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Hotel Architecture Design Should Provide an Exceptional Guest Impression

Hotels architecture design and façade are the first things guests notice while searching for, choosing, and entering any hotel. Thus, architecture firms choose exceptional exterior architecture designs for hotels to provide visitors with inspiring first impressions.

The hotel’s landscape should match the exterior architectural theme and colors of the chosen concrete. Of course, the architecture for a well-designed hotel usually includes parking areas, entertainment and fitness spots, swimming pools, business offices, worship places, conference rooms, internet cafes, and more. It also considers the guest room sizes, corridors, and lobbies.

The Olaya Hotel in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, has an outstanding architectural design with four-sided visibility. It smartly connects external design with the modern-traditional internal scheme in a way that matches guests’ preferred choices. The Olaya Hotel exterior design implements tall windows and black and white concrete with a belt of mosaic shapes that surrounds the building, reflecting the Islamic style of architecture and design.

Olaya Hotel

The Aswar Hotel in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, offers a group of ten villas with a mix of modern Arabic and western hotel architecture design, which present a more exclusive living extension of the Aswar Hotel existing in the same city. The fully furnished villas are designed with expensive and high-quality materials and finishes.

The hotel’s architecture design reflects a modern-traditional Moroccan theme with highly equipped restaurants. The design also includes facilities, pools, waiting areas, private terraces, basement lounges, and gyms to make the guests feel completely self-adequate while enjoying tranquility and privacy.

The architectural lines of the horseshoe arch in the main reception are crisp and framed by dark, elaborately patterned wood. There are two types of design for the ten villas that offer comfortable living areas and dining spaces. The layout of villas also includes upper-floor bedrooms and bathrooms designed in a distinguished and modern way. 

Aswar Hotel

Inspired by Moroccan architecture, the façade presents a mix of traditional and strictly modern design. It includes a pointed arch that exists in all four elevations, a series of three-dimensional cubic volumes, and mashrabiya screens. The hotel’s roof has a touch of beauty that is represented in the articulated planting and dark wooden benches that are shaded by slatted pergolas.

Aswar Hotel

Finally, the architectural model for any hotel is the main tool for understanding the project in its entirety, which is why it should be wisely chosen and implemented.

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