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Industrial Office Design

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: July 2019

The workplace is rapidly changing as more companies recognize the importance of their most valuable resource: the human resource. Contemporary office design is driven by the need to create spaces that are happy, fun, and engaging for its workforce. These aspects lead to fresh ideas, opportunities for brainstorming, and the highly desirable commodity most innovative companies actively seek: creativity.

This industrial office design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, aims to create just such an office space that is ideal for working and relaxation. Raw, basic materials are juxtaposed with more refined, sleek elements to create an open-plan, flexible workspace that allows for multi-functional use.

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The defining statement in this modern office is the dark ceiling, which is a delightful contrast to the light, polished concrete flooring. Exposed ducts and pipes make a bold statement and are showcased rather than hidden (which is the case with most other design styles).

An array of sleek, rectangular LED lights provides ample focused lighting, while track lights are used for ambient lighting throughout the office space.

The designer has skillfully combined a variety of textures to enhance the industrial modern look. The beauty of raw, unfinished brick is combined with sleek metal and earthy wood finishes to create this dynamic industrial office design. The white-painted brick wall also keeps the history of the building alive.

Wood and metal worktables are placed adjacent to a recreational area where employees can relax in large vinyl swings suspended from the ceiling. Beanbags, colored cushions, and a comfortable window seat make this an ideal space for encouraging creativity and easy conversation.

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Foldable glass dividers are used throughout the office space for sound isolation while still allowing for visual connections.

In the work rooms, dark matte-finished charcoal-gray walls serve as work walls for displaying sketches, ideas, and images. They also provide a counterfoil for the live green walls that provide a connection with nature.

Polished white lacquer tables reflect light from the elaborate pendant light fixture suspended above it and help prevent the space from feeling dark or foreboding.

The polished concrete floors are a common element throughout the industrial office design and help tie the entire space together.

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Similarly, the conference room is set apart from the rest of the space via foldable glass doors, which can be opened to make the room a part of the office space. A modern white table is surrounded by upholstered turquoise conference chairs. The chairs match the directional turquoise lines on the polished concrete flooring, which provide a visual directional guide to different areas of the office.

Natural light from the large floor-to-ceiling windows filters through to the interior, bathing the office in bright light.

A casual meeting space is furnished with two floor beanbags and cushions centered around a modular table that can be taken apart to form several smaller tables. A saying on the brick wall (“First I drink the coffee/Then I do the things”) reflects the fun, casual vibe in the office.

The transparent glass partitions give this innovative office a feeling of spaciousness and openness, while still providing some seclusion for smaller meetings and discussions.

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Fresh, colored accents add a pop of playfulness to this cool industrial office design. The turquoise and pink accent colors perfectly complement the earthy brown and gray palette. These colors are used for accessories and also in the innovative square partition walls that define and segregate the workspaces.

Finally, plants used throughout the space help employees connect with nature, as this is known to be vital to productivity within an office.

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The kitchen is a neatly designed niche with a coffee machine for employees. Light wooden cabinets above an exposed white brick wall contrast with dark, charcoal-gray walls.

A contemporary wood and metal table provides a space where employees can enjoy a relaxing meal.

The juxtaposition of old with new, rough with smooth, and sleek with vintage defines the modern style of this industrial office design, giving it a cutting-edge quality that is conducive to innovative, outside-the-box thinking. The open plan, flexible furniture layout, and use of foldable partitions allows the space to be molded to different uses, making it an inspiring and dynamic workspace.

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