Nov 20, 2019

Abha Private Hospital opts for World-Class Interior Design by CAS

CAS is delivering exquisite interior design for the Abha Private Hospital.
Located in the Kingdom’s beautiful southwestern city of the same name, the 300-bed Abha Private Hospital will boast the best in materials and finishes for durability and hygiene.
The project requires careful consideration of design elements for aesthetics, sustainability, and a therapeutic environment. Specialty materials will integrate design solutions not only to enhance the functionality of the high-end facility, but also improve the overall image.

Clean lines, sophisticated colors and close attention to detail are the characteristic features inherent in all the spaces. The finishing touch in the interior of this design project will be lighting technology.
Thanks to its integrated approach to creating interiors, CAS looks forward to undertaking more projects in the medical field in the KSA.

300-bed Abha International Private Hospital - CAS 4
300-bed Abha International Private Hospital - CAS 2
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