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Hotels and Leisure Centers:

Hotels and leisure center designs need to be designed in a very holistic, entertaining and ergonomic way. It can be a challenging task to blend efficiency, visuals, and individuality in a completely wholesome manner. CAS has an expert team that thrives in designing and branding hotels and leisure centers. From 360-degree facade design that respects the context of the site to officious, luxurious and even themed hotel interior designs, we specialize in providing full-services to our clients in this genre.
From hotel and leisure interior design to architectural design and engineering of a facility in all disciplines, CAS can help you get the best of all worlds.

Restaurants and Cafes:

Restaurants and cafes always warrant a specialized knowledge of the food industry. From the inner workings of a professional kitchen to the size of each and every equipment along with the economic ratio and allocation of spaces, every aspect needs to be carefully considered. CAS has an amazing team of experts proficient at balancing the efficiency, aesthetics, and ergonomics within any restaurant or cafe project. We can realize your dream themes, suggest some great marketing tactics and even help with the branding of your establishment. No matter what the genre, we’ve got some fresh and amazing ideas for you and your guests.

Business Centers and Retails:

Business and commercial buildings are always open-ended, while the retail genre is highly specific. This juxtaposition can be hard to blend successfully, but CAS has a team of amazing specialists who know how to make any space effective and visually pleasant in a cost-effective manner. We can design your retail outlets to represent the best of your brand image and give your business and commercial buildings a distinctive identity that makes them stand out. Our team knows how to create the best blend of aesthetics and functionality to make your business a thriving epicenter of activity.

Villas and Other Residences:

Residential architecture and interior design is a diverse and versatile category, and CAS has garnered an exceptional amount of experience in this field by designing some amazing villas and apartment buildings. Our team knows how to make your space count, so whether it’s a set of identical apartments or a large-scale villa sitting amidst a valley of customized landscaping, we at CAS can definitely help you reimagine the space with a fresher perspective. From personal touches to respecting the site, culture and dream vision of the client, we can help create the best possible version of your homes.

Family Villa Modern Arabic Exterior Design
Industrial House Design
Luxury Mediterranean House
Modern Granite Residential House Design
Ultra-Modern Flat Design
Family Luxury Holiday Home Design
Modern Islamic Home Interior Design
Contemporary Classic Villa Design
American Style House Interior Design
Modern Classic Villa Interior Design
Twin Courtyard Modern House Design
Vijaya Sky Residency Modern Apartment Exterior Design
White Modern Islamic Villa Exterior Design
Classic Saudi Arabian Villa Exterior Design
Neocribs Modern Concrete Glass Home Design
Modern Arabic House Design
Luxury Kerala House Traditional Interior Design
Milner Modern Residence Design
Classic Luxury Villa Interior Design
12 Story Modern Apartment Exterior Design
Tiny Modern Apartment Design
Minimal Villa Exterior Design
Apartment Contemporary Exterior Design
Fruitful Sustainable Container House
Wagon Modern Detached House Design
Detached Garden House Design
VIP Home Spa Design


Office design in contemporary times has become extremely fluid and free-form. The concept and development of agile offices is taking the world by storm and CAS can definitely help you keep up with the changing times by designing a workspace that is at one ergonomic, collaborative, and visually pleasant. The ideal office design can help your employees avoid the everyday work-grind while simultaneously giving them an incentive to perform their best. So, from taking care of the basic human comforts to creating an ambiance that will enhance productivity, teamwork and workspace ethics, our team can help you create the ultimate office space.


Religious buildings all have their unique characteristics and the Mosque is one of the most ancient and distinctive of them all. CAS specializes in the conceptualization and execution of beautiful mosques, each of which is an ode to the beauty, unity, and peace of the Islamic religion. Depending on the context of the site, we can help you create either a large-scale grand ‘masjid’ or a small-scale neighborhood mosque. We understand the specifics of the notion of Islamic prayers and congregations and can help you create the most effective, spacious and religiously relevant space possible.

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