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Naif Salem Alanazi

Naif Salem Alanazi, Head of Operations at TAWAL

“I have my house designed by CAS (1700m2). The service and the design CAS provide are of high standards.
I like it when they start from what’s in your mind, they try to understand your needs, how you need it, they help you to select which design style you prefer, they keep on reviewing and modifying the design to your ultimate satisfaction.
I worked with Deniz, she was able to manage my house design despite my busy schedule and my frequent changes and comments. She is very understanding and flexible, she also suggested some changes as they want to make sure that design is perfect, despite it will take more time and efforts from them. Deniz and other CAS team take care of customers in a very professional way.
I would highly recommend CAS for complete end-to-end design services, whether it’s a palace, office/restaurant or hotel, they have the right setup and all what it takes to provide astonishing design works. hat off 🎩🎩”

Turki Al Qonaibit

Turki Al Qonaibit, Fx trader at Aljazira Bank

“I had A great experience working with CAS. They are professional, meet the customer’s needs and they know the Saudi culture very well. its also been a great pleasure working with Fiona Cooper who takes very good care of her customers.”

Sherman McLeod

Sherman McLeod, CEO at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute

“CAS’s design team are very professional individuals. I had the privilege to work with Mary Lakzy, she is a very talented designer with an eye for uniqueness and originality in her work from concept design through a professional layout design approval process until the design is complete for the bidding construction on small to very large projects.
I have worked with CAS on many projects and I would highly recommend them on projects that you want great work done at a very competitive price model. CAS is the one for your project!”

Hazim Al-Saiwan

Hazim Al-Saiwan, Owner of SIFCO Group

“Recently I hired CAS to do the conceptual and interior design of a house I wanted to design in Basra. CAS assigned one of the lead teams for my project. It was assigned to Deniz Kaya, she and her team acted professionally and provided the design I was looking for. They are truly talented and provided the best design in Modern Arabic Style and I was very satisfied with the final outcome.
I found them very communicative and attentive to all my points and incorporated it into the design.
I found CAS very creative at the same time. They think out of the box and that’s why they can provide a great design.”

Raed Turki

Raed Turki, Service Delivery Manager at Cisco

“Where do I even begin with how INCREDIBLE CAS is? Our home is still in construction mode, but CAS team were able to show/give me a vision of all the potential it has that I wouldn’t have been able to see without them.
CAS team were fantastic! They openly listened to all of our concerns and provided various ideas and solutions for the project. They answered all of our design questions while implementing new ideas and layouts. Thanks to CAS team, we feel confident in our choices and are so excited to complete our project.
I definitely think consultation is a great way to go. I STRONGLY recommend CAS.

Brad Benedetti

Brad Benedetti, Founder at Kaseify

“CAS has been a lifesaver in designing out the entire building and office space. They are patient and take the time to truly understand what we were looking for, even when we didn’t know ourselves. Instead of pushing their design ideas on us, they listened and kept making changes along the way until we landing on the perfect design! I can say enough great things about the team and support they gave us along the way.”

Aamer Alabbasi

Amer Al-Abbasi CEO at Amer Al – Abbasi Engineering Consulting Office

“One of my friends had the intention to design their new built home and they asked me to look for a high-quality design firm to do their designs, I got familiar with Comelite architecture, structure and interior design and we decided to work with them. They were very professional from their first approach.
We were immediately impressed with the range of ideas they suggested and stunned by the high-quality design done by Deniz Kaya and her team. The 3D renders of a totally transformed house was magnificent!
Three months later we have a stunning beautiful house.
The final outcome is stunning and we couldn’t be happier with the exterior and interior design, none of which would have been achievable without the significant assistance given by CAS. With CAS’s consistently high standards of service and quality, I would highly recommend them to other homeowners and businesses and will definitely work with them again in the near future.”

Mohammed Mazi

Mohammed Mazi, CFO at Al Salem Johnson Controls

“Amazing designer to work with, committed, creative, with a nice taste. I’ll definitely work with her again with no doubts and highly recommend her to anyone! Well done Sheila!
Thank you very much, Sheila and Monica! It was really a pleasure and fun to work with you both. You have been outstanding designers with minimal efforts that I had to put to arrive at the desired result. You made my life much easy to accomplish this task with your creative arts, and unique taste. I was lucky to hire you guys!”

Mazen Aizouki

Mazen Aizouki, General Manager, at Vitax Hospitality

“The ability to reach client’s satisfaction when it comes to concept creation and the talent in adopting ideas and employee them is what makes comelite my preferred architect office to work with.”

