What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 1

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design

Shisha bars or Hookah bars are a one of a kind establishment where tobacco aficionados can smoke tobacco mixed with fruit or molasses with the help of a hose or tube. This is primarily done from a ‘hookah’ which is an instrument for vaporizing tobacco. A shisha bar design, therefore, revolves around featuring this apparatus as the main attraction for potential customers.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 2

Although the idea of a shisha lounge has become a popular form of communal interaction in Britain, its very first precedents can be traced back to Iran, Egypt and Turkey. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s take a look at how smoking shisha has evolved through history and what it means in today’s society.

Fact Checks to Authenticate Your Shisha Bar Design

1. Origins

As you know, the main commodity in any shisha bar is the actual ‘hookah’ apparatus through which people smoke the tobacco. But did you know that this instrument first originated in India? Its popularity then gained momentum and the idea of actual ‘hookah bars’ started gaining traction in countries like Iran, Egypt, and Turkey.

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The shisha bar deign was actually the descendent of the ever popular coffee houses, and their Indian decent has resulted in quite some thematic stereotypes. These days, hookah bars are chiefly operated by people from the Arab world. These bars also feature modern Islamic and modern Arabic décor with a backdrop of Indian music to set the mood.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 3
What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 5

However, this stereotype is being completely thrown in Europe these days, where any shisha bar design is now simply an establishment without any cultural ties. You can say that it’s just a bar with no ode to the eastern culture.

2. Top Brands

In order to run a truly successful shisha bar, it’s imminent that you acquaint yourself with the top brands for thick smoke clouds. A shisha bar design is centered on the entertainment of the patrons, most of whom love reveling in the thick clouds of smoke that plume out of the hookah. It’s an important part of the whole experience, so here are some great tobaccos you can look at:
– Tangiers Shisha: This is one of the strongest and buzziest shisha’s available in the market. It’s also a favorite among regular shisha bar patrons.
– Starbuzz Shisha: This particular brand is popular for its flavor varieties and large smoke clouds.
– Haze Tobacco: This brand features some of the most unique flavors. Their incredible line-up is especially popular with the more adventurous hookah bar patrons.
– Social Smoke: This artisanal brand offers a whopping 65 flavors of shisha smoking tobacco. On top of that, they are handcrafted and incredibly sophisticated.
– Fumari Shisha: This is another popular premium hookah tobacco shisha brand that is said to be strikingly fresh. Their unique and flavorful products are highly sought after.
These were some of the top flavored tobacco brands to look at when thinking about your shisha bar design.

3. Best Case Studies

At its heart, a hookah bar is a contemporary meeting place where people hang out with their friends. Most of these bars are highly accommodating – there are seating booths each with their own hookah, a flavorful menu and a well-crafted ambiance. Let’s take a look at some case studies so you can get a better hang of the design aspect:

Escape Shisha Lounge, Birmingham, Digbeth: This quirky little establishment is not simply a straightforward shisha bar – it’s so much more! The concept behind its design was to create a unique atmosphere with an edgy elegance. This actually translated into the shisha bar design with industrial style design elements, mood lighting, vintage furniture and artwork.
The idea was to create an alternative hangout place, so the ‘hookah’ is not the only source of attraction in this particular establishment. The intimate ambiance is enhanced by the amazing menu and a customer-focused staff. The contemporary menu includes gourmet burgers, golden chocolate waffles, and refreshing mocktails, which is a great way to market your establishment as cool and up-to-minute.

– Arabesque Shisha Lounge: Featuring a glamorous and moody vibe, this shisha bar design resembles an upscale, high-end establishment. The intentionally dark ambiance consists of a black color scheme, plush sitting booths, a stunning water feature and dim mood lighting. The bar serves mocktails that complement the various hookah flavors amazingly. The thick plumes of smoke merge well with the background and become a part of the overall ambiance.
The great thing about this particular shisha bar is that it features a communal environment. There are large circulation spaces and the booths are highly interactive. There’s even an entertainment podium that allows various patrons to highlight their talents. Overall, this is another unique shisha lounge idea that stands out from the rest.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 26

– Pasha Shisha Bar, Bradford: Located on a busy street, this Bollywood themed shisha bar design boasts an ode to the eastern culture. The booths are upholstered with colorful upholstery and the walls are adorned with arched niches that showcase stunning hookahs! The accompaniment of mismatched Moroccan style hanging lamps creates an eclectic ambiance that adds a pop of bold to the whole atmosphere.
The interactive booth designs are complemented by the fun, quirky menu of sweets, chocolates, and tasty mocktails. The backlit wall panels take the design to a whole new level by complementing the otherwise earthy color scheme. This is definitely a unique and distinctly memorable hookah bar design.

These were some distinguished hookah bars as far as both design and atmosphere is concerned. However, if you want to take a look at a few shisha bar designs from the Arab world, here are a few amazing destination places from Dubai. We’ll feature three of our favorites from this list:

– Treehouse, Taj Hotel: Aside from an amazing view of downtown Dubai, this shisha bar design features a buzzing ambiance. The quirky lighting, comfortable furniture, catchy music and MediterAsian menu all complements the hookah experience in the greatest way. However, it’s the elegant outdoor setting that lends the whole space a contemporary edge.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 6

– Sunken Garden, Ritz Carlton: If you’re looking for a Zen, fuss-free inspiration for your shisha bar design, then the Sunken Garden in Ritz Carlton is an amazing example. The understated, earthy material scheme with lush, stylish landscaping is one of Dubai’s best-kept secrets. Aside from the world’s most delicious Arabic tapas, this place serves the best shisha in town. With almost 30 flavors on the menu – including the traditional Double Apple, Grape, and Mint to the more eclectic Mango Tango – you’ll find an assortment of accompanying tiny bites and drinks to complement the whole experience.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 7
What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 8

– The Mezza House: This shisha bar design is the literal personification of all the highlights of the modern Arabic culture. From the traditional horseshoe arches to the brushed nickel accessories and even the sconce-style lighting, there’re a lot of amazing traditional tells in this establishment. While the shisha seems to be the main draw, the mezze food is not far off on the list, so the establishment has divided the space into smoking and non-smoking sections to accommodate their patrons.

