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Hujra Contemporary Arabic Hotel Interior Design

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: February 2020

In the Middle East region, hospitality is at the core of the culture and the Islamic religion. A host honors their guest with the utmost comfort and makes them feel welcome and relaxed. Pairing this hospitality with the luxurious opulence that many Gulf countries are known for results in spaces that offer exciting contrasts in concepts: opulence teamed with simplicity, and the warmth of home with the ultimate in luxury.

At the Hujra Hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the extraordinary contemporary Arabic hotel interior design encompasses all of these elements: elegant classic design is juxtaposed with modern clarity in a contemporary interpretation of the classic mid-Century style of the 1950s.

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The main reception lobby is designed to captivate guests from the moment they enter, leading them through a sensual space that engages all the senses. Designed with impressively high ceilings, the high-end design is complemented by meticulous detailing, giving the space a refined, finished look.

The color palette of browns and golds paired with deep turquoise accessories is brimming with vitality. A variety of rich textures, custom-designed lighting, and the generous use of gold accents gives the main reception an opulent vibe. Dark tones of brown on the walls, which are inlaid with strips of gold, impart a feeling of formal reserve.

The lines of gold inlay continue through to the flooring, reflecting the gold in the furniture accents, geometric screens, and lighting fixtures. Surrounded by these lavish gold accents, guests are enveloped by an unmistakable aura of magnificent splendor.

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The crowning glory of the main reception area is its awe-inspiring, custom-made light fixture. In signature mid-century modern style, this bespoke fixture is a form of artwork that explores the juxtaposition of unlikely materials.

It comprises a series of sleek gold rods sheathed in a grand, perforated metal maze and finished in gold. Occupying the open central lobby space, this fixture brings the ceiling to life and serves as a magnificent focal point.

The tall ceiling magnifies the scale and grandeur of the lobby, drawing attention to the large-scale walls and screens.

The lighting is designed for three settings: daytime lighting, nighttime lighting and special lighting that enhances the level of illumination in the lobby.

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The grand lobby space is furnished with smaller seating nooks designed to make guests comfortable while they are waiting. The seating corners are made more intimate by dropping the ceilings above these spaces, thereby reducing the ceiling height. They are divided by exquisitely crafted geometric screens that are finished in gold.

Each seating nook is set against imposing walls treated either with floor-to-ceiling artwork or slender gold columns designed to enhance the ambience.

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The bathrooms are designed with the same attention to detail and level of splendor as the lobby.

Light marble-veined walls with gold inlays serve to emphasize a delicately crafted geometric screen that adorns a dead wall adjacent to the wash basin.

The fixtures are a simple white color with clean, orthogonal profiles complemented by gentle curves.

The design is clean and simple; the main contrast is provided by the black and white geometrically shaped flooring tiles in the toilet.

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The ground floor design also encompasses a large rear lobby with convenient access to essential service areas such as the baggage room and the Billman’s desk.

Like the rest of the hotel entrance, the reception area is defined by its gracious style. Three reception desks, finished in a slatted marble-like tile surrounded with a brass-finished top and base, are emphasized by the incredible, custom-designed ceiling fixture above.

Intricate gold screens with fine geometric detailing serve as a backdrop to the reception area and also conceal access to the front office manager’s room and the safe deposit box room.

Several seating nooks are provided for waiting guests, who can also opt to enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting. Sculptural palms and plants soothe the eye and bring in a hint of nature; they also complement the deep green hues of the upholstery on the chairs and cushions.

A decorative geometric screen, similar to the vertical screens behind the reception desks, is inlaid into the ceiling and backlit for a splendid effect above the coffee tables.

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The rear entrance to the ground floor space from the swimming pool side is as grand and luxurious as the front entrance.

Guests are greeted by the sight of an impressive, custom-designed ceiling fixture, which comprises three cylinders made from a gold mesh edged with glossy gold rings. This is reminiscent of the sophisticated light fixture design at the front lobby and shows the careful detailing in the use of materials and colors that is used to tie together the design of this vast ground floor lobby.

Warm tones of brown and gold paired with warm, diffused lighting creates an ambience of comfort and splendor. This is emphasized by the tall ceiling heights and the use of marble-veined tiles to subtly define different zones and also add variety and style to the large expanse of flooring.

