Modern Islamic Interior Design

As Leonordo da vinci said:

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

I started a project last week in which the client asked me for a modern but at the same time Islamic design. He wanted it to be suitable for a special event taking place at their holy ceremony in Jordan.

My investigation began and I had to run a search on this modern Islamic style. I had to discover what elements to use, which colors are most preferable and what texture is of importance to them in the form of a modern Islamic design.

Going further on I realized I have to also learn a lot about the Islamic culture and their designs. Only this way could I make the right combination for a modern Islamic design.

Islamic Culture

Our homes are an extension of ourselves and they reflect our identity. The most important thing is that Muslims want their homes to reflect cleanness, beauty, warmth, and love. Therefore the Islamic architecture has a common history with wonderful ideas, skills and technology from other cultures to reach this goal. They played a significant role in modeling the shapes and styles characteristic of these forms of art.


While Islam is a religion that encourages humility, it does not mean that your home has to be tasteless. It’s similar to the dynamic between confidence and egotism. Confidence is going into a room design resembling your best appearance when egotism in a room is telling everyone how good you are. Likewise, a Muslim home should be decorated with love but it should not scream out wealth and extravagance. That’s why a combination of modern Islamic design has been very popular and caught many eyes during the past years.

So up to this point, I’m giving a new Arabic touch to my modern style.

Rules to Reach a Modern Islamic Interior Design

1- Figurative objects

Rule number one is not to include any figurative objects in the design plan. This means no art with human or animal shapes as well as no free-standing statues or animal figures in furniture or accessories. We will decorate with abstract art, landscape or Islamic calligraphy art instead.

Modern Islamic Interior Design 5

2- Form

I find that Islamic architecture can range from ornate with bold colors to simple, clean lines with earth tones. Most of Morocco’s architecture has in fact been described as exotic, majestic, eclectic, contemporary and a true traditional mix.
Countries influencing from the Arab world are Spain, Portugal, and France. Most of it taken up from Moroccan designs that are blended with Berber and Islamic styles.
The interior design that originates from the Islamic culture reflects a diverse, rich and traditional history. To keep this in our modern design we need to use the kind of tones that are delicate and have light lines and fixtures.

Modern Islamic Interior Design 6

3- Color

A large number of Muslims consider the color green as an Islamic color. Also, many Muslims prefer brown over black as their choice for a neutral color. Black is usually associated with funerals and death whereas brown is warm and inviting.
Like all other styles, color depends on the timing. Right now navy blue, gray, and black home decor are the most popular in the Arabic-Islamic modern style homes. Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics, it comes as no surprise that this interior design has become quite popular around the world. The images in this post are representative of some of the most stunning and vibrant modern examples of Islamic modern interiors, both inside and outside itself.


4- Delicate Fixture and Texture

Perhaps the strongest influence on modern Islamic architecture, both old and modern, is the Islamic design elements. Sweeping calligraphy of Quranic verses, extremely detailed friezes of flowers and geometric patterns are unique features, not only of Mosques but many other types of buildings as well.
The question remaining is how to demonstrate this traditional architecture in a modern way. Here I found that the expert is Eric Broug. He is one of the most active practitioners of Islamic geometric design working today. Eric is a Dutchman who lives in Halifax, West Yorkshire and has become a global Ambassador for this design style.
Eric hopes that his research and outreach will breathe life into the future of Islamic geometric design. “If we can identify and define what is excellent in the past eight to ten centuries, we can start to come up with an educational strategy to revitalize it in the 21st century so that it once again is a creative realm where innovation pervades.”
This is what we are up to, by combining his art with modern elements to bring out a modern Islamic design.


5- Geometric Furniture Patterns

Younes Duret still creates sleek, modern furniture designs in any area like Rabat and Casablanca that give no particular homage to any of the past Moroccan architecture styles.
Some distinctive features of modern Islamic architecture include geometric patterns and bright colors, most notably in the tiles known as Zelij. Also ornamental Islamic calligraphy, open courtyards with lush gardens, and U-shaped entries as well as large domes.


6- Privacy of Homes

Privacy is of utmost importance in a Muslim home. That is why window shades that allow light to penetrate while providing privacy should be selected. In order to bring a shading decorated with Islamic geometric patterns, we add an Islamic vibe to the design of the room. A laser cut screen has been used not just as a functional window, but also to enhance the room.


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I was admiring your designs, and was taken aback by one of the photos (actually, all of them!) What is the photo associated with #5?
I am mesmerized and enchanted by Islamic design and pattern, as I’m well sure you are. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.
-Marian Zahra

It s really amazing designing. How we can get assistance in Pakistan from your expertise

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