Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 1

Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is the future of architecture, but in order to fully understand its benefits, we must take a closer look at the term itself. A smart home is basically a dwelling that uses an integrated communications network to allow homeowners to control a number of facets – electrical appliances and other services – remotely.

Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 2

The future of architecture and interior design would never be fully complete if we consider only the aesthetics and do away with the technology. Smart home automation and design is a niche in the building and construction genre that has slowly carved itself a place in the industry and is slowly but surely becoming the top priority of homeowners all around the world.
Want to control your electricity bills? Go for motion sensor lights that automatically switch on and off by detecting movements in a space. Want to make your home more secure? You can now control the security system from your smartphones. Want to control the temperature of your homes without ever getting up from your couch? You can now install smart thermostats that can be controlled by a simple tap on your smartphones.
Smart home automation is now delivering a more cohesive lifestyle for the contemporary generation. People are loving this advancement and want to know how to invest in the idea of a ‘connected home.’ Let’s take a look at how going for it can be beneficial for all homeowners.

1. Raise the value of a home

The initial cost of automating your homes may feel like it’s going to take a deep dive in your pocket, but you must consider the benefits in the long run. Around 80% of home buyers now want to buy a home equipped with smart tech, so it’s definitely going to increase the resale value of your property. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons to go for it:

  • Enjoying the perks: Smart home automation can help you cut those pesky energy use costs by a whole lot. Smart thermostats can reduce heating and cooling costs by 12-15%. Energy efficient features like solar panels can reduce them even further.
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 3
  • Additional security: Smart security systems definitely ramp up the safety of any home by a wide margin. Additionally, potential buyers are always willing to pay more for a home that features a powerful automated security system.
  • A convenient lifestyle: Investing in smart gadgets can definitely make your life easier. From programming the TV so the children can only watch it during certain times to turning on the coffee maker from your bed, the perks of a connected home are limitless.
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 5
  • An eco-friendly home: People are definitely coming around to the idea of ‘green homes’ in light of recent drastic climate changes. The concept of renewable energy is being constantly upgraded, and you can integrate these ideas into smart homes to cut direct energy costs. Renewable energy facets like solar panels, energy efficient window panes (low-e glass), spray-on solar cells and more, are redefining the smart home automation genre and people are loving it.
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Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 7

2- Integrating aesthetics with the smart home concept

Smart home automation is definitely impacting the way we design our home interiors. These devices are not only more pragmatic, but their aesthetic benefits are also unparalleled. Let’s take a look at how going for a smarter home can impact the way you design your spaces:

  • Zero wires: If you’re trying to artfully decorate your media wall after plugging in devices all around the house, wires are an unappealing aftermath that can completely destroy the aesthetic of your home. With the help of smart technology, you can easily get rid of all these unnecessary wires from your devices.
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 8

You can opt for a Smart Home Hub to connect all of your devices to reduce the number of wires. Wireless speakers and Wi-Fi enabled security cameras are another game changer in the smart home aesthetics department. Such small additions are slowly changing the way we design our home interiors.

  • Strike a balance: Not all smart home automation objects can be hidden from view. In such cases you have to design your interiors by keeping the visuals of these gadgets in mind. A chrome automation device would make a nice feature object on the media console. Similarly, it can be used to provide a trendy metal accent in a rustic or shabby-chic style interior design.
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 9
  • Upgraded designs: The competition in the smart home gadgets market is a prevalent one. More and more companies are coming up with devices that make a huge statement when considered with respect to interior design. A pop-out wall inlet, concealable smoke doctors, and more gadgets are being upgraded to accommodate the aesthetics of a home. Such design interventions always have a direct relation with a home interior design and should be researched properly before undertaking any construction and renovation project.
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 10
  • Green design elements: Green design elements like hydroponic vertical gardens, bamboo designs, eco water heaters and even low-e glass are some smart home interior design interventions that are helping designers rethink the visual value of a space.
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 11
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 12

3. Best smart home automation gadgets for 2018

If you’re finally coming around to the idea of a smart home, then we’ve got a treat for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best smart home automation gadgets that will definitely help you better connect your home in 2018:

  • Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub: The wireless hub is the brain of your smart home, so you need the best one to get a well-automated home. Samsung’s SmartThings hub connects wirelessly with a number of smart devices wirelessly to make them work together. It comes with a powerful processor and a local app engine that results in faster performance.


  • Samsung QLED 4K TV: Looking for a smart TV that would merge seamlessly with your décor? Samsung’s got you covered. The company’s QLED 4K TV comes with an invisible connection optic cable that makes sure that no wire is within sight. It can also be paired with stylish accessories like a studio stand so you can feature it as an art piece.


  • Phillips Hue White Dimmable Smart LED Bulb: Phillip’s newest smart light bulb kit would be an excellent addition to your smart home. It can be remotely controlled and comes with set timers and light schedules. Its motion sensor even allows you to control the intensity of light.


  • Amazon ecobee4 Smart Thermostat: Smart home automation has never been easier. Now you can easily control the temperature of your homes with the ecobee4 thermostat by Amazon. It comes with a Far-Field Technology that allows you to control it with a command even from across a room. It can be easily installed and will definitely help you cut energy costs.

4. Best Case Studies

Let’s take a look at some of the best smart home automation case studies so you can get some inspiration.

  • The Modern American Dutch Farmhouse: Located in California, this modern American cottage is actually a 3,600 sqft smart home that features some of the most awesome high tech conveniences. From a whole-house audio system to remotely controlled thermostats, security systems and lighting, this home has it all. The iPad and iPhone-based home controls have helped clear the home of typical switchboards.
    With the help of some neat hidden cabling inside the walls, the house features 9 listening zones and 3 viewing areas with its awesome A/V components. The integrated security system allows surveillance images to automatically appear on every active screen anytime the doorbell rings. It’s even interconnected with the intercom system! Even with its cottage inspired design, this smart home emulates true futuristic living.
Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 13
  • The Retro-Futuristic Home: Smart home automation is definitely a way of life, and this quirky Palm Desert home in California is the ultimate example of that! The smart tech integrated in this home highlights how aesthetics can be enhanced with the help of technology. The automation system installed in this home adjusts the lights, motorized shades, thermostats, security and A/V components with just a swipe on your iPad/iPhone remotely.
    The best part is how the lights wait to set themselves until the front door opens, and automatically adjust themselves to the preset ‘Welcome Home’ setting! Aside from that, the ambiance of this home can be easily enhanced by setting lighting levels and saving presets to maximize the dramatic impact, which can also be modified on whim. The technology installed in this smart home is essentially wireless, which is why there is no need for extensive rewiring at home – saving tons of installation time by providing wireless controls.
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Smart homes are the future of architecture, which is why every homeowner is now striving to update their homes and make them as automated as possible. This is why CAS is taking the next step to deliver smart home automation by combining our design ideas with amazing technology.

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