This modern interpretation of classic mid-50s design is artfully executed in the ground floor grand lobbies of this contemporary Arabic hotel interior design to create a space that is indisputably bold and luxurious but also welcoming.

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Light travertine marble for the floors and columns adds depth to the compact gym. The small rectangular gym space has a double-height ceiling that draws the eye upwards and visually lengthens the space. A series of large gold-framed mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of added space. Large windows overlooking the pool area bathe the interior in natural light, creating a bright, energetic vibe that is ideal for working out.

The changing rooms and shower area maintain the light-colored walls and flooring and are paired with white fixtures to keep the design simple and effective. A rose-tinted glass shower door matches the rest of the décor perfectly, adding in a subtle hint of color.

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The swimming pool is designed as a tropical oasis with a resort-like vibe.

Lush large-leafed tropical plants are set against a backdrop of heavily textured, sandstone-clad walls that enclose the pool area, creating a dramatic effect.

A quaint bar set in the corner introduces art-deco style black and white tiles for the bar counter. The contrasting colors of the tiles and the sandstone cladding create a bold, vibrant effect that is countered by the placid blue of the swimming pool.

The flooring around the pool consists of light-colored, slender rectangular tiles with a textured grey coping tile that does not clash with the surrounding bold colors.

The result is a space that inspires energy and fun yet is the perfect relaxation spot to soak up some sun while sipping on a cool concoction.

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The mezzanine level has the look and feel of an old British gentleman’s club. It is typical of the mid-century modern look, which does not shy away from experimenting with bold, unexpected color combinations.

The space is designed as a business-cum-leisure lounge with a meeting room with accompanying business service areas for printers and scanners and a photocopy machine, as well as lounge seating with a library corner.

Dark colors define the lounge and work areas, giving them a regal appearance. The combination of wooden floors, a dark coffered ceiling and dark paneled walls creates a cocooning effect that is conducive to mixing work with pleasure.

Distressed dark brick walls with wood paneling are juxtaposed with deep green paneled walls to create a sophisticated vintage look that oozes intrigue and style. This is further enhanced by the cigar counter that leans against a column clad with a distressed leather finish.

Luxurious leather sofas add to the old-world charm. Golden yellow upholstery paired with hues of burnt orange act as a counterfoil to the dark surfaces, adding an element of cheer to the lounge.

Vintage industrial style lighting mounted on the walls provides the perfect complement to the formal décor, emitting a soft, warm light that enhances the play on textures and colors.

The arched windows add feminine curves to the otherwise masculine room, giving it a soft touch by balancing the hard edges.

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The library is tucked into a corner, enveloped by a rich but muted palette that exemplifies the style. Tall, leather-upholstered chairs with tufted seats are grounded on a light carpet set against a backdrop of book-lined shelves. The classic silhouettes of the solid furniture create a time worn effect that transports you back to the era of old, formal British colonial spaces.

A simple desk in a silvery-gray finish serves as a printing, copying, and scanning station. It sits right next to a rich, red-orange, fabric-clad column with a delicate leaf-like motif. This motif is replicated on the woven carpet that lines the flooring of the elaborate bar area.

Lighting is kept simple and minimal, bright enough to provide adequate illumination yet soft and warm to maintain the cozy vibe.

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The bar at the rear of the room spans almost the entire width of the room and is brilliantly lit to highlight the display of bottles and glasses.

The highly polished surfaces of the bar area provide a subtle contrast to the surrounding matte finishes. The long bar counter is covered with light leather for a stylish, sophisticated look and is accessorized with vintage, dome-shaped lamps.

Stylish dark bar stools with fine beading and detailing line the counter, which is decorated with decanters and crystal glasses. An undercounter service top is detailed with all the bells and whistles needed to service guests seated at the bar.

Bold accessories (such as the exquisite, oversized round mirror on the wall before the bar counter) add a multilayered look to the space.

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The meeting room is tastefully decorated with a lustrous dark blue wallpaper that perfectly complements the rich wooden surfaces.

The room is simply furnished with a long, dark wooden table surrounded by gently curving dinner chairs with a textured cream-yellow upholstery. This simple detail immediately brightens up the room, acting as a counterfoil to the dark surrounds.

