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Contemporary Luxury Apartment Design

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: April 2020

Contemporary design style is hard to define because it is inspired by what is popular at that moment. Hence, it follows that contemporary design might be influenced by elements taken from a variety of design styles.

Modern contemporary spaces are characterized by strong lines (curved or straight), simplicity in design, and conscious use of textures and colors to offset the austerity attributed to modern design.

In this contemporary luxury apartment design located in Qurtubah in Riyadh, the emphasis is on creating spaces that are nurturing, restful, warm, and inviting. The chosen furniture pieces, color palette, material choices, and accessories all come together to create spaces that are luxurious, yet also look and feel lived in. The emphasis is on the space rather than individual elements within it.

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The entrance foyer creates a defining first impression with its simple style, bold contrasts, and sleek, highly reflective surfaces. Simple lines, minimal clutter, and clean detailing in this entry way identify the no-fuss approach to design. The less-is-more mantra is well applied in this space.

Mirrored surfaces reflect light, while clean lines draw the eye to the far extents of the room. The furniture pieces are minimal but effective in conveying a feeling of understated luxury.

Spaces are wide and well connected to each other.

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A doorway from the entrance foyer leads to the elegant dining room. An earthy color palette of taupe, white, and gray, with gold accents, lends this space an easy sophistication.

The trendy marble-topped dining table takes centerstage and is surrounded by equally elegant chairs designed using a complexity of modern materials. The velvet, tufted upholstery is supported on a lacquered wooden frame atop brass legs—very modern and very comfortable in look and feel.

A monolithic marble wall is reflected in a mirrored wall on the opposite end, eliminating the need for unnecessary wall embellishments. The simplicity of the materials creates a strong visual impact.

A sleek minimalistic pendant lamp complements the simple ceiling design and completes the look of this sophisticated dining area.

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Accessed through the dining area, the refined living room design in this contemporary luxury apartment design reflects balance and harmony through the use of curated furniture pieces, unique space planning, and complementing colors.

Strict geometric lines work seamlessly to establish order, which is evident in this space. Opposing walls are lined with semi-open displays finished in a combination of wood and translucent glass. Concealed lighting illuminates the displays, casting a soft warm glow. A monolithic marble slab accommodates an electric fire at the base of the unit that houses the television set.

Yet, the plush upholstery, the warm rug, and the heavy drapery are perfect counterfoils to the sleek, polished surfaces that are prevalent in the room. They follow geometric lines but add a richness and softness to this comfortably furnished room.

There is no single focal point in the room. Equal weightage is given to the different elements, drawing the eye seamlessly around the room.

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Directly accessible from the entrance foyer, the men’s majlis boasts an urbane design with comfortable chaize lounge sofas and chairs upholstered in a deep-blue and taupe fabric upholstery. The deep blue complements the taupe accents perfectly for a worldly vibe.

A beautiful veined marble slab flanked by slim mirrored panels on the far wall makes a bold statement. Gold accents feature prominently in the majlis to add a feeling of luxury to the room. The gilded base of the table lamps, the gilded frame of the center tables, the suspended ceiling pendant, and the gilded frame around the wall-mounted artwork all contribute to a vibe of opulence.

Soft taupe-colored textured rugs ground the room and tie the furniture elements together.

The layout is open and spacious; the straight lines of the wall and ceiling reinforce the contemporary lines of this elegantly designed majlis.

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Facing the living room, the open kitchen and breakfast area follow the balanced harmonious vibe of the living space.

As this large, spacious area enjoys an open layout, the designers were careful to use similar colors and finishes to tie the design together.

Seamless taupe cabinets on the top and bottom are separated by a smooth, gray, marble backsplash. These are juxtaposed with floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinets with built-in appliances. Notice the lack of any visible hardware for an ultra-modern look.

As is the case with the living space, geometric forms dominate the open kitchen design in this contemporary luxury apartment design. The breakfast table is a custom-designed circular marble top and cylindrical base combined with bronze-finish metal accents. A simple, inverted L-shaped marble slab forms a functional breakfast counter for a quick meal.

Soft peach-pink fluted fabric for the exterior of the dining chairs adds a subtle pop of color to the earthy tones of the kitchen design.

