5 Tips for a Successful Modern Arabic Home Design

East meeting west via design has been quite a dichotomy, especially when it comes to design. Both have such varying concepts that meeting halfway can seem a bit redundant, but rest assured that it can surely be done. Today, we will be taking a look at the finer points of a successful modern Arabic home design in its completely dichotomous form. Diluting the focus on 5 tips, we will list just how you can create an outstanding modern Arabic home design in aesthetics.

1. Geometry and Modern Screens

The very essence of a singular Arabic theme is in its geometry, and when we merge that with a modern theme, we get a hybrid formation that lies somewhere between transitional and contemporary. A modern Arabic home design can incorporate geometry and modernism at the same time by using CNC cut screens with a combination of modern materials to ramp up the dual vibe. Together, these aspects will successfully emulate both the modern and the Arabic aspects of your theme.


2. Arches in Modernism

An arc could very well be the building block of a modern Arabic home design theme. Since arcs are an advent of more eastern nature, giving it a modern touch can be tricky. But to achieve that certain panache for a more modern Arabic setting, you need to moderate between the kind of arc you use, and how you actually implement its aesthetics. In the end, it all depends on the style of arc you use, and how austere you can make it seem with the context of the given concept.


3. Color scheme

Perhaps the trickiest aspect to accomplish for a modern Arabic design, the color scheme needs to be decided while keeping all design elements in mind. This can only look wholesome if there is a perfect balance between the modern and the Arabic aspect of the theme. Since there is a firm juxtaposition between the modern and Arabic color palates, the final choice depends on how much the rest of the interior leans in one direction. If it is more prim and modern, then the color scheme should be warm and cozy to balance it out. If it is more traditional Arabic, then the color palate should be toned down to a more modern, achromatic scheme.

modern arabic home design 3

4. Relative ambiance

The ambiance is mostly designed through lighting, making it a key aspect of a modern Arabic home design. Most designers go for dim gold lighting with quaint fixtures to imbue an eastern touch, and to counter the modernity hidden in the overall design.


5. Accessorizing for a Modern Arabic Home Design Theme

If the overall design aspect of a modern Arabic home is balanced and proportioned, then the décor should be more traditional – with lavish, gold traditional accessories and trinkets laid down on the tables and niches throughout. A more synthetic approach is accessorizing through tapestries by pairing it with a modern aesthetic. But if you need to glean a bit of modern into the design, then simple, modest and unadorned would be the way to go.


We hope that these small touches can lead you to creating a better modern Arabic home design.

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Design was wonderful

Thanks Kamel, I am glad that you like this style as it is my best style, Modern Arabic design ! and I am always ready to hear about that.

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Amazing concepts ..would like to congratulate you having a great intuition on interior’s not a simple work .. wishing you more power to accoplish more wonderful ideas .. You are Great?

Thanks Arneil, I have many ideas to share with you … It’s actually more than a job for me ! It’s my life !

violet your work is wonderful
i am a student of interior designer and im also doing work on modern Islamic theme

Thanks Sumaira, That’s really great … It’s a new style and a wonderful idea.

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