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Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Scope of Services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: April 2020
client: Al Ojaimi Group

100% Saudi owned, the Al Ojaimi group of companies is a family-owned business that was launched in 1976. Although it started out as a contracting company, today the Al Ojaimi group is an immensely successful, internationally renowned investment group that has branched out into manufacturing, travel, and automobile servicing.

At the core of their ethos is hard work and a client-first attitude that is also reflected in their HQ office design at their Dammam, Saudi Arabia location. Spanning seven floors, the headquarters building is designed to accommodate employees, managers, directors, and visitors, making them feel welcome and showcasing the company’s stature through the use of luxurious materials and custom-designed accessories.

This task was entrusted to CAS, who used their design expertise to create an office space that promotes a healthy, balanced work environment, all while displaying the company’s rise to fame.

The color palette is reflective of the company’s logo, using blue accents and connecting furniture and design elements to promote integrity in design throughout all the floors.

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Designed to wow visitors, the ground level entrance, reception, and elevator hall are the epitome of elegant, luxurious design. Bright and airy, this central atrium is seven stories high, featuring a skylight at the topmost level that bathes the space in energizing natural light.

Warm wood and different marble textures combine to create high contrast that adds a sense of drama to this striking space. Vertical brass inlays add a subtle touch of glamor that is magnified by the splendid custom-designed chandelier.

Interwoven with green plants, this magnificent chandelier spans all seven floors and is the undisputed centerpiece of this awe-inspiring entrance.

Highly textured gray marble forms the reception desk, which is highlighted against the backdrop of a three-story high white marble-clad wall that proudly bears the logo of the company. The textured marble continues to form a semi-circular flooring pattern that is surrounded by a sea of warm ceramic wood flooring.

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The seventh floor accommodates the CEO and two chairpersons of the Al Ojaimi group of companies and hence enjoys a more luxurious look and feel than the other floors. The materials used are similar to the lower floors to promote a sense of integrity in the HQ office design. However, the richness is evident in the use of metallic accents incorporated into the wall and furniture design. These accents create a dynamic contrast to the highly textured marble used abundantly for the accent walls and flooring. This is also the only level that uses real wood for its flooring.

The elevator lobby sets the tone for the rest of the floor. Dynamic, textured marble is used as an accent wall that forms a striking backdrop for the reception desk, which is clad with the same textured marble. Vertical brass inserts break up the expanse of the marble and add a touch of class and opulence to the space.

The curved lines of the flooring and furniture in the reception and waiting areas are inspired by the fluid form of the company’s logo. The introduction of organic forms into the linear space softens the hard edges of the marble surfaces and also enhances the desired vibe of luxurious comfort.

Blue accent furniture serves a similar function and is also inspired by the colors of the logo. Like the textured marble, the rich, royal-blue accents pair well with the gray textured marble, white marble walls and flooring, and the wooden flooring accents, bringing the entire design together.

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The CEO has his own personal secretary who sits outside his office in a well-lit, brightly furnished space. The secretary shares this space with the secretary for one of the chairpersons, with the two desks separated by an oblong wood-clad partition.

The furniture design and selection in HQ Office Design is modern, following clear geometric patterns. The secretaries’ desks are clad in white, lightly-veined marble with brass-colored inlays and base. The inlays complement the warm wooden color of the partitions and create a clear division between the marble on the flooring and that used to clad the vertical faces.

The light-colored marble imparts a feeling of purity and integrity. Royal-blue silk curtains fall gracefully from the ceiling to floor and can be drawn to provide privacy for the CEO during meetings.

When open, the floor-to-ceiling glass wall that divides the secretary’s space from the CEO’s room lets in bright, natural light, which emphasizes the light finishes in the secretary’s space. The brass inlays in the glass wall match those in the furniture, emphasizing the continuity in detailing that is used throughout the HQ office design.

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The seventh-floor meeting room is a fluid space dominated by a large circular conference table. Circular forms are predominant in this room and promote a sense of equality and collaboration, which is great for discussions and reviews.

