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Why You Need a Restaurant Interior Designer

Hospitality is a thriving contemporary lifestyle category, and modern restaurant management has become a sought-out field. However, a restaurant without a proper design is as incomplete as a room without lighting. When you offer people a place to eat, you have to make sure that you deliver only the best. You’re not only selling the food – you’re actually selling an experience. A restaurant interior designer is a qualified person who can help you design, manage and oversee a major part of your aesthetic and atmospheric quality.
Such a professional can help make your business a thriving epicenter of good ambiance, excellent marketing, and brilliant hospitality services – all within the constraints of a reasonable budget.

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Let’s look at 6 major reasons you should hire a restaurant interior designer

1. A guideline to begin

If your foundation is strong, it’s only going to get better from there, right? Everyone knows that a well-designed interior design donates to the success of the business aspect of a restaurant. However, seldom do people actually understand where to begin. A restaurant interior designer provides a great beginning guideline. Here’s what they have to offer:
– They start by carrying out a market search and continue with understanding the current trends.
– Then they come up with an adequate strategic execution.
– This execution begins with a concept, which is then physically articulated.
– They cater to the expected demographic and how the design will affect them.
– They come up with a style or theme that is going to wow the desired customer base


2. Understanding the functional aspect

The best part about hiring a restaurant interior designer is that they understand both the functional as well as aesthetical components of the design. For example, they’ll understand what kind of colors and lighting to go for, but they’ll also understand that the dining layout needs to have a minimum of 3’ space between tables in order for the management staff to work properly. This ergonomic insight can result in the best dining experience for the clients, as well as an accommodating working experience for the staff.


3. Understanding the desired ambiance

A restaurant interior designer is best at creating an ambiance that hits all the dining sweet spots. They know what color scheme to go for in order to stimulate the appetite. They know what lighting will work to create the right mood, atmosphere and experience. But best of all, they know just how to manipulate various styles of interior designs to accommodate the customer experience. These designers are the best at bringing your vision to life in a classy, relevant and sophisticated way. Here’s a small list of some mainstream eatery genres and how an interior designer can help you capture the right look:

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  • The fine dining experience: This is the upscale, ritzy and sophisticated genre of restaurant design. The clientele is high-end and expecting a glamorous yet understated look. Your restaurant interior designer can help you capture their interest by designing a luxurious ambiance that fits the bill.
  • The fast-food experience: Food on the go, drive-through’s and a fun, colorful ambiance define the fast-food experience. The fast-food industry is a complete 180 degrees from the fine-dining crowd, and an interior designer can help you make sense of what you can do with the space you have.
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  • The café experience: From commercial coffee houses to hipster settings and even pop-up student coffee shops, the café experience features various categories of its own. Each one comes with its personalized style, and an interior designer can help figure out the ambient and functional details.

4. Budget management

Any professional can tell you that you do not need a million dollar budget to create a fulsome dining experience. A restaurant interior designer can help you plan for long-term running and management. They can help you determine the wear-and-tear of interior furnishings, the effects of innovative designing and budget-friendly material options. They can help you plan for future expansions and how they can affect the current construction. They can design the space to accommodate for future trends and create atmospheric value with simple, budget-friendly materials. Here’s a list of budget-busters a designer can help you avoid:
– Over-furnishing the restaurant
– Investing in unsuitable lighting
– Choosing an irreverent style
– Purchasing quantity vs. quality
– Choosing an unsuitable location
– Respecting your desired demographic of customers

5. Time management

A restaurant interior designer can help keep track of the actual construction process and provide effective time management in the process. This can save a lot of money on the client’s part. Moreover, their connections in the industry can help you get good deals on your purchases, which can ultimately save a lot of time you’d have otherwise spent browsing the market. A professional overtake on the whole design process can result in design excellence of all manners.

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6. Branding as design

When it comes to marketing, graphics and branding, you’ll definitely need a restaurant interior designer. From the design of the menus to the curb-appeal of your elevation, and even the visual quality of the interior design all represent a marketing aspect. You’re basically wooing your client with the aesthetic, and a professional designer can help you make sense of all these aspects within the context of your theme and style. An interior designer can help you take care of the following aspect when it comes to branding:
– A holistic interior design aesthetic.
– A matching menu set.
– An elevation with lots of curb appeal.
– The logo and expert graphic designing.


It’s apparent now that a good interior designer can make your restaurant a definite ‘hot’ on the consumer market scale. These are some of the ways a restaurant interior designer can help you kick-start your business and you’ll definitely reap the benefits of investing in one.

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