Importance of a new villa interior design

Importance of a New Villa Interior Design

 Villa’s were an advent of the age of Renaissance, but their relevance is still complete in the contemporary world. Villa’s, as an architectural rule are larger and more spacious than a general residential setting, so a villa interior design has to follow in the stead of its layout, and deliver an interior just as grand as its architecture. The very first examples of this phenomenon, i.e. villa interior design, were a collection of grand residential houses located on sprawling fields, away from the city. The very first of its generations, Villa Rotunda was a start of this formula, and was carried full circle by Le Corbusier’s’ Villa Savoye a la modernism. The contemporary style, however, focuses on the breadth of both the initial design and construction, along with the villa interior design in context with each other. Villa interior designing goes hand in hand with its construction, and needs to follow a few parameters. Further, we’ll be discussing the importance and framework of a new villa interior design.

1. Architecture or Interior?

When you’re commissioning the design of your new villa, you should know that the architectural aspect is inherently interlinked with the interior design aspect. Either one would be incomplete without the other. A villa interior design needs to be romantic, as well as organic. Since the very core of the concept of a villa revolves around decontamination of the urban vibe, the architecture itself would be designed within the context of the interior. Of course the décor is a completely different concept, but integrating the outside within the inside via solid architecture and good interior designing, while keeping sense of nature and nurture is what designing a villa is all about.

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2. Concept and Ideals

The very essence of a beautiful new villa interior design lies in its concept. While the Villa Rotunda was a paragon of symmetric ideals and frescoed interiors, the contemporary villa interior design is more about modernized, oblique or straight lines, large picture windows and a sense of nature within the bounds of a modern concept. This disparity in villa interior design is more because of changing times and traditions than anything else; the aesthetics have to match the mindset of the world it is being built in.

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3. Luxury

Villa interior design is supposed to be formulated in the image of luxury. How you define that aspect of your interior depends completely on the designer and his take on design. There are two ways to go about this:

  • Palladian: More often than not, neo-classical elements of design are used to create an ambiance that is partially ornate, but within the context of the contemporary aesthetic, which means that all aspects of this kind of a design are sufficiently luxurious, without compromising the modernity.
  • New Fangled: Another way to go about this kind of villa interior design is to feature the concept around contemporary design completely. In this way, the aesthetic would be all modern and sot so much ornate; with firm, straight lines, swanky materials and an overall modish, sophisticated and chic finish.

4. Villa Interior Design and Landscape

The idea of a villa was to build a house away from the city in a completely organic setting, so it is only natural to let that aspect into the interior design of your own villa. A good way to combine the landscape with the interior design is by investing in French windows, picture windows or glass walls in all the relevant spaces that look over beautiful vistas. This will give you adjoining semi-open spaces like porticos, decks, terraces and verandas, which would definitely add to the ambiance and visual quality of your villa interior design. These vistas would also help create a more relaxing environment with a minimal architectural and interior intervention, while keeping the aesthetics wholesome and intrinsic.

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5. Themes

If you’re a fan of the exotic or the grand and would prefer something exaggerated and different over the usual Palladian or contemporary themes, then you can definitely have your pick. There are a number of interior design themes out there, and depending on your taste, style and personal flair, you can choose any one of them – be it tropical, Arabic, classical or Italian. Whatever you choose, just make sure that the thematic aspect of your villa interior design doesn’t end up being too overpowering or over the top.


6. Layout

One of the most important aspects of any interior design is the layout; not only does it determine the spatial composition of a space, but also the circulation, and the placement of all decoration elements. A good layout can create a balance between the furniture and spatial efficiency of your villa interior design.

7. Color & Material Scheme

The color and material scheme in any villa design would depend upon the theme around which the interior is being designed. The important thing is to create harmony between the plain and textured surfaces so that nothing ends up being too disproportionate or out of balance. That visual balance and tonal harmony are two of the most important aspects of any thematic integration within the context of the relevant interior design.

Importance of a new villa interior design 5

I hope this list helps you know what to look out for when designing your villa and its interior design while knowing all the important details that make up the body of its design.

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