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7 Basics for an Extravagant Modern Interior Design

It is always good to hear comments of admiration toward the elegance of your place’s modern interior design from guests, especially when the comments revolve around the design’s quiet details and the feelings of comfort and warmth it exudes.  

A modern design approach is not limited to certain artistic patterns. It can encompass a lot of different details that combine together to create a unique design pattern reflective of the characteristics of its creator. This article discusses the most important features of modern designs and how modern interior design can enhance a customer’s experience.

Open layout

Modern villa design

A professional open-plan layout is considered the best choice when it comes to modern design. An open, elegant area free of unnecessary structures transfers a feeling of vastness and allows free airflow—even if the actual space is tight. Following this open approach will lead to removing gratuitous shelves and reduce the number of unneeded walls to make the place feel well-designed and comfortable.

Primary or neutral colors for a Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design

Stylish modern interior design should provide a calm appearance in every aspect. Primary or neutral colors are commonly chosen to cover the walls, most often in different shades of white and gray. However, modern interior designs are also known for using bold colors such as red, yellow, blue, or black in distinctive furniture pieces, artwork, or even rugs. Designers should be very careful when merging these selected colors, because the excessive use of bold or neutral colors might result in a poor design. Design experts advise using a maximum of three colors in each design scheme: a basic color, a paired color, and a distinctive, prominent color.

Modern Interior Design = Modern natural lighting

Modern interior design

In order to impress guests invited to your house, you should prioritize lighting designs, because lighting plays a fundamental role in making any modern interior design look either very elegant or very shoddy. Hanging lamps with varied designs are a great choice for keeping the unique look of a truly modern home. Embedding large windows can also amplify your design as they allow fresh air and natural light in.

Entrance seating area

Modern villa design

Providing a multifunction seating area in the facility’s entrance leaves a good impression on guests and makes them feel welcome. Modern interior designers ensure these places can be used for various purposes, like waiting in hotels or companies, or for wearing shoes or taking them off in houses. The furniture usually consists of two simple but practical chairs with distinctive colors (or one unique sofa) and a small table. Design experts recommend using modern furniture with simple, plain fabrics that match the modern décor.

Embedding modern artwork

Modern interior design

Unlike classic interior designs that mainly relied on placing old paintings with large golden frames on the walls, frameless landscape artworks with vibrant colors have become a recent trend in the industry of modern interior designs. Abstract and cubic art has become common, where a series of smaller-sized paintings are placed on large walls to reflect the early modernist perspective.

Distinguished decorative pieces of Modern Interior Design

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If you are not a big fan of placing excessive pieces in your modern interior design, you can choose one extraordinary piece instead. This distinctive piece should be placed in a pivotal area where it can be easily noticed. A coffee table with a bizarre design or a zigzag bookcase can be ideal options.

Eco-friendly design

Modern villa design

Modern designers are depending on eco-friendly materials and decorative pieces. They try to incorporate sustainable ideas and use plants of various sizes in order to add a unique touch to the modern interior design.

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