A round gray rug grounds the furniture elements; the circular shape of the rug is reflected in the globular ceiling pendant lamp that illuminates the breakfast table.

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A corridor from the living room area leads to the bedrooms; the master bedroom occupies one entire corner of the floor plan while the two more bedrooms occupy the other half.

Suave, sophisticated, and contemporary, the earthy color palette of the master bedroom comprises of white and beige punctuated with dark-gray contrasts.

The bed is a floating platform supported on a slender chrome frame. The bed arrangement is tucked into a niche in the room, the rear wall of which is designed as a composition of horizontal wooden panels with dark strips for visual appeal. Two dark marbled panels flank the central wooden panel. This modern composition of materials acts as a form of artwork, bringing the rear wall into focus.

A pair of plush armchairs with ergonomic curved profiles upholstered in a dark-gray fabric form a charming seating nook. The center table is a geometric composition of a circular glass top supported on a gilded conical base.

A polished white, inverted L-shaped table supported on a sleek metal base forms the dressing table set against a large mirrored wall.

The light fixtures are luminescent globes supported in slender metal frames, matching the design of the furniture pieces.

The walls are painted a light shade of taupe and are kept free from embellishments to maintain a clean, contemporary look. The door leading to the bedroom is also painted in the same shade to maintain a seamless look.

Large-format marble tiles on the floor add to the modern vibe. A window wall covered with sheer curtains allows filtered natural light into the room.

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The walk-in-closet is separated from the main bedroom area by a metal-rimmed partition in white and gold. The closets are concealed behind floor-to-ceiling, glossy black lacquered panels. The access to the master bathroom is adjacent to the master closet.

The layout of the master bath is simple and functional. Gray marble tiles complement the white-and gold-flecked wall tiles that clad the walls from floor to ceiling.

White fixtures with geometric profiles bring a freshness to the master bath. The vanity is a white slab with flush-mounted wash basins. A classic oval-shaped bathtub graces the corner of the shower area, partitioned by dark-framed clear glass partitions.

A dark brown panel along the ceiling follows the periphery of the bathroom, giving the space a finished look.

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On the other side of the corridor leading in from the living space, the children’s room introduces a hint of playfulness within the framework of a modern contemporary look.

Light wood flooring in a herringbone pattern adds a crispness to this bright room. It complements the solid gray walls, which are minimally adorned by two framed pieces of playful art.

Two single beds are set against a charming painted backdrop of fading mountains, using shades of gray that match the décor. The base of this rear wall is fashioned in upholstered soft-gray fabric with a picket-fence profile that forms the headboard for the two beds.

Three sleek floor-to-ceiling white lacquered panels hide the cupboard, which is flanked by a full-length mirror on one side and a simple work table and chair on the other.

A lovely, circular-patterned rug in shades of brown and beige ties the entire design together.

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Next to the children’s room is a bedroom more befitting a teenager. Maintaining the vibe of the rest of the modern contemporary apartment design, deep-blue accents add a sophisticated touch to this bedroom space.

The bed is a white rectangular platform supported on slender chrome legs. The blue velvet-upholstered headboard picks up on the deep-blue textured rug that grounds the bed. Vertical panels flanked by dark marble panels make up the rear wall. Two pairs of slender globes are supported within diamond-shaped metal cages to form the light fixtures.

A simple wooden table on a black metal base makes for a purposeful workspace. Framed paintings are the only adornment on a solid taupe-colored wall.

White glossy lacquered panels conceal the wardrobe and also form the bedside tables on either side of the bed.

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Both bedrooms share a common bathroom that is finished with luxurious large-format marble tiles on the floors and walls.

Two whitewash basins are mounted atop a sleek white vanity backed by a large framed rectangular mirror that extends up to the ceiling. These are located outside the main bathroom so that children can use them even if the bathroom is occupied.

The change in tiles signals the change in function of spaces within the bathroom. Dark-gray floor tiles and a dark-gray wall form the backdrop for a white wall-mounted toilet, which is next to the shower cubicle. The dark flooring transitions to white marble in the shower area.

A clear glass panel separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

As is evident in this contemporary luxury apartment design, gracious space planning, organized layouts, bold color contrasts, and luxurious materials give this unique home a distinct modern contemporary vibe that is both welcoming and inspiring.

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