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Interior Design Styles – Contemporary Style

Have you ever seen a seemingly modern interior whose name you cannot put a finger on? It seems like its modern, but it also has some aspects that do not fit into the true modernist style, right? That’s because it’s not; it’s probably a contemporary style interior design!
Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the contemporary style. Contemporary means ‘right now’ or ‘current.’ So this style is all about incorporating all of the famous trends in the design market in your interiors. It basically consists of a number of styles that were conceived in the later part of the last 50 or 60 years. Yes, it does have some aspects of authentic ‘modern’ interior designs but the contemporary style is still very different. Let’s take a look at all the elements that make this style unique.

1. The texture of space and form

When in doubt, always remember; the contemporary style interior design has a bold space and form formation. It is not simply straight lines. It consists of spaces that showcase bold curvilinear, oblique and even jagged lines that have been artfully arranged in clean lines! This style embraces simplicity. So even when you’re using such form based lines in your interior design, just make sure that there is no ornamentation along with it. You can even play with bold ceiling designs along with double height and open spaces to create a fun blend.

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2. Colors of the contemporary style

Many sources will tell you that the contemporary style embraces the neutral color palate. I’d say that to some extent it is true, but not completely. You have to understand that the contemporary style is far from subdued. So even when it is designed with soft and neutral colors, you always need to add a splash of bold and vibrant hue in the mix. It can be in the form of a wall feature, a cluster of throw pillows or even artwork. This dash of vividness is what sets this style apart from modernism.

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3. High profile furniture

If you ask me to pin down a specific style of furniture for a contemporary style interior design, I would have a hard time defining it specifically. But I can narrow it down to a small list. Contemporary furniture has a distinct style. Tulip tables, Wishbone, Tolix and Louis Ghost Chairs etc. are a great example of contemporary furniture. Remember that it should be minimal in design but unique in style. Focus on neutral colors, unless you want a focal furniture piece like a freestanding table or sofa-bed.

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4. Accessories

Contemporary style accessories are minimalistic in design. Sometimes, contemporary interiors may take slight inspiration from classical elements, but the accessories are always simple – think: freestanding metal/glass bowls, sleek vases, etc. Wall décor for this style includes puzzle canvases, over scale paintings and even asymmetric photo frame formations. You can use single, focus piece planters as focal points. And always remember to avoid visual clutter.

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5. Lighting

Lighting for the contemporary style is hard to pin down. It can either be simple ceiling designs or artistic statement pieces like lamps. Track lights and cove lights are a definite must, especially if you’re looking to accent or highlight certain parts of your interior design. Similarly, you can even use chandeliers of cluster pendant lights to create focal areas in your spaces.

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The contemporary style is always static. If a trend changes or becomes outdated, it is knocked out from the highlights of this style. So focus on the current hot topics when you’re looking to emulate this style in your spaces!

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