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Lobby Design Reflects The Hotel’s Identity

Designing a hotel lobby is a balancing act worth achieving correctly, for the lobby usually formulates a guest’s first impression and is considered the entry point to the entire place. Interior design experts must work tirelessly to develop and deliver creative interior design themes that reflect the identity of the hotel for all types of guests whether they are couples, families, business travelers, or groups.

Hotel lobbies can be diverse in terms of theme, design, and décor. Major hotels like Olaya Hotel in Khobar, Saudia Arabia, have implemented a modern, unique interior design for the lobby where glass walls along with tall windows provide a modern elegance.

Olaya hotel interior design

The entrance lobby to the royal floor of Movenpick Hotel, in Medina, Saudia Arabia, reflects a mixed modern-classic design that includes an Islamic architectural pattern matching the tone of the hotel’s entire design theme.

Movenpick Hotel

A very distinctive lobby with the highest-quality materials reflects the stylish modern tone (with an Islamic touch) of the Aswar Hotel in Khobar, Saudia Arabia.

Aswar Hotel lobby

An impressive, high-ceiling lobby with marble walls reflecting modern and comfy design can also be found in Iris Boutique Hotel in Jizan, Saudia Arabia. 

Iris Boutique Hotel lobby

An overstated double-height entrance lobby with its patterned floor and Calcutta marble and dropped ceiling is included in Quarter Hotel & Suites, which is another luxurious hotel located in Khobar, Saudia Arabia. The lobby carries a unique modern touch of interior design.

Quarter Hotel lobby

A bright, extended lobby meets the guests at the entrance of Iris Boutique Hotel that is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The length of the lobby has a unique rectangular flooring pattern, which is mirrored on the ceiling above, reflecting the spacious modern design. 

Boutique Hotel lobby Design

Another successful lobby design was recently chosen for Hujra Contemporary Arabic Hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, reflecting the culture of Islamic religion. The hotel’s lobby has a refined classic design with an interpretation of the classic mid-century style of the 1950s. The floor has lines of gold inlay reflecting the classic furniture and lighting fixtures. 

Hujra Hotel lobby

A well-designed lobby represents a hotel’s most accessible hub where guests can gather, socialize, and inquire about places and activities beyond the walls of guest rooms. Regardless of a hotel’s theme, style, and to a certain extent, target audience, the lobby is a functional space that is considered to be the most vital working organ in the hotel. It is also the ideal environment in which relationships may form and flourish through guest interaction.

Hotel lobby space is usually operated differently during the day than at night. It is usually built around people and works hard to serve different activities and functions. It may be used for having main meals and then for entertainment activities later in the evening. Hotel lobbies should also provide free WiFi connection for guests, so they can share their photos and experience inside the hotel or update their private social media profiles and check in to the hotel.

The décor and artwork represent the main tone for the rest of the guest experience according to the category of the hotel itself. The most common hotel categories include five-star hotels, boutiques, standard three-star hotels, and small motels.

The design scheme of a hotel lobby, starting from the layout, depends on the circulation space as well as the average number of hotel guests. It should be wide and make use of the entire area. Lobby furniture should match the main theme of the design and colors. The lobby should also provide the largest possible space for easy guest movement.

Hotel lobby

Hotel reception should always be located in a distinctive place inside the lobby, so it needs to be unique and easily accessed by guests. The name of the hotel is usually carved or placed in a clear but elegant place close to the reception desk.

During check-in or check-out, guests usually spend some time sitting in the waiting area that is commonly found in front of or on the side-lines of the reception desk. During their wait, they might be noticing the lobby’s designs, lights, arts, and color themes, especially if they are visiting the hotel for the first time. This shows how a hotel lobby’s design can make or break their first impression.

Interior design companies should always pay attention to details that reflect the company’s prestigious identity when it comes to designing and executing hotel lobbies within the allowed theme and budget. When designing hotel lobbies, it is important to remember that the most important priority is to satisfy guest expectations.

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