5 Interior Design Ideas for a Luxurious Entrance

To help you find inspiration for an extravagant entrance, you should first be aware of how important the luxury interior design of a facility’s entrance is. An entrance reflects the hotel or facility’s identity, which means it is of paramount importance to follow accurate and professional guidelines when designing it. This article provides you with expert advice on major design elements that should be considered when planning an entrance with a luxurious interior design.

In Luxury Interior Design: Simplicity is Key

Aswar Hotel - Modern Moroccan Hotel Design 1 - A double height, pointed arch marks the entrance to the Aswar Hotel, intricately decorated with Islamic ornaments and bound by a rectangular frame, creating a blend of the traditional with contemporary for the modern Moroccan hotel design, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

Many people think of “luxury interior design” as a design crowded with many expensive elements and colored details; however, diversified colors and details should be used together only if all elements complement each other to be aesthetically appealing.

Using a simple design pattern with an elegant look transfers a positive feeling to visitors. That’s why we usually find a company’s entrance characterized with simple designs and practical furniture, such as a couple of comfortable chairs and a rug.

Harmony of Colors is a Sign of Luxury Interior Design

Hotel lobbies classic design

The chosen colors should match the dominant design pattern to help with providing an integrated image of simplicity and cleanliness. Designers can also use colors that advocate the facility’s commercial brand, which helps visitors easily identify the place’s identity when they see the color combination of the entrance.

Highlighting the Logo

Highlighting the Logo

Visitors often become aware of a facility’s logo through its website before their actual visit, so seeing the logo highlighted in a clear place inside the entrance gives them the assurance that they have reached the right destination. It also communicates a sense of comfort and calmness and strengthens the coherent picture of the commercial brand.

Waiting Areas

hotel Entrance

A lack of seating areas for visitors who have to wait makes them feel embarrassed. They will have to lean against a wall or move uncomfortably throughout the place—or even leave if they have to wait for too long.

It is necessary to take seating areas into account during the design process of entrances without contradicting the harmony between interior design elements.

Selected furniture should be an extension of this harmony, utilizing chairs with armrests and providing small tables that can be placed in front of the chairs.

Luxury Interior Designs for Residential Villas

Villa Design

Luxury interior design for a residential villa’s entrance does the same job of formulating a visitor’s first impression. The only difference is that guests might not enter the rooms, so the first impression here represents everything.

All villas, whether commercial or residential, have a spacious entrance and elegant reception area to provide a proper welcome for guests. It is preferable for interior designers to use eye-catching colors such as blue or cocoa, which provide an elegant touch.

As for furniture, designers should rely on placing valuable pieces on the ground and large mirrors on walls. The arrangement of furniture should match the interior design as well as the allocated spaces in order to retain design harmony and organization.

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