Bright lighting helps illuminate the meeting room, drawing attention to the carefully chosen accessories that serve to heighten the décor. A large round mirror mounted on the far wall reflects the Moorish pendant lamps that hang delicately from the ceiling.

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The contemporary Arabic hotel interior design accommodates all kinds of clientele, from families to couples to corporate guests, for varied lengths of stay.

There are two types of rooms: family two-bedroom suites and single room suites. The décor for both is similar to standardize the look of the rooms for guests and to make for a more economical design.

The rooms are designed with a classy, understated look that boasts clean lines and minimal ornamentation.

A predominantly white color palette for the living room of the two-bedroom family suite is brought to life with teal accents that add a playfulness and vibrancy to the room. An eclectic selection of accessories emphasizes this vibe. Stylish, striped wallpaper complements the plush rug that brings the seating arrangement together.

The ceiling is painted the same shade of teal as the lounge sofa. Gold accessories add a smattering of luxury to the classic rooms. A large, round, gilded mirror picks up on the soft silhouettes of the classic armchair, floor lamp, and coffee table; these all work to pull the design together, giving the living room a refined, finished look.

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Teal accents combined with burgundy chairs and cushions create a sense of drama in the master bedroom. A teal-colored rug under the luxe double bed grounds the room, while two comfortable armchairs create a cozy seating arrangement.

The wall behind the bed is clad with wood and topped with smooth, rich teal on the upper half to create a visually interesting backdrop.

The design experiments with different materials and colors brought together to create a modern, comfortable space. Contrast is creatively used; gray drapes offset the white walls while light, tiled flooring offsets the teal-colored ceiling.

Artwork is used sparingly, but effectively. A large, round, wall-mounted art piece makes for an interesting focal point and picks up on the gold-finished lighting accessories.

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The guest bedroom is identically furnished with teal and burgundy accents to maintain continuity of design.

The only difference is in the use of two single beds rather than a double. Again, artwork is minimally used; however, the single square painting adds visual interest to the prominent teal wall.

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The bathroom and kitchen are elegant and simply designed. The compact kitchen is seamless in its design, with the flooring material continuing up the walls to create a cohesive look.

Dark gray cabinets in the kitchen complement the light tiled walls and flooring. A single row of upper cabinets is finished with translucent glass and lit from within for a modern look.

A lone, copper-finished pendant lamp finishes the look.

In the bathroom, navy blue accents add a pop of color to the light-colored flooring and walls. The blue vanity, topped by a beige tile, picks up on the two-toned blue glass door of the adjacent shower stall.

Accessories are simple but eye-catching. A large, metal-finished mirror counters the surrounding matte finishes and is complemented by a Moroccan-style pendant lamp.

Simply designed, both spaces are warm and inviting for their occupants.

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The single-bedroom suites follow the same concept of design: simplicity combined with subtle luxury.

Light-colored flooring and walls are highlighted by blue-gray accent walls and accessories. Gray accents enhance the earthy palette, which is peppered with taupe accents. The room surprises guests with unexpected delights, such as the pair of wire-framed coffee tables topped with a marble slab.

The gold screens behind the lounge sofa liven up the wall and make an interesting backdrop for the seating area. The soft blue rug ties the design together.

As in the two-bedroom suites, gray accents are used to complement the blue and beige color scheme. A plush, gray-upholstered armchair rests against a gray-paneled cupboard with a gilded frame. Gray cabinets in the kitchen contrast with the light flooring and walls.

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The banquet hall is designed to host meetings, training sessions for staff, or corporate events.

The large room can be divided into two by foldable partitions for smaller gatherings. The furniture layout is flexible and can be changed around for different events.

Organizers can choose between rectangular and round tables for their events.

The décor is suave and business-like, using a gray and white color scheme.

The mid-century modern design of this contemporary Arabic hotel interior design is punctuated by bold explorations in color and texture that is tempered by neutral base colors. Although the underlying design theme of the hotel stays the same, each space has its own flavor. Accessories are used thoughtfully to liven up each room. Contrasting concepts of opulence and simplicity and luxury and warmth are seamlessly integrated to create a beautifully curated interior design.

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