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What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 10

How to Open Your Own Shisha Bar

Designing and launching a shisha lounge can be a daunting tasks. There are tons of design details to be considered. But that’s not all – there are also legal requirements that you need to fulfill. Here are all the important factors that you need to know and consider when you’ve decided to open a Hookah bar/lounge of your own:

• 10 Elements To Consider In A Shisha Bar Design

Now that we’ve taken a look at a few case studies, we can filter out 10 elements that you’ll need to consider while designing your own shisha bar. Let’s take a look:

1. The Location: The location of your shisha bar design matters a lot. There are always disparate legal regulations for both enclosed and open hookah lounges, but the trend of rooftop shisha bars is the norm in countries like Dubai and KSA. Many hotels, restaurants and private businesses – especially ones based in Saudi Arabia and Dubai – use this particular design theme because of the good view and better, open, hazardless smoking environment. It can also be hard to get legal permits for enclosed shisha bars in such areas, so rooftop establishments are the go-to option.
However, while designing such a hookah bar/lounge, we need to consider some special design elements. These include good shade to protect patrons from the sun during the day. These also include enough greenery to give a refreshing feeling and appropriate lighting design to suit both day and night needs along with appropriate decorations. We must also consider how to effectively create the ‘surround sound’ music effect in an open shisha bar design so as not to take away from the whole experience.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 12
What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 11

2. The theme: This is the very first element to consider when designing your own hookah bar. The theme will not only determine your interior design, but also help you lock down the color scheme, materials, and accessories. It’ll help you set the tone of your ambiance.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 13

3. The background color scheme: This is another crucial detail to consider while crafting your shisha bar design. The color scheme you select must merge in well with the inherently smoky atmosphere. The thing is, when a large number of people partake in hookah smoking in the same space, the air is going to get a little misty. So you need to select a color scheme that will help you camouflage this.

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What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 15

4. The lighting: The lighting matters because once again, you’re going to need special effects to camouflage the smoky air. This is why most shisha bars go for a dim, intimate mood lighting. This can be accomplished by hanging a cluster of pendant lights all over the space instead of ambient LEDs. Backlit screens and wall panels are another great way to filter in mood lighting.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 16
What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 25

5. Segregating areas: As you can see from the case studies, a number of shisha bar designs accommodate their patrons with drinks and food. It may happen that an establishment may become popular due to a delicacy other than the shisha, so always have contingency plans to separate the smoking and non-smoking areas.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 18

6. Sitting booths: The sitting booths at a shisha bar need to be designed in an interactive manner. Usually, the patrons like to share a smoke from a multiple-pipe hookah, though some like to have individual apparatus. So you need to make sure that each booth is large enough to accommodate a congregation or small group of people.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 24
What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 19

7. Music: Music is an integral part of the whole experience, and your shisha bar design needs to feature the best. You can either hire a DJ for some live music choices or go with a pre-sorted, themed playlist to entertain your patrons

8. Graphics: Graphics and branding matter a lot in the design of a shisha bar. Your logo can become an impressionable memory for the patrons. Similarly, your colors, menu branding and other graphics related aspects can help you promote your establishment further.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 20

9. Food and Drinks: It’s always best to have some additional foodie delicacies to complement your shisha bar design. As we saw in the Mezza House, food can become quite an attraction for patrons. So your assorted menu should always feature some attractive foods and yummy drinks to satisfy the munchies of your patrons.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 21

10. Excellent Ventilation: Ventilation is one of the most important design aspect in any shisha bar design. Research shows that the air in an enclosed hookah bar is laden with carbon monoxide. The breathable particulate matters from tobacco smoke are in high concentrations with lots of chemicals floating around the ambient air. This basically means that stagnant air in a hookah bar is not healthy for anyone.
This is why you need to take measures for proper ventilation systems if you’re thinking of designing your own shisha bar establishment. Not doing so can put both your employees and patrons in harm’s way.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 22

• The Legal Requirements to Open a Shisha Bar

You need to carefully go through all the legal requirements to open a hookah bar. It’s always advised to contact local building authorities before you partake in any physical construction or renovation works regarding a hookah/shisha bar. Your premises need to meet the building health and safety requirements along with licensing, smoke-free and trading standards.

Let’s take a brief look at all the legal aspects you need to consider before investing in a shisha bar design:

–  All shisha bars require planning permissions and need to be compliant with the SmokeFree legislation.
– If your bar provides food or drinks then you’ll need to register with the Food & Safety Teams as a food business.
– One should also note that it’s illegal to sell tobacco containing products to underage people, so the business needs to ensure that this doesn’t happen.
– All tobacco containing products need to be accurately labeled.
– You should carefully go through your license before using the premises for shisha smoking as there may be conditions relating to its use. This can even impact the shisha bar design.
– A fire risk assessment must also be carried out by the business.
– If you’re thinking of providing heating – especially in the smoking areas – then you must consider all the health and safety implications as well.
– A shisha business must also ensure that no employee, patron or visitor is exposed to harmful gasses of second-hand smoke.

So these are all the things you must know before opening a hookah bar. From design to other aspects, we at CAS can help you make the best of your business, so contact us for further details.

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