The marble-topped table sits atop a large circular flooring pattern comprised of textured marble and is surrounded by comfortable, professional-looking white chairs. Wood and marble tiles radiate from the circle to clad the remainder of the flooring in the conference room.

A large brass-colored LED circular fixture forms an elegant pendant lamp suspended above the circular conference table.

The brass finish is mirrored along the periphery of the room, forming a finished cap to the white marble-clad walls. This continuity in materials adds a finished, designed look to this elegant conference room.

Large X-braced frames form an interesting visual element on the exterior façade.

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Occupying a generous amount of space on the seventh floor, the CEO’s room is sophisticated with a subtle masculine touch. Dark accents add dynamic contrast to the office space while soft beige and gold accents add warmth to the predominantly white color palette.

The furniture is sleek and modern, with white and brass colors adding flair to the room. The sofa is a lovely warm hue of tan with dark accent cushions that match the dark, velvet-textured carpet. The accompanying sofa chairs have a custom-designed look with brass-colored side arms and bases. A marble-topped circular table is supported on a brass-colored conical base to form a trendy center piece.

The CEO’s desk in HQ Office Design has a classic semi-circular profile with a modern, brass-colored table lamp. The office chair is plush in tan-colored upholstery.

A modern pendant lamp comprising of brass-colored LED rods in a grid pattern forms an impressive light fixture above the seating area.

Classy, potted olive trees help to bring the outdoors inside.

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Blue, white, and brown make a warm, luxuriant color palette for the chairman’s office, where contrasting colors and textures are a visual treat. Soft, velvety carpets and upholstery in a deep, vibrant blue contrast with textured wooden surfaces and smooth white marble-clad walls.

A wooden partition with a backlit circular design picks up on the circular forms of the carpet, lounge chair, and center table. The partition creates a divide between the chairman’s table and the seating area.

Olive plants with a gray-green hue add a breath of freshness to the brightly lit interiors. A wooden planter holds the olive plants, forming a pleasing contrast with the white-clad marble wall behind.

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Across the floor from the CEO’s office, the dining room is functionally designed with an oblong glass table surrounded by curved dining chairs with rich blue velvet upholstery. A neat pantry finished in marble and wood is a convenient addition to the dining room.

Neat, organized, and functional, this lively dining area is ideal for hosting meals for clients.
Glass partitions adorned with sheer gold-hued curtains divide this room from the adjacent seating room.

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Located next to the dining room, the main seating area follows the same design pattern as the rest of the spaces on this luxuriously decorated floor. Modern, bright, and airy, this energetic space uses high contrasting colors and textures to create a lively yet warm environment.

A curvaceous two-seater sofa in vibrant blue velvet upholstery contrasts with the linear, geometric lines of the tan-colored adjacent sofas. The round black carpet gives the sitting room a masculine touch.

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In one corner, a rest area and adjacent pantry offers a quiet relaxation space for a time-out. Soft curves give the compact rest area a soothing feeling of warmth. The rich blue accents are energizing, while the earthy tan and brown hues are relaxing.

The adjacent pantry has a marble countertop with a lively patterned marble backsplash that creates a striking contrast with the white wall panels beyond. A glossy, rounded display for glassware is finished in a warm bronze color that matches the warm brown under-counter wooden cabinets.

Despite being a service space, the rest area and buffet are tastefully decorated to maintain the design vibe.

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Located next to the CEO’s office is a bedroom available for his use should he need to stay over at the headquarters.

Comfortably furnished with soft surfaces, the double bed is set against a soft, paneled wall that contrasts with the adjacent wooden finishes. A small seating nook is furnished with a white leather sofa and blue chair (whose color matches that of the circular carpet).

The bedroom is brightly lit with hanging conical pendant brass-colored lamps. The color of the lamps picks up on the vertical brass insets in the white paneled wall as well as the top and bottom horizontal brass strips that encapsulate the wall panels.

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Brass-colored accents in HQ Office Design are also used in the attached bathroom for continuity and add a touch of affluence to the interior space. Modern fixtures and fittings in a white finish are classy and sophisticated.

The textured accent marble walls add a liveliness to the space. Complemented with white marble flooring, walls, and fixtures, the textured walls add visual weight to the bathroom.

