Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 1 - The health-conscious food brand Eighty Twenty Meals' outlet in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, employs its green themed logo with a silver backdrop on the façade of the industrial design healthy restaurant, vividly communicating the brand's concept and the type of meals to be offered, by CAS.

Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of services: Interior Design and Branding
Date: February 2019
Client: Sheraa Food Company

Healthy eating is no longer a fad; with the increase in food-related disorders, it has now become necessary to watch what we eat. However, eating healthy need not be time-consuming and can be accessible to everyone.

‘Eighty Twenty Meals’ is a Saudi Arabian based health-conscious food brand that prides itself on providing quick, healthy, freshly prepared meals to customers who want to eat right.

The brand stresses the importance of nutrition in maintaining health with a balanced approach to eating, unlike diet fads which are often not sustainable. Hence the 80-20 brand symbolizes eating right 80% of the time and allows consumption of fun foods for the other 20%.

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Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 3

The logo represents the brand’s mission and approach to nutrition. The dual shades of green immediately invoke a sense of freshness and the green leaf symbolizes health. The colors were carefully chosen to ensure that the logo can be easily duplicated on branding merchandise and across various business channels.

The choice of a numerical logo was deliberate and aligns with the brand’s future initiative for international expansion; the numbers are easily identifiable in any country. The ability for sustainable international growth is, therefore, not limited by language.

The designers provided the company with a complete branding package, including logo design, colors, typography, pattern and messaging that complement and reinforce the concept and vision of Eighty Twenty Meals.

This unified theme is used for all the branding merchandise, making an instant association with the Eighty Twenty Meals brand.

The logo can be duplicated accurately and easily on all the merchandise including but not limited to stationery, cups, boxes, bags, stickers, and labels. The flexibility of the design allows the logo to be used with or without the accompanying design theme. A strict set of guidelines clearly outlines the method for duplicating the logo and the branding items, keeping in mind the need to maintain the original proportions and colors.

Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 4 - The green themed Eighty Twenty Meals logo of the Saudi based venture, is set on the façade of the industrial design healthy restaurant and easily communicates the brand's identity and the type of meals offered, surrounded with randomly sized glass panels in slim white frames, by CAS.
Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 5 - A minimal sign post of the health-conscious brand Eighty Twenty Meals, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, accentuating the main entrance of the industrial design healthy restaurant and subtly communicating the freshness of the food to be offered, by CAS.

The industrial design healthy restaurant vibe is in keeping with the concept behind the brand; clean, simple and attractive. The entrance features the logo prominently displayed on a glass façade that allows customers a clear, uninterrupted view of the outdoors from inside. The interior has a simple layout, with the kitchen located in the rear.

Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 6 - Floor to ceiling windows allow generous daylight into the industrial design healthy restaurant interior, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, while making the restaurant more accessible and visible to the passers-by, by CAS.

The interior is bright and airy with large floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light. The color palette features grey as its prominent color. Dark grey concrete floors are complemented by textured, silvery-grey walls. The neutral grey provides an elegant backdrop for wooden tables with dark grey plastic chairs.

A plant display on the walls adds a refreshing splash of green, picking up on the colors of the brand’s logo.

Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 7 - The double height space of the industrial design healthy restaurant located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is illuminated by the natural daylight permitted through the floor to ceiling windows, creating a fresh and bright restaurant interior, by CAS.
Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 8 - The grey concrete walls of the industrial design healthy restaurant based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is offset with the large black boards that display brand related mottos and artworks, complemented with the pale green tiled service counter and the industrial pendant lamps, by CAS.

The kitchen has an open design and is separated from the seating area by a pale green, tiled counter. The green is reminiscent of nature and also represents health.

The counter houses a row of bain-maries used for keeping the food fresh and warm. Customers can see the food being prepared behind large glass panels. The brand’s slogan ‘Don’t Start Tomorrow’ is prominently displayed above the kitchen counter, encouraging customers not to procrastinate on their journey to healthy eating.

Customers can choose to stay and eat at the restaurant or order meals for pick up via the restaurant’s POS system, thus allowing people to eat healthy even on the go.

Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 9 - The double height ceiling and expansive windows create an airy and welcoming space for the industrial design healthy restaurant located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the colour palette is neutral dominated with grey and accented with black and green, by CAS
Industrial Design Healthy Restaurant 10 - A slim wooden counter, supported with black metal legs, runs along the window screen on the main façade of the industrial design healthy restaurant, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, creating a decluttered look to the restaurant's interior, by CAS.

Eight-meter high ceilings maintain a feeling of openness, making space feel large and uncluttered. Industrial style light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and provide additional illumination for tables. Green plants are liberally used throughout the interiors, inviting nature into the industrial design healthy restaurant.

The industrial design healthy restaurant is minimalist, simple and inviting, perfectly mirroring the branding, which advocates a no-nonsense, practical and sustainable approach to healthy eating.

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