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Modern Classic Interior Design: a Blend of Tradition and Simplicity

Design preferences are constantly changing. Interior designs have now shifted to be modern while still preserving the classic touch. New interior design schools have managed to merge existing design patterns or even invent new ones.

Despite the existence of multiple types of design schools, almost all of them revolve around combining two basic patterns: the traditional classic and the trendy modern. Other design ideas lay between those two basics.

Some interior design schools tend more to modernity, while other schools are all about classics. Recently, the approach of modern classic design came into scene, especially in redecorating the interiors of houses, hotels, companies, and offices.

What is the modern classic style?

Modern Classic House Interior Design

The modern classic design is a trend that mixes moderni and classic styles with the capability of adding some touches from the minimalist style that expresses extreme simplicity. The selected furniture for this kind of design pattern should be trendy and simple yet not very modern. The best chosen colors for this style of furniture are beige, gray, silver, dark chocolate brown, black, white, and gray-blue.

With the combination of classic and modern style, accessories can be a main ingredient. A simple vase, stylish painting, or even some cushions engraved with geometric patterns can transfer a fascinating feeling of uniqueness. It’s preferable to avoid using curtains on the windows so fresh air and sunlight can come in freely; however, if there is too much light, vertical blinds can be used to limit it.

Modern classic design and traditional classic

Modern Classic Home Design

Classic design style suits those who love antiques and historic items. The chosen colors are the same for both modern classic and traditional classic. Both rely on using dark colors, especially browns, while other colors such as red and green are used only in traditional classic style to highlight the luxurious furniture and reflect the neutral colors of the walls.

Modern classic design is all about revealing simplicity, while traditional design focuses on using heavy and luxurious furniture pieces covered with extravagant fabrics (such as velvet, silk, and expensive leather) and pricey accessories like candle holders, Chinese plates, decorative cushions, rare book collections, large chandeliers, windows covered with heavy curtains, and hug rugs.

.. Vs trendy modern

Modern Classic Villa Interior Design

Modern classic design simulates the trendy modern style in relying on apparent lines, simple colors, and the use of different materials such as metal, glass, and steel. Both are characterized with adopting simplicity in utilizing components and choosing suitable furniture that tends to be old with simple details to ensure a general impression of elegance and simplicity.

.. and minimalist style

Modern Classic Interior Design

Minimalist design style expresses extreme simplicity. It is an implementation of modern design that preserves simplicity and the reliance on practical usage of the used elements. For example, the furnishing should be simple with no glossy accessories. Unlike minimalist style, the modern classic design implements excessive décor and uses classic furniture.

Modern classic and Hollywood style

Modern Classic Interior Design

Hollywood design style excessively expresses luxury and elegance. It is ideal when implemented for a celebrity who enjoys appearing live on social media platforms from home. This design style includes the characteristic of Victorian design including antiques, velvet furnishing, and modern luxury furniture. As for colors, it depends on using bold colors like purple, red, and turquoise. It obeys the rules of modern classic design only in merging the two styles but with more simplicity.

Modern classic and French countryside design schools

Modern Classic Interior Design

These two schools only agree on one thing, which is using brown as a primary color in all designs. The French countryside design style uses earthy colors as a reference to the French countryside, especially in the chosen furniture, which embeds natural materials such as bricks and stones—aiming to spread the feeling of being on a real farm. It also uses decorative porcelain dishes and heavy blankets.

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