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Hanoverian Luxury Neoclassical Café Interior Design

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design
Date: May 2020

Classical design transcends trendy fashion and is considered timeless. It might be infused with different elements over time, but the essential features typically remain unchanged. Neoclassical design is one such modern interpretation of classical design. Elegant and sophisticated, it is imbued with richness but lacks the opulence of some of the more ornate styles of bygone eras.

In this luxury Neoclassical café interior design, the inspiration is derived from the traditions of the Hanoverian horse, which originated in Germany and is recognized today as one of the most prominent breeds of riding horses in the world.

Two huge white horse statues greet visitors at the entrance to the café, which are symbolic of the Hanoverian brand and immediately inspire wonder and awe. They also set a more formal expectation for the décor of the interior space.

Spanning two levels, the public areas for service and display are on the ground floor, while the kitchen is on the mezzanine floor.

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The color palette is generally mild, composed of white and beige hues. Deep red, blue, and gold accents add intentional splashes of vibrant color that highlight the neutral palette.

The key to the beauty and elegance of this interior space lies in the careful balance between its deliberate proportions, clean lines, and pure geometry. The spacious, open plan with its double-height ceiling is enhanced by tall ornate columns and classically ornate wall panels with their intricate moldings. The space is orthogonal and the circulation clean and simple; this highly organized layout serves to further emphasize the decorative elements that elevate this luxury Neoclassical café interior design.

Contemporary dining chairs and tables are segregated by sleek floor-to-ceiling partitions comprising tall, slender, gilded metal slats.

Luxurious accessories impart an element of grandeur: tall gilded mirrors, decorative fireplaces, and elegant glass chandeliers are clear Neoclassical influences that visually enhance the interior space and serve its formal tone well.

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The furniture is modern contemporary with straight lines and gentle curves in a combination of burgundy and deep-brown upholstery that complements the dark flooring and highlights the neutral colors of the walls and ceiling.

A myriad of textures adds visual weight to counterbalance the exaggerated ceiling height. Velvet upholstery adds glamor and comfort to the dining sets positioned atop plush carpets that ground the design. These carpets are juxtaposed with warm wooden flooring that adds an old-world charm to this splendid interior space.

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Located at the end of the café under the mezzanine level is the purchase and billing counter, which is finished in white marble with gilded vertical inlays. A series of rounded arches with textured mirrored backings display the beverages on sale.

The lighting is modern, using LED light fixtures with sleek, tubular profiles for both ceiling-mounted pendants as well as wall-mounted lighting. While decorative pendant lamps are prevalent in the open spaces, soft, glowing LED perimeter lights add a sense of drama to the space. Light-colored, reflective surfaces cast light through to the interiors, ensuring the space appears brightly lit, open, and airy.

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As we often see in the Neoclassical style, the design gravitates to symmetry and the presence of a focal centerpiece around which the interior is built. In this Hanoverian luxury Neoclassical café interior design, that grounding element is a grand central circular bar, fashioned in glass and marble and emphasized by a classic crystal chandelier that gracefully descends from the double-height ceiling. The bar serves as a striking service counter as well as an abundant display for the products and consumables on offer.

Large, pyramidal ceiling lamps enhance the glamor quotient of this striking focal point.

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Along the walls above the dining seating, crisp, modern storage solutions interrupt the highly ornate backdrop, adding an element of the unexpected. Open wooden modular storage grids hold neatly organized displays of merchandise and extend up to the ceiling to emphasize the grand proportions of the space.

This balanced juxtaposition of old and new elements is a well-known feature of Neoclassical design.

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Leading to the mezzanine level is a crisp, white staircase with an ornate wrought-iron railing that is reminiscent of old stately homes. The sharp profile of the steps coupled with the intricate detailing on the railing adds a generous measure of elegance to this stairway.

Classical white walls with decorative molding highlight the space below the stairway, which is used as a cozy seating nook. A sensually curved sofa seat upholstered in decadent burgundy velvet stuns visitors with its sharp contrast to the stark white walls. It grounds this charming corner, giving it great character and personality.

A gracefully curving crystal chandelier suspended in the center of the stairway completes the look.

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The bathrooms are modern and elegant, combining white and black-veined marble walls with sleek, lacquered black wall panels for sharp contrast.

The fittings are dominated by pure geometrical forms; two cylindrical wash basins break through a rectangular marbled countertop set against the backdrop of a large gilded mirror that spans the width of the bathroom.

Diffused lighting from concealed light sources combines with a pair of glass-and-gold globular lights to create soft, warm lighting that highlights the contrasting colors and textures in this sophisticated bathroom.

Classical design elements are infused with modern touches in this luxury Neoclassical café interior design creating a space that is visually striking, luxurious, and welcoming for visitors and clients.

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