1-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia  
Scope of services: Branding Design and Interior Design
Date: June 2019

The Dr. Coffee brand was born from one man’s dedication to his true passion –— his love for coffee. Inspired by his travels around the world, our client stood by his dream of brewing an exceptional, multicultural blend of coffee in his home town of Makkah.
An exceptional blend needs the perfect ambience to enable people to experience the subtle art of coffee making. This modern coffee shop design provides that ambience with its warm, friendly, and inviting décor.

2-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design-Branding

The branding was designed to show the philosophy behind Dr. Coffee. Simplicity combined with sophistication characterize the brand.
The high-quality textured paper used for the stationery is chic without being fussy; it has crisp edges with blue letters to reflect the brown and green colors of the brand. Although simple, the card feels luxurious.
The logo was designed to embody the client’s core belief in the evolving science of brewing an exquisite cup of coffee. It resembles equipment you would find in a science lab, emphasizing the innovative techniques used in creating every drop of a perfect cup of coffee.
The scientific symbols are also used on other brand products, such as the dessert takeaway bags and the aprons worn by the staff at the coffee shop.
The entire brand package is knit together by the emphasis on sustainable production. Plastic is kept to a minimum, and all the paper packaging is recyclable.

3-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
4-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

Catering to connoisseurs of coffee and those who share a passion for the ultimate blend, the modern coffee shop design is warm and welcoming to all. The bright natural light and the inclusion of indoor plants provides an immediate connection to the outdoors. This sets an upbeat vibe for those who visit the shop.
The coffee shop is designed on two levels:- the ground level provides seating with tables for two or four people, and the more intimate mezzanine level offers plush private rooms for larger groups of people. Each room can seat up to eight people.
The color palette is bright and refreshing , – predominantly white with warm wooden and green accents. Green-ribbed cladding highlights the mezzanine level, which is accessed by a pristine, white open design staircase.

5-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
6-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

Light wooden furniture reinforces the natural colors used in the modern coffee shop design. These are complemented by an abundance of fresh green plants that brighten up the space. Low, golden-colored fluted partitions separate the tables.
The backdrop of white tile-clad walls, with marble veining, adds to the feeling of airy openness. The warm brown concrete flooring ties the ground-floor design together, bringing warmth to the space by balancing the bright white of the walls.

7-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
8-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

The space under the stairs leading to the mezzanine is creatively utilized as a showcase for the products and process of making coffee.
The white bar counter is made from marble and clad with fluted tiles. LED lights concealed under the counter cast a bright glow on the cladded surface. A modern, tubular fixture illuminates the counter from above. Chic metal bar stools invite guests observe the baristas brewing the variety of coffee blends on offer.
Shelves are built into the marble- clad wall under the staircase. This space also houses the coffee roasting machine, which is the heart of the brewing process.
The white wall cladding provides a pristine backdrop for the variety of packaged coffee beans and the state-of-the-art equipment on display.
The clean lines and clear organization of space reinforces the contemporary vibe of this modern coffee shop design.
The atmosphere is relaxed; anyone who is interested in learning more about coffee is welcome to observe the baristas at work.

9-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
10-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

The light fixtures used above the tables and the bar counter have a modern, industrial feel. The gold-plated fixtures match the other gold accents, such as the dividers. They also complement the wooden furniture, bringing a touch of luxury to the modern coffee shop design.

11-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
12-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

Fluted wall cladding with a mirrored band running across the center, screens the tables that are near the service areas. The mirrored band reflects light, making this windowless wall appear weightless. The fluted wall continues to form a passage way to the toilet and kitchen areas, thus hiding the entrances from sight.
The low partitions that divide the tables allow plenty of light through to the interiors, resulting in a bright and well-lit area despite the lack of windows.

13-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

The fun and fresh vibe continues into the service areas. White-fluted tiles clad the walls from floor to ceiling in the bathrooms. These are juxtaposed with pastel green walls, creating a pleasing contrast. Modern fixtures , with stainless steel finishes, complete the look.

14-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
2-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
15-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
16-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
17-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
18-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

The ambience on the mezzanine level is more intimate, with a luxurious feel to it. White- fluted walls are broken by a mirrored band, which reflects the plush finishes.
The white walls form a contrasting backdrop to the dark upholstered sofa seats and plush velvet chair upholstery. The atmosphere on the mezzanine level is cozy and private, making guests feel special.
Slender, golden conical lamps hang gracefully from the ceiling, lighting the tables.
The brown and green accents continue up to this level, making for a homogenous design.
At the far end, textured wooden doors lead to the private rooms.

19-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design
20-Dr. Coffee Modern Coffee Shop Design

The rooms are designed with the sole purpose of providing comfort and luxury for users. Darker in appearance and more sophisticated, the design serves to create an atmosphere of privilege for those who use these private rooms.
The furniture is beautifully crafted, with elegant lines, just like the smooth, rich flavors of the coffee served here. Set against the backdrop of large leaf motifs in a dark tan shade, one’s senses are heightened in readiness for the taste of an exquisite coffee blend.
Gold-plated domed light fixtures add to the designer look.
Carefully chosen materials and colors are used to subtly create zones in this modern design coffee shop. The repeated color palette of brown and green carries throughout the interiors to create a bright, airy décor that is inviting and hints at luxury. The modern vibe is clean and precise, without feeling stark.

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