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Configuring The Latest Trends In Hotel Interior Design Art

A hotel interior design company works tirelessly to apply well-known international trends while configuring a creative design theme for a new hotel. This involves making the best use of the hotel’s circulation areas and making use of every meter of the available space, all while maintaining a charming and luxurious scheme in a professional way. This requires a close relationship between designers, architects, and other specialists who work in the industry in order to implement the latest trends and avoid common mistakes.

A hotel’s lobby is a multi-functional space

hotel lobby design

The main function of a hotel’s lobby is to keep guests happy. For businessmen, hotel lobbies should be a place where they can have business meetings, finalize work tasks, and conduct conversations and formal calls with other partners or guests. For these purposes, interior design firms have become familiar with including coffee tables, WiFi connections, chandeliers, private stations, and comfy sofas in hotel lobbies.

New trends for guest rooms

Aswar Hotel - Modern Moroccan Hotel Design 24 - Spacious master bedroom design of the modern Moroccan hotel, the sleeping area is accompanied with a comfortable living area, furnished with a plush l-shaped sofa and a coffee table with a golden rim, creating a lavish, warm environment for the guests to delight in, by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design.

The usual components of classic guest rooms are not quite enough for guests who are expecting creative surprises and extra apparatuses. They are looking forward to experiencing unique accommodation with private rooms and trendy, chic décor and stylish furniture. Interior designers are now designing special guest rooms with business offices, TV screens, and extra sofas along with the familiar king-sized beds and the other known facilities.

Bathrooms with a luxurious spa design

Bathrooms with a luxurious spa design

Modern guests seek a spa-like bathroom in their private room, removing the need to pay extra fees to spend time in the hotel’s main spa. They seek relaxation after a long trip to reach their selected hotel. This is how interior designers considered refining the old designs of classic bathrooms to be larger and more relaxing and supplied with larger bathtubs, modern showers, toiletries, and more places allocated for placing larger towels.

A hotel’s restaurant is an independently targeted place

Hujra Contemporary Arabic Hotel Interior Design-29

A hotel restaurant can be a place travelers target even without being guests at the hotel. Both travelers and hotel guests choose restaurants to enjoy international dishes from a rich menu. Interior design provides a lasting impression for the place and enriches the restaurant experience where guests can make joyful memories and repeat their visits again and again. Designers carefully choose a restaurant’s colors, furniture, and fabrics, making sure they match the restaurant’s interior design theme.

Nature empowerment

Nature empowerment

Talented interior design firms tend to empower nature in every single detail inside and outside the hotel’s spacious areas. Designers embody natural materials in façades, floors, and walls. They select décor themes that include stones and landscapes with waterfalls and fountains. Hoteliers also ask for windows overseeing natural gardens and green roofs.

Adhering to the local art

Architecture Design

Interior design companies should adhere to the local art and express the identity of the place where the hotel is located. This helps to provide guests with a genuine perspective of the whole place, making them feel like they’re living a local experience. This can be implemented through the placement of small sculptures or famous photos at the hotel’s entrance.

Away from technology, back to privacy

hotel room technology

Some travelers prefer to disconnect from technology while on their annual vacations. They try to steal some time off, wanting to be away from being reachable all the time. They need to spend their accommodation in rooms where they can adjust natural lighting and air-condition levels more than they need to conduct business conversations and get involved in business tasks, no matter how luxurious and technologically connected the room is.

Simple patterns with more colors are the best choices

hotel room colors

A hotel’s interior design should avoid using visually complicated patterns. It should employ a variety of smooth colors to give a feeling of life in wide areas and corners.

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