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Service spaces are often overlooked when it comes to design and are frequently furnished with basic fixtures and finishes.

However, that is not the case in this HQ office design: the same level of thought and care is put into the finishes, accessories, and detailing of the services areas as is applied to the main spaces.

Adjacent to the rest area, the bathroom is subdued but tasteful with white marble floors and walls. Brass inlays and borders at the base and tops of walls give the space a finished look. These are complemented by brass-colored fittings.

The cantilevered wood and marble double-sink counter is set against an arched mirror framed with a brass-colored border. A potted olive in a brass-colored pot adds a delicate touch and matches the other brass-colored finishes and accessories in this classy bathroom space.

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Neat, clean, and simply designed, the wudu area is finished in white marble with dark wood accents that are in stark contrast to the surrounding white surfaces. Modern and minimal, the linen storage is finished in dark wood and built into the wall to provide a clean surface finish.

The sink is an interesting combination of textured dark gray marble and dark wood set against a linear, rectangular mirror framed with a brass-colored border.

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Modern and sophisticated, the bathroom attached to the CEO’s office is luxuriously stylish. Finished in white marble with brass-colored accents, the light-colored finishes make this space seem bright and airy—and larger than it actually is.

Glass partitions framed with brass-colored metal divides the wash area from the toilet and the shower area, allowing light to permeate through.

Here, contrast is omitted in favor of a soothing vibe created by the use of complementary white fixtures and brass-colored fittings. A large oversized oblong mirror placed at an angle above the washbasin makes for an interesting focal point. The washbasin counter is finished in the same marble as the walls.

Artificial plants drape gracefully above the oblong mirror, introducing the soothing green element of the outdoors into the bathroom space.

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Managers and supervisors have their offices and accompanying service areas on the third floor. The office for the manager for the Al Ojaimi Company Endowment occupies one corner of the floor, which opens up via a glass partition door to an adjacent meeting room.

The décor is masculine with dark contrasting colors that give the office a no-nonsense, business-like vibe. Dark wood panels conceal storage and contrast with the white tiled floors.

A sleek, modern, black office desk is minimalist but functional and matches the black accent marble panels that frame the window behind. A pair of gray upholstered armchairs with a black-marble-topped round table provides seating for visitors. A matching gray upholstered bench in front of a narrow window offers a more informal, relaxed seating option.

Plants in wooden planter boxes are a refreshing natural element within the modern office space.

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Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-40

The adjacent meeting room follows a similar design vibe with dark, masculine surfaces. The rear wall is furnished in black marble with wooden storage cubbies in a combination of open and closed niches. The cubbies are distinguished by linear brass inlays that are also used as vertical elements in the adjacent, white paneled walls.

The black-marble panel houses a flat-screen TV for presentations. A slim, black-topped table on a brass-colored metal base is surrounded by plush, gray upholstered chairs that are elegant and comfortable. White tiled flooring completes the look.

The meeting room is simple, elegant, and professional.

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Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-42

Curved glass partitions enclose the supervisors’ rooms, which are simply furnished with a functional wooden work desk and a visitor’s chair in the signature deep-blue accent color. Blue-gray drapes with concealed tracks that follow the curve of the partitons can be drawn to provide privacy during meetings.

Although the finishes used here look less expensive, the offices still incorporate some of the design elements of the other work spaces such as wood paneling and brass-colored inlays in the wall panels.

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Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-44

Curved furniture profiles create a warm, welcoming vibe in the waiting area and premeeting rooms, which are designed to make the visitor feel comfortable while waiting.

Furnished with a small round table and two chairs, the premeeting room is ideal for a short discussion before the main meeting.

Wooden base panels with white panels above are given a glamor quotient by using vertical brass-colored inlays that are a common design element throughout the entire HQ office design.

Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-45

The buffet in the premeeting rooms is a simply designed marble counter with wooden cabinets below. A white marble backsplash separates the storage above, which is creatively designed to include wood-finished open storage niches and matte-finished white cabinets above.

The look is neat, clean, and organized. The curved counter profile acts as a counterfoil to the orthogonal lines that are predominant in the room, adding a touch of softness to the space.

