Housing in Saudi Arabia 1

27 Aug: Housing Typologies in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen vast changes between its past and present in various aspects of life. The improved economy, government policies, and communication have positively impacted the residents’ lifestyle. The most notable is the continuous support that the country has provided to its residents through various housing programs.

What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design 1

26 Jul: What You Need to Know for a Shisha Bar Design

Shisha bars or Hookah bars are a one of a kind establishment where tobacco aficionados can smoke tobacco mixed with fruit or molasses with the help of a hose or tube. This is primarily done from a ‘hookah’ which is an instrument for vaporizing tobacco. A shisha bar design, therefore, revolves around featuring this apparatus as the main attraction for potential customers.

Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation 1

07 Jul: Beginners’ Handbook to Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is the future of architecture, but in order to fully understand its benefits, we must take a closer look at the term itself. A smart home is basically a dwelling that uses an integrated communications network to allow homeowners to control a number of facets – electrical appliances and other services – remotely.

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