Feb 19, 2020

Leicester Mosque Interior Design Execution Underway

In 2017, CAS provided interior design services for the Masjid Muadh ibn Jabal located on the outskirts of Leicester. The project is now executing interior design as planned by CAS.
The £2.2M project will serve a Muslim community of over 500 families. The interior of the mosque elegantly combines modern artistic technology and keeps up with sustainable development goals promised in the UK through effective use of daylight for the main prayer hall.
The mosque’s walls are decorated with geometric engravings, metal and wood lathwork, while Quranic verses with golden contours embellish a blue background, and gold-plated calligraphy patched with traditional motifs run throughout the mosque.
CAS is delighted to know that the Goodwood Community plans to open the mosque very soon.

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