Jan 14, 2020

Cambridge-Inspired Student Café Launched in Dhahran

Mr. Yousef Al-Sharif entrusted CAS with the complete design of his student cafe along with its branding, and received sheer excellence.
Keeping the design true to the charm and legacy of the British-vintage inspired Cambridge look, it was critical not only to conserve the historical integrity along with Saudi culture, but also enhance it through a thoughtful design. The academic environment attracts the young and tech savvy to feel comfortable lingering, studying and connecting in the café.

Student cafe design 18 - Simple Student Café storefront design that welcomes the incoming visitors, with the large glass wall that permits the daylight in and offers a view to the interior space, creating an inviting feel, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.
Student cafe design 3 - Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design managed to bring the Cambridge university interior style to the Saudi Arabian Student Café, by mixing warm tones and wooden wall paneling, dark wood herringbone floor tiles and the various vintage elements that embellish the space.

Implementation began right after the design was approved, with CAS remaining the pillar of support throughout the process.

Since December 2019, coffee brews in the café, walking distance from several educational institutes, surrounded by deeply dug oil fields. With the area becoming a social hub under the Saudi Vision 2030, the new wave of liberalization is alluring students from all of the eastern coast of the Kingdom.

The wheat rustic, warm-toned chevron floor of the café is a sight to lay eyes and feet on. It plays to the vibes of students and raises the bar for a new generation of cafe/bar start-ups. Credits to our team for designing a unique logo, merging the name with a savoury cup of coffee.

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