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Chillax Industrial Luxury Café

Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Branding
Date: September 2019

Interior design is an interpretation of space, and at CAS we enjoy the process of experimenting with different styles to create fresh new looks that transform interior spaces.

The Chillax Café in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is a result of merging two very different styles. Luxurious elements add style to an industrial vibe, creating an industrial luxury café interior that is bright, bold, and beautiful.

The color palette is sophisticated and chic, combining white and gold for a vibrant interior space that is bursting with energy. Green accents add a freshness to the space, making it come alive.

Chillax Industrial Luxury Café-2
Chillax Industrial Luxury Café-3

Exposed vents and pipes on the ceiling are painted white to increase the perception of height and make the space look open and airy. The café’s light-colored walls and flooring enhance the impression of openness.

Plants are used generously to add vigor to the interior space, which are complemented by deep green upholstery on the seating. A live green wall interspersed with white wall cladding makes for an interesting focal point, keeping with the décor of the industrial luxury café.

Large window walls bathe the interior with natural light. The windows are fitted with blinds (which are imprinted with the logo) to mitigate the harsh Saudi heat. In cool winters, the blinds can stay up; during hot summer months, the blinds can be pulled down without affecting the bright, open look of the interior.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving is artfully designed to serve the dual purpose of displaying merchandise as well as partitioning family seating from the singles seating area. Fitted in a light wood with gold-framed dividers, the colors enhance the use of gold accents in the interiors. They draw attention to the geometrical design of the gold-plated partitions and the reflected geometric patterns created by gold inlays in the walls.

The lighting is simple and classy. White globes are suspended on gold frames that hang gracefully from the ceiling, echoing the color palette of the interior.

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Chillax Industrial Luxury Café-5

The coffee counter design mirrors the vibe of the luxurious industrial interior. Gold inlays in the white counter cladding create geometric patterns that are reflected in the linear design of the suspended glass shelving above. The glass is set into gold frames that provide an elegant display for merchandise.

Trailing plants soften the straight lines of the display and pick up on the green upholstery of the bar stools. The countertop is illuminated by LED light rods, which artfully match the design of the other lighting.

Chillax Industrial Luxury Café-6
Chillax Industrial Luxury Café-7

The bathrooms are designed with a clean, modern vibe, using the white and gold color palette that is found throughout the café. Gold framework for the doors and mirrors and gold piping on the undercounter cabinets add a sophisticated elegance to the tastefully finished bathroom interiors.

White walls are covered with marble-veined cladding that contrasts with the dark flooring. Gold flecks in the flooring pick up on other gold accents in the bathroom.

The juxtasposition of luxurious elements within an industrial design layout create an industrial luxury café that is attractive, bright, and welcoming for its guests and patrons.

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