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Occupying a corner of the third floor across from the manager’s office, the conference room imparts a professional vibe with a large rectangular conference table that is the focal point of the space.

Furnished with a marble top on a curved wooden base, the conference table is surrounded by black, leather-upholstered chairs.

White wall panels with brass-colored inlays cover most of the walls above lower wooden paneling.

The wall at the far end of the room, which houses the flat-screen TV, is in direct contrast to the white wall panels. A dark, fluted marble panel around the television is surrounded by dark wooden paneling that matches the base of the conference table. The dark marble is also used on the floor around the conference table, giving the room a strong, masculine flavor.

Green plants add a touch of brightness to lighten up the vibe in the conference room.

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Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-49

An open floor plan is used for the working areas on the fourth floor, where employees can enjoy working in a collaborative environment. The blue ceiling visually lowers the ceiling height, making the space feel more intimate.

Meeting areas are segregated by circular curtain tracks, which hold heavy blue curtains that can be drawn for both visual privacy as well as sound reduction. This design allows these areas to be a part of the open floor plan when not used for meetings.

The furniture is modern: black metal desks with ergonomic office chairs make comfortable, functional workstations. Tall wooden partitions introduce an earthy element into the efficient interior space.

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Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-51

The Al Ojaimi Group value their employees and have incorporated well-being areas into the office plan. A staff rest area is tucked into a corner of the fourth floor. Like the other rest areas on the different floors, this one uses rounded furniture profiles and soft textured surfaces to create a restful environment.

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Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-53

The working spaces on the fifth floor follow a similar vibe as those on the fourth floor, with an energetic color palette comprising of blue, gray, tan, and wood. Following an open floor plan, short wooden partitions are articulated with taller metal slats to enclose a series of work stations.

A waiting area with a comfortable curved couch leads to the workstations beyond. The furniture pieces used are repeated on subsequent floors for continuity of design.

The walls are painted in graded colors starting from darker blue at the top and fading to white toward the bottom. This draws the eye upwards toward the ceiling, visually reducing the height of the space. Natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows at either end of the floor bathe the interiors.

The open floor plan allows the light to reach through to the interiors, brightening up the space and acting as a counterfoil to the royal-blue accents.

Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-54
Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-55

On the sixth floor, the elevator lobby opens into a meeting room that is accessed through glass doors. White and gray finishes for the meeting room create a functional décor, while a blue carpet ties the furniture elements together.

As on other floors, brass-colored inserts in the wall are a common design element. These are also utilized as horizontal bands on the top and bottom of the walls to add a finished look to the space.

Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-56
Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-57
Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-58

Gradient painted walls add a wispy look to the bathroom areas on the 6th floor. The dark ceiling makes the space seem intimate and is countered by light floors and fixtures. LED lights add a glow to the space and are used to backlight the arched mirrors above the wash basins and also below the counter to make it appear light.

Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-59
Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-60
Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-61

The sixth floor plan is open and spacious, incorporating open work stations and glass partitions to provide privacy for supervisors’ rooms or meeting areas.

Brass-colored, modern LED strip lights are suspended from the ceiling to provide additional light for the work spaces. Wooden planter boxes hold green plants to liven up the space. Tan-colored furniture acts as a counterfoil to the dark work stations and ceiling.

Oblong geometry softens the hard edges of the furniture with its rounded edges. It is used as a mirror on the wall and also as a modern wall-mounted light fixture.

Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-62
Al Ojaimi Group HQ Office Design-63

The contracting manager’s office occupies a corner spot and is comfortably furnished with a work desk and an informal seating area.

White walls contrast with dark wood paneling and dark furniture contrasts with light-colored upholstery on the couches and chairs for a subtle sense of drama in the office space.

Although the HQ office design occupies seven floors, the design uses repeated decorative elements in varying degrees to create levels of luxury that progressively increase as one moves up to the seventh floor. Textures, colored accents, and accessories tie the design together and add a vibrancy to this creatively designed headquarters office. The spaces are warm, friendly, and welcoming, but with an unmistakable element of richness that amply demonstrates the company’s work ethos and values.

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