Story Modern Apartment Exterior Design 1-

12 Story Modern Apartment Exterior Design

Location: Muscat, Oman
Scope of services: Exterior Design
Date: June 2017
Client: Khalid  H Al Mahrooqi , CEO, Primer Projects, Vice Chairman of Oman Green Building Council

When we started the design of the modern apartment exterior design, we had some limitations because the final plans had been confirmed. One of the limitations was that the local municipality would allow only 30% glazed area in the elevation.

The elevation materials had to be a mix of concrete panels/projections, glazing (windows or dummy windows), paint and some GRC/GRP where necessary.
At the same time, we had to avoid costly cladding or curtain walls.
Finally, we chose 200mm precast concrete walls for the external walls.
Because the apartment building was 12 stories and could be seen from all sides, we opted for an attractive modern design despite our limitations.

We, therefore, designed three different options. One option was the use of checkered windows with white and gray materials while another option was horizontal windows which somehow made the building look less towering.
But the last option which was chosen by the client was the option for a modern yet simple building which boasted a chamfered corner and variations in the windows.[/vc_column_text

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