corridor.

The flooring pattern in the corridor mirrors that of the entrance lobby, unifying the design. The light beige colors used in the corridor make it appear bright and airy by reflecting light from the window at the far end.

Concealed lighting highlights the geometry of the ceiling.

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The bedrooms are designed to be homely and welcoming. The color palette is light, with a subdued shade of blue used for upholstery. The effect is soothing and comforting, just as if you were in your own home. The glamorous gold accents are noticeably absent in an attempt to keep the rooms informal and cozy.
The bedrooms are furnished with functional, traditional furniture that you might find in an upscale home. The lines of the furniture are neat and simple. The rounded edges of the bed, the fabric headboard and the curves of the chairs add a softness to the room. The dark wooden accents create a pleasant contrast with the blue and beige color scheme. Wall-to-wall carpeting adds a touch of luxury to the delightfully cozy bedrooms.
The designers have skillfully used color and materials to blend glamor with warmth and comfort in this boutique hotel design in Riyadh. Light colors and natural materials are used to enhance the glamorous vibe while making guests feel right at home!

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