Anas Flaihan

Anas Flaihan

“I had great experience with CAS it was more than I ever expected. They have great ideas, understanding of the needs, good communication that they don’t take too much time. I was planning to let them work only in three main room (master bedroom, living room, guest room) but after I saw their ideas and work I had them do the others.
I’m amazed about their work and how well they are organized.
So thank you CAS for what you did in my Villa and I can’t thank you enough and of course I’ll be back to you again..and again and again.. 👍👍.”

Olivier Francais

Olivier Francais, General Manager at the hotel of Gelleria by Elaf

“We have been working on a small project but having been demanding, I must to say that CAS team are unique, dedicated to their partners and customers, and knows how to handle all situations for mutual benefits.
They were on our project a great interface, making sure that our needs and inquiries were always fulfilled on time, with best possible achievement.
Laura is unique as well in the sense being always positive, available, willing to support and to help.
She has good people knowledge, and she understands quickly needs and how to solve them.
I would like to personally thank Deniz for her great work she was able to release on our project.
Understanding quickly needs and vision from her customers facilitated tremendously our interaction and we must say that Deniz did very well based on communication released to her, even if all was not easy.”

Walid Hamed

Walid Hamed, Co-founder of Crepe Bechamel restaurant

“My experience working with CAS was more than wonderful. Great communication, attractive designs, out-of-the-box ideas. The ability to access the client’s perception and turn it into reality. Thanks CAS and I look forward to working with you soon.”

Fadi Saab

Fadi Saab, F&B Operations Manager

“Dealing with the CAS team was one of the friendliest, most efficient, and hassle-free experiences that I had ever had. Especially when it came to Shyla Hayden and Deniz Kaya and I was astonished by their proficiency and the ideas they came up with which in turn, turned into brilliant designs.
My dream was to create my own brand and the CAS Team helped me turn my dream into reality.
I will definitely work with them again.
Thank you, CAS.”

Francis Christy Boy

Francis Christy Boy, Construction Management & Project Delivery Manager at ALEC

“I assigned CAS as an interior designer for my house. They were very much technically competent, supportive and easily understand my needs and requirements. Rendering works maintained in very high-level quality and selection of furniture and other accessories are marvelous. They keep time management to deliver the design packages. I appreciate Project Manager Ms. Deniz Kaya those who lead my project, her response level, understanding of customer requirement and resolution skill are very much appreciated and CAS entire team is supportive, particularly Coordinator Ms. Fiona Cooper. I am very much satisfied with their work and support. I will deal with CAS in my future projects and will recommend to my clients & friends.”

Samer Almisehal, Shared Services Director at Almisehal Group

“Great Service! Quick response, understanding of the needs. The team is very well organized and have strong experience in my needs. I designed my whole villa Landscape and my coffee shop/lounge. Both were amazing.”

Yousef Alsharif 2

Yousef Alsharif, Business Owner

“Working with CAS, really it gives me a strong feeling of high commitment. It’s about agility in addressing your needs and professional final products. The fabulous interior design motivates me to proceed in my business in a quality that matches the interior design.
CAS had a high class of furniture selections, and smart logo design ideas. All of what I mentioned is carried out by a highly professional staff relationship that makes you feel as though you are the only customer.”

Rey Aponte

Rey Aponte, Controller of VP Acquisitions, Reynolds Asset Management

“It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing a review on the services of CAS. I have used CAS for two of my projects, and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job and are always punctual. They designed the facade of a 16-story residential and commercial building and a residential interior for us. They have been very reasonably priced, and always do exactly what we ask of them.”

Sultan Al-khudairee

Sultan Al-khudairee, Founder of Foamy

“I want to talk about my experience with CAS in carrying out an interior design. It is an example of professional work in all aspects of transparency, credibility and hard work to achieve my vision with a wide-ranging design. They have a group of creative engineers with great taste and an innovative skill in the art of interior designs. In fact, I had a wonderful experience, through which I got a wonderful design from engineer Deniz, and I want to thank her very much for the wonderful work she did. I would also like to thank Ms. Shyla, who worked with dedication to overcome all difficulties in getting this wonderful work done. I thank the company and all the employees and advise everyone to use their services, which will surely satisfy anyone’s needs.”

Ahmed Salman

Ahmed Salman, CEO of MEDAD Co. Ltd.

“We got familiar with CAS through LinkedIn and started working with them on our first project which was the design for a two story house in Basra.
Since then, we’ve been working with them for one year and they’ve done six other residential designs for us. All the projects have gone on great and as we expected, CAS came up with the perfect and most appealing designs which reflected the Arabian culture.
We were more than satisfied with the final results.
We’ve had the honor of working with Deniz Kaya and her talented team. They always know exactly what the client wants.
We are going to continue working with CAS through all our design projects and highly recommend them to other companies.”

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