Industrial Café Design – BAS Café 1 - This intriguing industrial café design in Medina, Saudi Arabia features an artful combination of textures and materials, from the deep blue upholstered seats to the warm wooden table tops and chairs, creating a mellow vibe that accommodates a variety of occasions, by CAS.

Industrial Café Design – BAS Café

Location: Medina, Saudi Arabia
Scope of services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: June 2019

We often associate creative design with high cost because we assume that if something looks good, it must be expensive. The industrial café design for the BAS café in Medina, Saudi Arabia, proves this assumption incorrect. With a distinct industrial vibe, this innovative café design embodies creativity on a budget. The focus is on the inventive combination of everyday materials, resulting in a design that is fresh, original and stylish.

Industrial Café Design – BAS Café 2 - The natural daylight filtered through the metal mesh of this industrial café design in Medina, Saudi Arabia aids in achieving the mellow vibe of the café, with various areas that accommodate mixture of seating types for different occasions, by CAS.
Industrial Café Design – BAS Café 3 - A counter seating area with wooden stools and table top overlooks the ground floor of this laid-back industrial café design in Medina, Saudi Arabia, the mellow vibe is realized by the use of soft, indirect lighting and the deep blue upholstery combined with the neutral gray cinder blocks, by CAS.

A neutral gray background comprises of a cinder block and brick wall finish, which is coupled with textured concrete flooring. Metal mesh screens add to the industrial vibe and are used not just as a means of décor, but to define and separate spaces with different uses.
The upper level is designed for family seating, while the ground floor welcomes patrons who might enjoy working in solitude or want to catch up with friends for a quick cup of coffee.
Family seating varies with a combination of round tables and tables with sofa seating. Families can also opt to sit at the counter that overlooks the ground-floor level.

Industrial Café Design – BAS Café 4 - This stylish industrial café design in Medina, Saudi Arabia features a rich combination of textures and materials that enhances the laid-back and industrial vibe, accented with deep blue upholstered sofas that complement the neutral gray of cinder blocks, by CAS.

The lower level has more tables for two and lounge-style seating with plush upholstered chairs and sofas.
The somber gray background is dressed up with a vibrant blue accent color used to upholster the sofas and lounge seating. Wooden tables and countertops blend well with the gray and blue color scheme. Metal chairs, railings, and mesh screens give this industrial café design an edgy look.

Industrial Café Design – BAS Café 5 - The soft illumination in this industrial café design in Medina, Saudi Arabia is provided by the transparent globe pendant lamps and wall sconces, achieving a laid-back vibe that attracts various users, the gray walls and floors are accented with deep blue upholstery that give the café’s interior a luxurious touch, by CAS.

The layout and flow for people are kept clean and simple; the emphasis is on the use of trendy colors and detailing, which gives the café its smart, stylish look. A subtle hint of gold in the light fixtures and on the logo displayed against the vivid blue wall adds a touch of luxury to the design. The architectural lines of the space and the furniture within it have clean, straight-edged profiles to maintain the contemporary look.
Soft fabrics and textured surfaces counterbalance the sharp lines. The entire café is bathed in natural light that filters in through the double-height store-front windows. The metal mesh screens allow this light to filter through to the interiors of the café.

Industrial Café Design – BAS Café 6 - Deep blue accents bring a lively vibe to the dominating gray tones of this industrial café design in Medina, Saudi Arabia, with the addition of black used in the staircase and metal legs, creating an intriguing café interior by CAS.
Industrial Café Design – BAS Café 7 - A compelling counter greets the patrons of this industrial café in Medina, Saudi Arabia, with a touch of gold that brings a sense of luxury, complemented with the deep blue accent wall and the black counter base, by CAS.

The blue upholstery color is mimicked on an accent wall on the upper level and also on the wall abutting the stairs leading to the family seating area. The textured wall finish complements the sleek metallic finishes of the exposed ventilation pipes and shafts that form a network across the dark ceiling.
Bright and airy, this industrial café design exudes a vibrancy and energy that draws patrons to its doors. Blending materials, finishes, and colors seamlessly to create a unique interior décor, the BAS café proves that vision and style can be executed on a budget without compromising on aesthetics or luxury.

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