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Architectural Design

Architecture is the center of all design activities at CAS. It is our utmost aspiration to create buildings that are socially responsible, creatively inspirational and economically and environmentally sustainable. Our designers are experts at handling both large-scale as well as small-scale projects with innovative, client-centric aptitude. We’re a globally active firm with a diverse range of projects – hospitality, commercial and residential – spread around the world.

Interior Design

When it comes to interior design services, CAS is an expert at realizing the client’s vision to the most accurate, stylish and deluxe reality. With a clear, collaborative spirit, CAS provides interior design solutions that are activity-centered, innovative and highly ergonomic. We strive to customize the client experience by integrating simple interior designing with branding, way-finding, FF&E and 3D visualization as part of our services. Our portfolio covers a wide genre of living, working and leisure environments with bespoke interventions for the clients.

Other Services

Architecture and building design are never stand-alone ventures, which is why CAS offers a full range of cohesive construction solutions. Spanning the retail, restaurant and commercial sectors, and depending on the requirements of the client, we can offer Branding & Graphic Design, MEP Engineering, and Structural Engineering services.

MEP Engineering
Structure Engineering 

How We Work


The key to any successful project is a collaborative effort between the client and the designer. Therefore, the ‘Brief’ phase of the project includes meetings where both parties have a thorough discussion. It includes summarizing the project requirements, fleshing out the details of the client’s objective, figuring out what is achievable, discussing the budget and developing components to ensure feasibility and compliance with the applicable codes. This phase is the gateway to the entire project execution, and it allows the clients and designers to interact with ease.


This phase includes filtering ideas for the initial execution. In terms of architecture, it consists of considering functional relations between different components, studying the architectural character and constructability along with searching for different ideas for developing the shape of the building.

In terms of interior design, this phase consists of making mood boards, finding the style inspiration for the design, locking down color palates, presenting the proper materials and finding the best solutions for furniture, lighting and even branding if the project calls for it.


The visualization phase consists of actually converting the basic concept into a tangible form. The lines and numbers are brought to life in the form of visualized images generated according to the initial discussions between the client and the designer. The 3D’s are rendered and the plans are outlined thoroughly. All of this gives a full idea about the concept and makes room for the final changes.

Technical Drawings and Specifications:

This is one of the final stages of design and development, and takes place after the final drawings (layouts, elevations and 3Ds) have been fully locked and approved by the client. This phases includes creating working drawings that are suitable for contractors’ use, consisting of detailed drawings, specifications, codes and standards as well as the installation instructions. It also includes an itemized breakdown of costs in line with the agreed budget.


The design process does not end with drawings. The finishing point for CAS is at the end point of construction. The CAS team works with local partners to ensure that the execution of your interior design is accomplished according to your goals and exactly what CAS’s designers have provided. With beautiful and unique craftsmanship, the idea is to help achieve the interior design of your dreams. CAS will be ready to consult during the construction work to make sure everything is achieved based on the client’s requirements and goals.

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