Why Real Estates Should Partner with Architectural Firms

Why Real Estates Should Partner with Architectural Firms

]To have a successful restaurant business you have to have a good brand, location, menu and a qualified and experienced chef, the combination of which will bring you success.
But have you thought about how you can increase the selling and commission for your real estate business?
For this, you need to see why real estates should partner with architectural firms.

The goal

Now the goal here is to combine the role of the investor, the seller and the architect to develop their own projects.
The goal is to affiliate the future owners into a legal structure which acquires the land and assigns the architect.
One designs the building, works with clients and engineers to manifest a conceptual design full of ideas and constraints into a code-compliant dream made up of wood, steel and herringbone curtains. The other sells that dream.

What do architectural firms get when partnering with real estates?

Well, it’s really simple.  You get information about housing that you did not have access until very recently.

And why real estates should partner with architectural firms

According to our experience, out of 100 houses, maybe 20 are designed by an architect. That means 80 homeowners are never in contact with an architect. But 79 percent of all houses are purchased with the aid of a real estate agent or broker, and 85 percent are sold by an agent. This means the first person most consumers engage with is a real estate agent.
You might think this is good, but think about it this way, are you really going to leave this type of exposure to amateurs?
No offense! Working with numerous real estates in the EU and GCC has taught us how important it is for the buyers and lessors to find the perfect building or home and it’s not an easy task. Properties will need some work and some changes most of the time. This is a fact that cannot be ignored and the ‘challenge’ for agents is to make sure that they are providing that service for their clients. This is where we come in.
This is exactly where real estate and architects can complete each other.
So how do we bring architectural services into the middle of the market? How do we make available an architectural experience for those people who thought they could never hire an architect but really wanted a nice place to live?”
We believe there’s quite some room for collaboration from both ends. And we also know how important it is for sellers to suggest the qualified architect or design firm to advise and help their clients.
With a qualified design partner not only will you add value to your property and client but you will gain a good reputation which will provide confidence for your clients that they are working with a trusted real estate. And you will definitely be recommended to others. You know what they say: there’s nothing stronger and faster than the word of mouth.

Here’s what a qualified design firm can recommend to your clients

Having worked in various sectors and projects in the residential and commercial field has made us familiar with the construction costs in both EU and GCC and we’re able to estimate the cost of construction and will then lead the client to a good and qualified contractor to do the implementation.
We can help you identify any weaknesses in the current design of your property and will accentuate all the positive features. Then we’ll help you stage your property with a very detailed list of suggestions that is customized to you and your particular property.
We can even help you hire the right construction professionals to prepare your home, office etc.

Architects and interior designers have a passion for helping people visualize the potential of a property.

The buyer must be told what the thing is before the thing is made. Therefore, there has to be something to facilitate the finished design so the perspective clients can digest the entire meal before forming a proper opinion. Or getting it sold before it’s fully constructed.
In these instances, real estate marketers can rely on 3D rendering and other architectural drawings and show clients what they weren’t able to get from the site visit. Elegant animations and spatial processions put together with 3D rendering software such as 3D Studio Max and VRay which are the tools architects and designers rely on to give buyers the experience of living before the keys are turned. This will even make it easier for the contractor.
Agents must work closely with architect firms to best develop an imaging strategy that sells the most essential components of valuable real estate.
More important than the beautiful images at the end of the marketing brochure, though, is the up-front collaboration between the architect and the real estate agent.
People who are about to spend money on a new home want to know where and to what they are giving their money to. They want the whole picture, a picture that can only be properly painted by the left hand of the designer and the right hand of the agent. In order to give them assurance about their project, real estates should partner with architectural firms.
Working with our experienced architecture and design firm will help you create efficient, inspirational and motivational working environments, enhancing property value and performance.

These are some of the reasons why real estates should partner with architectural firms.

We will work alongside your business from project inception to completion to develop innovative and cost-effective design solutions. Our services include:

  • Building evaluation and space audit – selecting the right premises to suit your business needs and the effective rationalization of existing property portfolios.
  • Space planning and interior design for commercial workplaces, including a selection of finishes and furniture systems.
  • Regulatory advice – developing effective design proposals that meet the requirements of building control, planning policies and legislation.
  • Standard architectural services – design, procurement and implementation of building refurbishments and renovations as well as small-scale building extensions, one-off buildings (commercial, residential & industrial premises).
  • Sustainable and energy efficiency improvements – design modifications and upgrades of buildings to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability credentials.

These and more are reasons why real estates should partner with architectural firms.


Our targeted approach will enable you to:

  • Maximize the value of your property assets – our creative design solutions for refurbishing or extending existing properties will help increase their value.
  • Reduce vacant space – by producing contemporary and efficient working environments we will help landlords improve underperforming property assets.
  • Reduce running costs – by advising on modifications to the building envelope and MEP services, we will help you improve the efficiency of your properties and reduce their running costs.
  • Improve efficiency and utilization of space – our space planning services will increase the efficiency of your existing space.

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